Pack of Bikers Film Themselves Doing High-Speed Wheelies On Highway While Shooing Away California Patrolman

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.40.26 PMThe video below has gone viral on YouTube not only for the dangerous motorcycle antics of some 50 bikers in California but their open dismissal of a California Highway Patrol officer who is told to “go away” . . . and he does.

The group of bikers is shown speeding and popping wheelies on highway. The bikers seem to have not a care in the world as they endanger other drivers and act like complete jerks. Then a CHP officer arrives but it is hardly an episode of Chips. The video shows one biker shooing the officer away and then it shows him doing precisely that on Interstate 680 in Milpitas and San Jose earlier this month.

The video was posted by a user “gurustunts” by a biker who not only did not care about the CHP officer but wanted to taunt the cop by posting the video. The officer is shown telling the cretins “No more” and “Knock it off.” The biker filming the scene waves him off and, when the officer complies, he and other bikers are shown pumping the fists in celebration.

The officer pulled over to call for back up but they never caught any of the bikers. Not one of the 50 bikers. The officer may have had little alternative but it is astonishing that a pack of bikers could take over a highway for so long and then escape without an arrest.

What the police do have is this video — as did police in the case of Hamza Ali Ben Ali. The hubris of these bikers may prove their undoing, or at least we can hope.

Source: Mercury News

18 thoughts on “Pack of Bikers Film Themselves Doing High-Speed Wheelies On Highway While Shooing Away California Patrolman”

  1. I saw these crazy guys on 580 going East from Dublin toward Livermore, CA a couple of years ago. They are crazy and don’t give a rip about anyone else on the highways. If they wanna go kill themselves, well then have at it. But don’t endanger everyone else. I’m not a prude, mind you, I’ve had my share of speeding tickets issued by the fine folks at CHP. But this is ridiculous. And scary.

  2. First of all, these are little two cycle crotch rocket wing ding ding types of bikes. NOTHING like the real motorcycles that “bikers” ride. Bunch of stunt bikes. You can hardly call these guys bikers much less put those things on the same level as Harley Fat Boy. These guys are not anywhere near the league of Rolling Thunder or 2 Million Bikers to DC.

    I’ve never been able to drive on the 680 without it being wall to wall traffic. When did they ever find a time when it is as vacant as in this video. Where are all the commercial trucks? The 680 is a major route.

    My thoughts when I see these types of idiot stunts is that I hope the grease stain that used to be you and your crushed bike won’t interfere with MY ability to get around you and continue on with my life.

    If this is real, they are putting other drivers at risk by speeding so fast and coming up into their blind side they can easily startle a driver. If someone is changing lanes at that moment, it is all over for the bike rider and could send a car driver into an over correction.

  3. We’ve discussed problems caused by cheap “nanny cams” and how they have become ubiquitous. Along those lines, these small, mounted cameras made for taping oneself are also a growing problem, witnessed here. With some trepidation, I draw an analogy to Ferguson. I have said, testosterone played a big part in that incident. That 18 year old young man had testosterone pulsing through his body. You saw it in the convenience store. Same thing here.

  4. This was a stunt bike exhibition team and the CHP was escorting them. “Not Outlaw Bikers. Get your story straight.

  5. Eventually, many of these types of guys end up becoming one with a jersey barrier.

  6. Well, this is why people need to have semi-automatic assault rifles because what if a poor girl’s car broke down and she had to defend herself from a whole motorcycle gang like this??? I think I might start carrying my AK-47 in the trunk just for stuff like this when my 5 shot .38 wouldn’t be enough.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. Unbelievably stupid. If one had wrecked, they’d regret that the officer wasn’t there.

  8. That is just stupid. A relative of mine fell off the back of a motorcycle on the freeway and was just unbelievably injured. We believe the driver was messing around.

    Do motorcycle cops have to pull over to call for backup, or is there a radio in their helmet? It sounds like he was instinctively cautious, but I wish he could have trailed them until backup arrived.

    There are a lot of bikers in CA, but not as many as Sturgis.

    1. Karen – Sturgis is a bikers’ convention. Which I have been told by reputable sources is very eye-opening. When we were planning a trip to South Dakota we were told to plan it around Sturgis, which we did. Sadly we forgot to plan our trip to Minneapolis around the All-Star Game.

      The younger you are the more you appreciate Sturgis. 😉

  9. Just what can they be charged with? There were few cars on the road, and they certainly could not pose any danger to those few drivers in cars. In any collision, the biker will wind up DEAD and the driver of a car, with some scratches maybe. It also reminds me of my time on Border Watch with the MCDC when the BP agents could only run down a few illegals and the rest would escape.

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