Tennessee Police Accused Of Beating DUI Suspect And Then Lying About Incident

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 9.29.39 AMThere is a new scandal involving alleged police abuse and false statements. The latest case comes out of Red Bank, Tennessee, where critics allege that officers beat a suspect, 24-year-old Candido Medina-Resendiz, without cause and then lied about the incident in official reports. Warning: this story contains foul language from the reporting of the case.

On April 13, Officer Mark Kaylor made a traffic stop for suspicion of DUI. The drive of the car is identified as a Mr. Roque, who was placed into custody following a sobriety test. The police say that the passenger Candido Medina-Resendiz, made several attempts to exit the vehicle despite being told to remain in the car. When he left the car, Kaylor said that he told reserve officers Tim Brown and Scott Miller to take him into custody. The officers said that Medina-Resindez resisted their efforts to take him into custody by pushing and pulling away. They insisted that he was injured when his face struck the pavement and that they had to use a taser to subdue him on the ground. Kaylor admits to hitting him in the face but says that the suspect tried to bite him.

He was tased again when they put him into the car due to continued resistance.

However, the man’s attorneys insist that the dash cam video contradicts the police account. They say that the video shows him being beaten with multiple officers on top of him, including Kaylor pounding him in the head at least seven times.

The video shows Medina-Resendiz being thrown out of the car to the ground and an officer saying “I’m going to fucking kick your ass.” Kaylor is also reportedly seen holding Medina-Resendiz’ head down while telling him to stop resisting and another officer is heard saying, “let’s shock this motherfucker.” An officer is also heard telling Medina-Resendiz, “We’re going to shock your ass.” The sound of a taser could be heard and Medina-Resendiz screaming in pain. With Kaylor on top of the man, you can then see the seven punches.

The video below does show the suspect resisting in putting his hands behind him, but not seemingly threatening the officers. Medina-Resendiz does not speak English. The injuries to the front of his skull were considered serious and required surgery.

The incident was investigated by the Red Bank Police Internal Affairs division in July and they cleared all of the officers of any wrongdoing. The police department even commended Kaylor for his using restraint in the circumstances, according to the lawyers.

Notably, the prior counsel asked Kaylor if there was a video from this squad car and none was initially turned over. The attorney later subpoenaed that video. Kaylor was asked why he did not make sure the subpoena made its way to a superior officer. Kaylor is heard saying that he did not give the subpoena to his superior “[b]ecause it was directed to me.” With the contradictions from the police report, the failure to pass along the subpoena raises very serious questions of obstruction and hiding evidence.

This is not the first such controversy for Officer Kaylor who was at the center of another arrest that due national attention in 2013. It was another DUI arrest where Thomas McQuiddy, 22, insisted that he was innocent. He fought for blood results that eventually cleared him of all charges. When the judge dismissed the charges, he also dismissed two other DUI arrest by Kaylor because there was no evidence to support those drivers were under the influence.

Yet Kaylor earned the MADD DUI Enforcement Officer Award of 2012 after making 167 DUI arrests within the city of Red Bank.

However, in 2011, Kaylor was involved in a controversial traffic stop of a 911 dispatcher suspected of DUI. He was accused of showing special treatment to the dispatcher who was not arrested. He was again cleared by the department in that case.

Here is the latest video:

Source: WDEF

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  1. “We are all at risk.” -Justice Holmes

    And much more so than most people realize. There are things going on beneath the radar, so to speak…

  2. The officer was cleared of any wrong doing! What a shock.

    Our country has very little of its “rule of law” reputation left and this kind of behavior by police officers and their alleged supervisors is a clear example of the reason why. Police officers are above the law. They can do anything they want to a civilian and they will be cleared of wrong doing. We are all at risk.

  3. Yes..CBA..l read that ..l let’s teach revisionist history….such as hitler was loved by his people and misunderstood around the world…..or Roe vs Wade was just an example of how to swim down stream… Or Dahlmer was really a good child, let’s not relish on the other things he did… Or John Wayne Gacey, was a well suited clown…. Rick perry has perfect hair that we should all be do lucky… I hear the Denver school board is not touching this issue for awhile since the students, honor student refused to be taught such ridiculousness….l

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