Saudi Police Reportedly Raid and Arrest 28 Christians Praying At Home

170px-Albrecht_Dürer_Betende_HändeSaudi Arabia has long been one of the most vocal countries to object to any insult or restriction impacting Islam in other countries. However, it continues to deny the free exercise of religion to non-Muslims. That oppressive record was on full display this week with the report of another series of arrests of Christians who were merely trying to pray. The infamous Morality Police (Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice) raided the prayer meeting and arrested everyone for the crime of praying to another God.

The 28 Christians had gathered in the home an Indian national in the eastern city of Khafji and families say that they have not been heard from since.

All churches are banned in Saudi Arabia which believes only in the freedom of religion for Muslims. That position did not stop the Obama Administration (and Hillary Clinton) in working toward an international blasphemy standard for countries to criminalize insults to religion, as we previously discussed.

The Saudi government has denied knowledge of the raid, but the English-language newspaper, The Saudi Gazette, as well as several Saudi Arabic-language news outlets, have reported on the arrests.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Why get in the ring with ISIS? Less than a year ago, when Iraq was pleading for our help, a few well-placed drone strikes could have nipped this whole thing in the bud. Now thousands of people have been killed, or died of hunger and thirst fleeing. ISIS has savagely beheaded several Westerners in a televised threat. If we don’t smash them down, the rest of the lunatics will be emboldened.

    When our President keeps saying he’s not going to do very much, that emboldens ISIS to just hunker down and survive, knowing it will be over soon. If we’re going to bomb them briefly, we’d better leave a lasting impression.

    Again, we have the opportunity to smash them down, or we can allow them to take over a region. If that’s the case, we are responsible for the increased risk.

    At one point, North Korea, and Iran were all easily stoppable. Now they have nukes, and threaten us with annihilation routinely. Well, oops.

  2. Aridog, You are doing some great rants this morning. “Better out than in” is what my mom would say when one of her 4 kids would rant.

  3. Aridog – thank you for serving. And I feel sorry, too, for those stuck in the Middle East. There are some who go along with what they know to be wrong out of self preservation. Some of the Muslims I knew were Persians who escaped that fanaticism and lawlessness. One of them said he was so tired of bribing every single person he met from dawn to dusk (they look at it like “tipping”) from the trash man, the post man, and the police. Fail to bribe and bad things happened. Another still wept at how most of her family, who worked for the Shah, were murdered by the new regime.

  4. anonymous – try living in another country for a while. When you return, our buildings look massive and you feel relief at your freedoms. We have the most free speech protections in the entire globe, including Western Europe. And if you compare it with other parts of the world, we are incredibly lucky to live here.

    That’s why so many people come here, legally and illegally, because we are the best in the world. Well, that and a porous border with a pretty good chance of successfully sneaking through.

  5. Nick – I hope not. He’s the people’s pope, and I like him very much. But of course that does make him a target. The same extremists who go barking mad with rage if anyone draws a cartoon of Mohammed show zero respect for other religions.

  6. As we have seem throughout history, today’s vanquished are tomorrow’s victors–and vice versa. Anyplace where vengeance is harbored (most places, really) we can absolutely depend on this recurrent theme. It seems as societies become more advanced and complacent the cycle slows down, but when economies start suffering, it seems these tensions boil back to the surface. And it’s happening all over the world. It’s as much the banks’ fault as any one group.
    Kind of like the end game of “the idle mind is the devil’s tool.”

  7. Karen S:

    “What do we do when we live in a beacon of freedom and free speech?”

    Incredibly naive, at best.

  8. Let me say a couple of things.

    First, the Pope in his visit to Turkey is fully aware he may die there. He knows what the risks are among crazy people. He’s maybe slightly too liberal for me, but I recognize his courage. I know the feeling he has myself, when I was faced with being killed for a fight that had no end. You just go ahead and accept the consequences. Unlike the Pope, I of course, tried very hard to kill the other guy first…and somehow I survived. Pure Sh*t luck and nothing more.

