Air New Zealand: “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made”

141022160628-air-new-zealand-safety-video-story-top I have noticed recently that airlines have been ramping up the safety video that most people ignore on flights with some long needed humor. However, I am afraid that Air New Zealand has the competition won.

After all, how many safety films have cameos from director Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood, star of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy?

Some passengers might want to pass on the inflight movie and just see the 4-minute safety video again.

Entitled “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made,” the video features the scenes and costumes of the movie shot in New Zealand.

By the way, whatever the cost, it was not much in comparison to the movies themselves. A story just came out stating that the trilogy cost $870 million dollars to make.

Not only does the film improve safety, but it plugs for the third and final film in Jackson’s “Hobbit” trilogy — “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.” A win, win proposition. Of course, it is a bit unnerving when the flight attendant announced that “we will be deplaning at the Black Gate of Mordor.”

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  1. ” the crew from Southwest do their shtick ”
    Its been awhile, but after flying once near Halloween, the entire cabin erupted in Cheers thanking the stewardesses for their jolly good humor

  2. Dredd
    Reminds me of the recent duct tape and plastic over our windows, and before the getting under the school desks:
    = = =
    Like this?
    EBOLA ISIS FEAR Inspired Makeup Tutorial

  3. “Methink’st thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee.” – Shakespeare (All’s Well That Ends Well)

  4. Yeah.

    LOL Sandi.

    Duct tape and plastic on the windows!

    Duct and run!


  5. On a short flight, our attendants made these instructions delightful! After the first humorous sentence, the plane was in awe. Laughter and clapping at the end. Long time ago, but I still remember,

  6. Nick – they still would have no idea what dialogue was actually said. It would be “boobies, blah blah blah, boobies. The end.” And then all the female passengers would murder their male companions unless they had hidden under the fold down tray during the showing.

  7. I’m completely geeking out over this. Huge Tolkein fan. And, yes, it DOES make me want to go to New Zealand.

    Well played, Air New Zealand. Well played.

  8. Reminds me of the recent duct tape and plastic over our windows, and before the getting under the school desks:

    As the Homeland Security Department called on Americans to buy duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal windows and doors in the event of a terrorist attack, critics on Wednesday said such precautions would have limited value and likened them to ineffective civil defense measures of the Cold War era.

    They also chided the Bush administration for not yet taking more significant actions that, they said, could potentially save many lives if terrorists strike. Those moves would include sending more money to state and local governments for equipment and training needed by fire and police departments that would be the first to respond to a terrorist incident.

    Despite such skepticism, the new Homeland Security Department stood by its suggestions, with a spokesman saying the agency hoped all Americans would follow them, including obtaining the duct tape.

    (Critics Unglued).

    The more serious fear they seek to instil the more ridiculously funny they are.

    1. Nick – if you did it as a porn video you certainly would get the attention of the men.

  9. It’s a great concept to make people actually pay attention. Airlines might want to consider offering different versions, as many of us are put off by violent entertainment and would far prefer scenes of wildlife, art, beautiful gardens, travel videos, etc.

  10. This is cute, but I would rather have the crew from Southwest do their sthick. They are a lot funnier.

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