Seventeen Year Old Missouri Teen in Coma After Being Tasered By Police

26529511_BG3There is another disturbing case involving police tasering a suspect who ended up with a serious, life-threatening injury after a traffic stop. Bryce Masters was put into a medically induced coma due to injuries to his brain after an encounter with an Independence (Mo.) police officer. The brain damage was due to either hitting his head on the concrete or losing oxygen for a long period of time.

Masters is a good student who plays football in high school and was planning to join his brother at Missouri State University to study computer science.

Masters was pulled over outside of his friend’s house. Police say that he refused to get out of his car or fully open his window. Sgt. Darrell Schmidli has said that there was an outstanding traffic citation. That is hardly a serious offense and it turns out that it was a warrant associated the license plate for a female.

Schmidli said that Masters opened his window a crack in response to the officer but “was just being completely uncooperative with the officer.” A friend says that Masters’ window was broken and could not lower all of the way. Witnesses also say that the officer became enraged by the lack of response to his orders.

One witness in the article below says that the officer quickly pulled out his taser and used it. However, Schmidli said that the officers warned about the taser before it was used.

What is clear is that the officer used the stun gun while Masters was still sitting in the car. The probes from the stun gun struck Masters about six inches apart near his heart and caused Masters to go into cardiac arrhythmia. He showed severe acute oxygen deprivation to the brain during the cardiac arrest.

Masters’ father is an officer with the Kansas City Police Department. The Masters family issued the following statement:

“Because of significant inconsistencies between public statements made by the Independence Police Department and information made available to the family in the form of statements of eyewitnesses and video and audio footage of the occurrence, the family has asked the United States Department of Justice to conduct its own investigation into these tragic events.”

The video below shows a police officer standing over Masters body, who is not moving.

We have previously discussed how police today seem to use tasers as a first response weapon to any resistance or in some cases the failure to follow their orders. We have seen various serious injuries causes by heart attacks or falls as a result of the use of tasers but some police officers continue to use the weapon relatively freely in encountering what they consider resistance.

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  1. Bailers, Thanks. I had a hunch he might have been blowing weed. Didn’t want to open window. His dad is a cop. Plays sports. Poor kid just didn’t want to disappoint his dad and a-hole cop puts him in a coma!

  2. Paul C
    Lets just hope the kid doesn’t have brain damage due to his injuries… That boot and tap, tap, tap of the boot against the kids body would be a clear signal that the officer lacks the ability to recognize distress… Distress HE caused and showed a level of disregard to the suspects safety in that officers presence. IMO

  3. Cops will tell you they “put their life on the line” every day. Not with guns and Tasers and batons and…whatever. Give up your guns and Tasers.

    Use your body and your brains, only. If you don’t want the job, don’t take it.
    You’re tough guys, right? You put your “life on the line,” right. Then do it.

    Cops can’t “have their cake and eat it too.”

    If you’re tough enough, take the job and do it “man to man” without inflicting injury. If you’re not tough enough, don’t take the job. Weapons should only be used if used first by suspects.

    Cops take the job for the money, medical, dental, vision, leave, early retirement at full pay and COLA and the ease of duty.

    It is the media that has falsely assigned “hero” status. You can’t be a hero if it is your job.

    We’ve all been to war. No “heroes” from Vietnam, right?

    If you don’t want the job of restraining suspects without harming them, don’t take the job.

  4. Beldar here. Back on my Planet Remulak we do not tolerate the use of lethal force devices unless it is necessary to prevent lethal force from the other side. On Remulak we have a system of justice which allows a family member to take on a perp head to head and to attack him with the same device he used on a kid. It would not be fair to taze the cop’s kid in the cop’s presence merely to torture the cop. Better to taze the cop in front of his whole police force and make sure that the juice on the tazer is turned up to full speed ahead. A dead electrocuted perp with an arrow sticking out of his chest connected to a wire is a good road map for what is fair and proper in Independence, Mizzoura. Do not send this cop to Ferguson. I have visited that town and like it very much. Down here in New Orleans there is a saying about tazers. Guns are quicker.

