Dawn On The Trail

IMG_1502Having partially recovered from the Bears-Patriots game, I put my mind to more tranquil things like my dawn hike this morning on Billy Goat trail.

At sunrise, the trial was incandescent this morning with the Fall trees. It was awesome. I started to pull up these pictures after the first half of the game to remind me that there was a place where all remains as it should.






20 thoughts on “Dawn On The Trail”

  1. Squeeky, The Saints totally outplayed the Packers. The only solace I took in that pimp slapping was that it brought joy to your otherwise sad life!!!!!

  2. Never Again! Never again should one give up on da Bears. My team and I am not even from Chi town.

  3. We did sections B and C late this afternoon. What a spectacular day on the Potomac!!!! Did section A two weeks ago. Billy Goat trail is an urban surprise.

  4. Nice photos. I spent the morning at Muir Woods National Monument, which is stunningly beautiful, especially at about 8am. And then the afternoon in Napa. Anyone who goes to Napa, I highly recommend The Fatted Calf at the Oxbow public Market. The pulled pork was delicious.

  5. Like Jay Cutler, Tony Romo is a loser. Oh, he’ll tease you like he has been of late. But losers gonna lose. Enjoy the ride, like JT enjoyed his hike. Because there’s crash coming. Oh, and the Cowboys suck!

    Squeeky and I are @ odds this evening. She’s a Saints fan. Poor kid. We’ll be flipping between football and the WS. Only 12 million people watched Game 1 of the WS. The last time the Royals played in the WS in 1985, 34 million watched the first game. More people will watch a regular season football game than game 5 of the WS w/ it tied 2-2. And, it’s 2 fun teams to watch. The game I love and coached for decades is losing fans in droves. Everything changes. But, baseball is a game to watch in person. 90% of avid NFL fans have never gone to a game.

  6. Wonderful pictures, Mr. Turley.
    The fall colors and contrasting cool blue grey rocks and calming waters.

  7. Ouch! That was a Greek goat. I doubt there are many Greeks in that neck of the woods.

  8. Cutler is your problem. Get Trestman a QB who isn’t a loser, dogass, locker room cancer and he will win.

  9. Beautiful photos. I walked 8 miles on the Glacial Drumlin trail near my house today. It’s an old railroad bed that goes from just east of Madison to near Milwaukee. But, it’s not as picturesque as this. There is no better feeling than working hard and being physically tired. We both did/do sedentary work that can be mentally and emotionally draining. Man was meant to do physical labor. So, it’s important to get that body work in, understanding we are body, mind and spirit. And, the hikes beat drywalling.

  10. Da Bears are finished for the season. And my vote is that we should be finished with Trestman. Great pictures!

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