Bergdahl Report Delayed Until After The Election

305px-USA_PFC_BoweBergdahl_ACU_CroppedWe previously discussed how the White House opened admitted that it was delayed the increasingly unpopular immigration plan until after the election. Now it appears that another radioactive issue is being slow marched until after the election. The Army has completed its investigation into Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s disappearance from his base in Afghanistan five years ago. However, Pentagon sources have said that any release will have to come after the election and there is no guarantee that the findings will be made public.

There is significant evidence that Bergdahl may have planned to leave his post — resulting in search missions where fellow soldiers were put at risk. Some allege soldiers were killed on missions that included searches for Bergdahl.

The swap for Taliban leaders clearly violated federal law, as we have discussed. The Democrats are already facing a worsening situation with an extremely unpopular president but also very low polls for Democrats generally. Bergdahl is the last thing that voters need.

In Kentucky, the senate candidate has effectively denounced Obama and has turned the race into something of a referendum on Hillary Clinton, which may be only marginally better with most voters. Clinton has called Alison Lundergan Grimes the candidate of change — something many may find curious from the ultimate insider figure in American politics.

However, I remain fascinated, as I was with the immigration issue, that such issues are openly delayed to prevent voters from factoring them into their votes. There is very little outrage over such gaming of the system, which has obviously been done by both parties historically.

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  1. Kareen S …. if I ever decide to take up a sock-puppet, watch for my de rigueur typo of “becasue” 🙂

  2. Is SWgrandaddy Annie, too? How can we tell which is a new alias and which is a new poster? This is the first and only blog I’ve commented on, what a learning curve about catfish.

  3. Paul – you can google ROSEEN V. IDAHO to get a feel fir what WA. or Colorado motorists might experience there.
    I met the “Darien Roseen Welcome Wagon” several months ago…….it is unlikely that I will ever threatened that state again by daring to cross its borders bearing Washington license plates.
    Mr Roseen had two strikes against him when he was immediately pursued by an ISP trooper upon invading Idaho territory…he owns homes in BOTH WA. and CO.
    Instinctively, the Clousseau-like, honed instincts of the trooper told him something was amiss, and Mr. Roseen was “detained” for an extended (not “reasonable” ) period. He was then told that he was free to leave, but he could not have his vehicle until they were finished searching it.
    That’s damn generous to a guy a third of the way into a c. 1400 mile drive, especially when he was over 50 miles from a commercial airport.
    I now will be taking alternative routes between WA. and AZ. The extra miles I have to drive are well worth avoiding the Clouseaus.

  4. Paul….CR’s are the bane, no question from me. Just to make it worse for you, the governing rules of CR’s are that they must remain within the prior years budget…nominally 95% (not including any stashes) technically without future justification. Yes, we really do have long finished projects government is working on today … fact is I am consulting, right now, on one from 1996 that was finished functionally in about 1988 or so. Shutting down government work is never easy, or cheap 🙂

    BTW that project was something I handled in 1996 and it the part I was involved with was totally disposed of in 1996, by donation to a City nearby (who wanted it)…as less costly than demolition. I just wrote a sweet two paragraphs today explaining how some people need to actually pay attention…yes, the item is still there, but it is owned by the City, where as the land it sits on is owned by the county. Hello…they need to talk to each other.

    Man you just have to know how amused I was to be contacted about something done & gone since 1996 (and out of original service since 1988 or so) ….and no secret was it either. I work cheap these days…gratis because I feel I owe it to those who followed me and served me well to share what I know. Or I’m just a sucker.

    Yes, the House has done its job, so to speak, but never the less, the Senate has refused to take it up…and if I am not mistaken the one Executive Budget they did take up in either house was voted down resoundingly. So long as both houses of Congress are not forced to consider all budgetary submissions, theirs or the Executive’s, we will have the clown show we have today.

  5. bettykath, I agree we don’t know the real story. That is the problem.

    The military is supposed to be the servant of the people. However, just as Bill H. said, it’s the military and their minions who are telling us what we can hear and when we can hear it. The military is in charge of a lot in this nation, much more than most of the political class. Obama is just one of their minions as are many others.

    We shouldn’t forget that the CIA/JSOC drone program is even less known to us than Obama’s, “I’m getting really good at killing people” drone program.

    This isn’t our system of govt., even though, actually, it is.

  6. Paul…yep, I am telling you that.

    It is especially true of Continuing Resolutions (CR’s) which are based upon the prior expenditures, even if no longer necessary.,,,and we’ve had nothing but CR’s for the past 6+ years. We no longer have a budget per se. Every little detail of the US Budget is evaluated in excruciating detail…then ignored by either Congress, the Executive Branch, or both.

    1. Aridog – I know that the House has done its job an passed a budget every year of the Obama era. The Senate, led by the Democrats, failed to do their jobs. The CRs are the bane of this country.

  7. I mean no insult Paul, but the US Government runs on zero-based budgeting for the most part, although some fiscal terms are periods of years, depending upon the subject. None the less, no dime is truly left unspent. If you want me to detail how to avoid the expenditure, but still spend the money technically (while actually keeping it in a stash)…email me. No way I’m putting that up on a public blog.

    Zero based budgeting guarantees one thing, ONE THING…and that is that the bureaucrats will find ways to spend (or appear to spend …e.g., “obligations” …that’s a hint :-)) every time every year, even if unnecessary….there-by avoiding the dreaded “Zero-Base.”

    1. Aridog – Zero based for the US government means last year was zero so this year is how much over zero. We have programs we are paying for that no longer exist. Please do not tell me it is zero based.