  5. From the Kansas City star, if you weren’t angry already –

    “Independence police officer allegedly detected marijuana before he subdued teen with stun gun”
    There you go, he had weed so he needed to be tazed.

    Just fire the officer and throw him in a pit. Unspecified drug paraphernalia is just a slander charge at this point.

  6. Paul C
    Yes it does… but what dominance does the officer need at this point? He already scored ih KO in the first round. The proverbial chest pounding and boot stomping er, placing the dominant boot on his prize is but a self identified act by that officer. I’m surprised he didn’t urinate on the kid… you know, claim ownership.

  7. It is a shame how many people of authority misuse their authority. Police misuse is clear, as in this case. However, the misuse by others in authority is a little less obvious, though just as despicable. Smart people can avoid this, but teenagers, etc., that are not paying attention, or those who insist upon exercising their rights, or those who cannot discern the situation, are all subject to this abuse. It is a shame, but cameras help stop it. Just wrong, and (again) chicken shit.

  8. Opening sequence… nope, he’s not fully faced down in the gutter, cuffed while convulsing so the officer drags him a few and then for good measure stands and places a boot on him to endure his convulsions don’t lead him onto the grass.

    Nothing says a boot stomping on a human face like this image… IMO.

    Again, why the need to place boot on convulsing boy?

  9. Tasers are instruments of torture… and in America, we don’t torture so… it’s never when authorities in America torture! From the president on down to the local PD. See?

  10. “The department is going to have an extremely difficult time justifying this officer’s actions leading up to the tasing, in addition to the use of the Taser itself.”:

    Agreed. That the officer used the tazer on the teen while he was still in the car is completely inexplicable.

  11. I have a hard time believing the officer could not have controlled this teen without using a Taser.

    The department is going to have an extremely difficult time justifying this officer’s actions leading up to the tasing, in addition to the use of the Taser itself. I have to question the escalation of force.

  12. My comment just got tased so I will start over.
    Whether ya spull it with an s or a z a Taser is a Deadly Weapon. Shoot any person with one and you have used lethal force. There are many deaths and there will be many lawsuits. When the lawsuits catch up with the men in the Zuit suits the dumb police departments will recall the tasers and tell the cops to just use their gun if they need to use deadly force. The business of punishing people for not responding to the demands of the cop is as devious as it gets on this continent.
    Regarding this dead person. A family member of late age should obtain a taser and then go find the officer’s home and family. Old uncle should tase the cop’s kid in the heart and see what happens. If the county prosecutes old guy for shooting a kid with lethal force then they will have to prosecute the cop for doing the same to the dead kid on the screen here.

    Don’t tase me bro!

  13. I am beginning to think that the training for Taser use is lacking. Would be interesting to see what the PD guidelines are for the use of Tasers. Did they arrest the kid for loitering on the sidewalk when they took him out of the car?

  14. Tazers are a “less lethal” option, they are not a non-lethal option, neither are they an appropriate response to rudeness, bad attitudes, being the wrong race, creed, religion, national origin or sexual orientation, nor should they be considered as “stress relief” for an officer having a bad day, a short cut when they are tired and in a hurry or simply don’t have the training or skills in verbal judo necessary to de-escalate a confrontation in a non-violent manner. They should NEVER be used as a substitute for proper training in dealing with the mentally ill, the mentally challenged, or in proper restraint, control, arrest and cuffing techniques —
    Yet today, it seems that the Tazer is used as a first line substitute for all of the above.

    No doubt saving countless hours of Police Academy training time.

    Perhaps if we required the same sort of after action reporting, temporary suspensions, and use of force investigations for Tazering that we do for an officer who discharges their service weapon the casual use of the Tazer would drop… Precipitously, as police were forced again into doing, I don’t know, maybe police work?

  15. Violent predator cops are like arsonists on fire departments and now they all have military fantasies of incompetency to add to their aggravated assaults on their vulnerable prey.

  16. Dashcam footage seems to have a way of magically “disappearing” or “malfunctioning”, even with agencies that use them.

  17. In today’s society I, perchance, believe it would be fruitful, that a nursing degree or similar be required to become a police officer

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