    Next, as a guy who lives among 30 to 40 thousand Muslims, from next door to no more than a stones throw, literally, let me tell you that there are NO Moderate Muslims. There are just Muslims who fear the fanatic fundamentalists…and they will never, ever, rise up to stop the craziness. The crazies among them make the Mafia look like children. You just have to see the fear in the eyes of those who wish they could be American, but cannot. Actually it is sad, and something I didn’t believe one year ago…reality has mugged me on this topic. I do not know how to penetrate this psychic hold the fundamentalists have over the rest of the Muslims. Just being a good example is not enough.

    Finally, if it was up to me, I’d order daily Arc Light strikes on all of northern Iraq (except the Kurds) and Syria…it is devastating and if you’ve never seen one you just can’t imagine it. I have…it is a lovely thing. Sadly it kills civilians, who may or may not be innocent. But one thing they are, absolutely, is a “resource” for future fighters…something the liberal politicians never consider…for the “children” you know. Bull-crap.

  9. I think I like the “Let them reap what they have sown” viewpoint.
    It may seem callous, but I think we should stay out of it all, at least initially, let them tussle with each other, then when they have weakened themselves fighting their ISIS off arguing which side of the egg has to be cracked first, we can make our moves, or not.
    If we truly feel for the poor innocent refugees who are being subjected to the insanity that their religion causes to their lives, then we should take in those refugees for asylum. If we don’t, then how much can we be feeling for their plight?

  10. I think that is a very real fear. What a target. I think the Turks would be very diligent not to let that happen… but people are people, and you can never know (especially over there) where their loyalty lies. He would be quite a trophy for those psychopaths. Or British psychopaths.

  11. I fear these depraved Muslim terrorists are going to assassinate the Pope when he’s in Turkey.

  12. Olly – too true. One generation fights to keep our freedoms, while the next generation, growing up safe and secure, dismantles those very freedoms.

    You would think that the human rights abuses of radical Islam would unite people globally to fight its spread, and reform, but that is not the case.

  13. Karen and Nick,
    A root problem might be that some of them believe ALL of our rights come from the will of the people. Essentially the only thing standing between you and whatever remains of our Bill of Rights is a majority vote and what passes for Constitutionalists on the bench. Of course we shouldn’t fear the integrity of the vote because no one would exploit the system, right?

  14. “The Bush family’s good buddies.” Remember when Obama made an etiquette faux pas and bowed low to the King of Saudi Arabia?

  15. Nick – I wonder how many other Amendments they’ll have problems with. Many already dislike the Constitution as a product of a bunch of racists, or they view it as a “living document” that can mean whatever they want it to mean.

  16. Annie:

    You mentioned that Bush called Islam a “religion of peace.” Here is what Hillary Clinton said about Islam being a great religion:

    “To us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensible,” Clinton said at a meeting with Moroccan officials in Washington. “It appears to have a deeply cynical purpose to denigrate a great religion and provoke rage. But as we said yesterday, there is no justification — none at all — for responding to this video with violence.”

    Personally, I believe there are many moderate Muslims living in America, coexisting peacefully and following our laws. I’ve known wonderful, kind Muslims here, some who escaped being murdered after the fall of the Shah. I only oppose radical Islam, and Sharia Law, which is unfortunately the norm in the Middl East.

  17. What do we do when we live in a beacon of freedom and free speech? Why, we try to wreck it all with blasphemy standards and limits on free speech! I just heard on the radio where one of the journalists wanted to test his theory that people have no idea about world events. He went to a university and set up a fake petition for people to support ISIS, which he said was one of the worst terrorist organizations on the globe. In the taped segment, he told students that, yes, ISIS does behead journalists, but maybe if we supported them they would stop doing that. AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY SIGNED THE PETITION!

  18. KarenS, A few decades ago the left started hating the First Amendment. They’ve always hated the 2nd Amendment.

  19. It makes me feel sick to my stomach that Obama and Hillary Clinton are working towards the establishment of an international blasphemy standard. I cannot understand why some Liberals try to accommodate radical Islam, when gays and rape victims are murdered under Sharia Law. My father witnessed two gay men get beheaded in Saudi Arabia’s Chop Chop Square. So, no, I do not want Sharia Law here in the US, or a blasphemy law, or any infringement on free speech.

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