  8. One MORE time:….let’s leave electing Congress-persons to the various states, BUT CHANGE the fookin’ rule by which any of them “manage” what bills get to the floor. All are elected equally…all bills should be heard equally. Period.

    If nothing else, it would slow down the spending.

  9. Clarification for non-bureaucrats 🙂 ….

    passed prior to 01 Oct of the year you are in at the time … means the budget year you are in at the time, which runs 01 Oct to 30 Sep annually…aka the fiscal year.

  10. Paul,
    Taking responsibility is not just about whom you voted for but taking an interest in who others vote for. Your one Representative is useless without others; as are your Senators. So unless your participation in the public square is because your navel is out of lint, I suspect you ARE taking some responsibility for the choices of others (whether you see it or not). Andy thank you for that!

  11. Olly…I can almost agree with you, except I don’t recall ever having a vote of my own for John Boehner or Harry Reid. So long as the Congress is controlled by a very small clique, whatever the politics, it will be subject to what Rafflaw poses (although he fails to mention the Democratic “rich”). Just for giggles lets take a count of Presidential appearances and elbow rubbing with people who make under $100k per year versus those who make over $100K per year…by either party’s President.

    The rules of both the House and the Senate need revision so that all bills are at least allowed an up or down vote. Period. Yeah, I know that would be messy and very busy…all the better, less onerous laws would get passed that way, unlike now when only the onerous make it to the floor.

    As far as I am concerned, no bills passed by Congress should take effect if there is no formal annual US Budget passed for that year…e.g., passed prior to 01 Oct of the year you are in at the time….and if 90 days passes with no budget, stop all pay for Congressional members and their staffs.

    I spent way too much time as soldier and as a “fed” think what we do today makes any sense what-so-ever. I’ve busted my hump putting together way too many budgets only to have them ignored and some wussy CR passed instead…which essentially removes any and all sane planning from the equations.

    I am highly amused of late with all this talk of US boots on the ground here or there….NEWS FLASH…once the 80,000+ on the chop block now go…we do not have enough of those boots anymore to send them anywhere…except suicide missions.

    Last rant from me (for now): Why was it that when I was asked by a Congressperson to reply to a question I was allocated 72 hours or my butt would be in hock? Yet…Our Congress seems unable to get answers from the bureaucrats of high echelon, nor do the Senior Executives appear to give a dang either.

    1. Aridog – I worked with the City of Scottsdale Arizona who used zero-based budgeting. Each program had to be justified and all expenses had to be justified each year.

  12. “Olly – I would agree with you if the whole electorate elected the whole Congress, but they don’t. They are only responsible for one Representative and two Senators for each state. That is their culpability.”

    Congress IS the totality of the whole electorate’s choices. As long as the political class can continue to divide We the People (electorate) into easily manipulated factions then it will always be “THEIR culpability”.

  13. Our historical president knows what people need to know and what they can’t handle . Isn’t he so great and smart with superior intelligence according to the very smart people on msnbc…?

    1. Swathoregranddadddy, another user has requested that you stop using this, and other similar, aliases that give the impression that you are a relative.. This other users’ address has been used by her for years. I don’t believe she is unreasonable in requesting that you change your alias to something that does not give an impression as to relation. Thank you

  14. I think it’s entirely possible that Bergdahl was suffering from PTSD. I’m not willing to condemn him for walking away without knowing a lot more about the circumstances. While there is a claim that soldiers were killed trying to find him, there is a report that those who were killed were on an entirely different mission.

  15. Paul, “And we the people (about 90% of us) will say how horrible this is”

    Yes, and most of them have no right to complain since, optimistically, only about 40% of us vote.

    Aridog, “Nothing stops a third, or fourth party from forming here now, other than the Congressional Rules that make it pointless. Change those rules as I have suggested and you will have what you want.”

    Yes, there is something that Congress can do. Money in politics makes it difficult for third party candidates to be heard. Example: “In a recent poll Howie Hawkins received 9% of the vote but only 13% of those polled knew who he was. Seems getting his name out there over the next few weeks can make him quite a force to be reckoned with!” Hawkins is challenging Cuomo for NYS governor. The GP doesn’t take corporate funds. (I haven’t verified the accuracy of the quote.)

    But money in politics isn’t the only problem. There are other parties, but people would rather vote “evil”, as in the lesser. It’s the state legislatures that set the rules for political parties. The two in power don’t want to see more so there are rules that make it very difficult for new parties to get on the ballot. A great source for news about third parties is Ballot Access News. Richard Winger is a libertarian but he has been chronicling all third party efforts for decades.

    I’m a proponent of NOTA, but if people still vote for the “lesser evil”, NOTA is just as unlikely to get the votes as do the third party candidates. Replacing first past the post with preferential ballot is another possibility to making it more reasonable for “other” candidates to win, or at least gain enough support that they can grow and gain credibility. Of course, the possible result is one reason that local and state legislatures are unlikely to let it be used.

  16. Tom Nash – try driving thru the real Western states, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, etc. to get here. For God’s sake don’t drive thru CA, you will be bankrupt by San Diego.

  17. Thanks, Paul. Gas is $3.50+ here in SE Washington State…..I saw that you’d mentioned it was c.$3.00 in Phoenix area. I’m packing up for Tempe, so I may have you ship me about 50 gallons before I leave.

    1. Tom Nash – think of it this way. You can fill up when you get here and stay filled up until you leave. 🙂 We are generally less expensive than most states to begin with. It was down to 3.959 at Costco for regular on Sunday. And I heard it has gone lower.

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