Former Louisiana Police Chief Given Probation After Alleged Sexual Assault Of Female Prisoner and Lying To The FBI

gavel2Chief U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson has sentenced former Sorrento Police Chief Earl Theriot Jr. to probation with no jail time after he lied to the FBI about an alleged sexual assault of a woman under arrest. Theriot will have to pay just $2,500. No state charges have been brought thus far against Theriot for the alleged assault of the 42-year-old woman who was arrested for public intoxication.

Theriot now admits that he lied to the FBI and that he had “inappropriate sexual contact” with the heavily intoxicated woman last November. The woman has sued him in federal court for “sexual assault.”

Theriot claims his sexual contact with the woman was consensual. However, he was dealing with a woman in his custody, making consent theories highly questionable. The woman said that she was severely intoxicated and that Theriot promised not to take her to jail if she gave him oral sex after he found her drunk and unconscious at a Sorrento gas station. She says that he gave her vodka and forced her to perform oral sex over a four-hour period. She says that she was also bound under the desk in his office. She says that Theriot took her to the police station and sexually assaulted her while she was bound with handcuffs and her belt. In the most astonishing detail, she claims Theriot hid her under his desk while he met with the mayor. She says that she tried at that time to make a phone call for help.
Federal prosecutors had required that Theriot step down from office before he entered his guilty plea.

He faced six months in prison but received two years of probation. Judge Brian Jackson took into consideration the fact that he helped the FBI with an ongoing investigation, but it is not clear what that investigation was since Theriot admitted to lying in his own investigation.

Prosecutors are still considering state charges.

Source: WBRZ

55 thoughts on “Former Louisiana Police Chief Given Probation After Alleged Sexual Assault Of Female Prisoner and Lying To The FBI”

  1. Daniel, If a priest rapes a boy then it’s bad. If a woman rapes a boy, oh well! Hypocritical.

  2. Daniel, We all agree WordPress is a 3rd world service and needs to be fixed or shitcanned.

  3. Nick, that is because our culture glorifies the victim when the person raping them is an adult woman. Lots of ‘way to go’ and ‘i wish I had her in school’.

    Our culture is sick.

  4. In this same state, 2 female Louisiana teachers from Kenner were just charged w/ felonies for having sex w/ a 16 year old male student. No one gets too upsets when boys are raped.

  5. BarkinDog,
    I think that last comment is disgusting. I agree that this sheriff should have gotten a more severe punishment, but suggesting someone should shoot anyone is over the top.

  6. What’s not to luv.

    He does a little probation and he gets probation.

    What goes around comes around.

    Look it up probies.

  7. it is possible he is a predator and we may hear of more drunk women coming out of the woodwork now that he has been convicted. I do not care what his excuse was he was wrong to do it.

  8. bettykath:

    Unless I am mistaken, the 6 months possible charge was only for lying to federal investigators. Correct me if I’m wrong. I do not think any criminal charges have even been brought yet.

    We need to ensure that the law is applied equally, as if he was any other man.

  9. Why haven’t charges been brought yet? This needs to be investigated and, if appropriate, charged. Why is this a civil and not a criminal case?

    It is so disappointing when officers of the law become criminals themselves.

    Even if his excuse is that the woman successfully bribed him with sex, he should still lose his job. Has he been fired, or is it still under investigation? We need to determine if an assault took place.

  10. Squeeky, I challenge you to find a porn flick w/ that plot. I am fascinated by your rage, however. Absolutely fascinated.

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