Saudi Man Says That He Sat With Muhammad . . . Saudi Police Arrest Him As Clerics Demand His Punishment Under Sharia Law

200px-Coat_of_arms_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgThe Saudi morality police are back in the news with another attack on free speech and the free exercise of religion. The Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) police arrested a man who believed that he could see Muhammad and believed that he was walking among us. It is an expression of faith but in Saudi Arabia you must believe what the government believes or face arrest or even death.

The teacher and former principal told others on a video that he sat next to Muhammad on a bed a Madinah hotel and that the Prophet walks around with his daughter Fatima. He also said that a lack of love for the Prophet is the reason why other Muslims cannot see him.

That was enough for the head of the Haia, Sheikh Abdullateef Al-Asheikh, and this minions of morality monitors. He simply wanted a video’s authenticity confirmed but if the man expressed such religious beliefs, he would be prosecuted . . . in the name of religion. It is just another day under the medieval Sharia legal system.

The video shows that others were interested in his views, but the Saudi government criminally punishes those with different views. They called him a deceiver and spreading lies.

The denial of free speech and religious rights was supported by the imam of Quba Mosque, Dr. Masoud Al-Mohammadi, who said that Islam has no tolerance for superstitions and myths. In the ultimate example of we believe in freedom of religion so long as it is my religion, Al-Mohammadi declared that his suggestion that only people who love Muhammad can see him is “completely false and unacceptable” — and criminal.

He added: “It is regrettable that this man was a teacher and that he also was a school principal.” Some would say that same thing about people who head mosques but persecute others for their faith.

His solution is equally revealing: He wants the Ministry of Haj order Haj companies not to allow individuals to preach to others, except with the permission of concerned bodies. That would be him presumably.

Source: Al Arabiya

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  1. I would have some questions for the man. Was Mohammed in the company of his wife who happened to be a child? Pedophile Mohammed is what we call him around here. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

  2. How did the Sufis deal with the Prophet? Can we get them to talk to Wahabis? Probably not. Luckily we have lots of Christian religions who believe in the same bible. Even our various Jews believe in the Old Testament. These multiple Muslim varieties are stuck in a century long over. There is just no way most Americans can understand, nor accept, beheading. Nor should we and the rest of the world. What happens at the UN? They certainly aren’t killing each other there. How do they manage that? How do Muslims live here, seeing the way we live in comparison to Middle East and keep their murderous views? I think it’s a mistake not to help the Kurds in every way possible. Their commitment to a peaceful life should be honored and supported. The Saudis? Like families, there are things we don’t discuss openly.

  3. So, I guess you can love the Prophet, but not see the Prophet?

    What is the penalty for what is either a beatific vision or mental illness death?

  4. So anyone with bipolar disorder, who can have delusions regarding being prophet or grandiosity to have been in contact with prophets/god, can be in double trouble if they are in Islamic countries. We have , sadly, allowed these countries to stay in a time capsule by treating them with kid gloves. Not only that we have blamed their behavior on youtube movie producers…that the way to go!

  5. Sooo, I am wondering if there is a song somewhere in this???

    Your Own Personal Prophet</b?
    An Unfinished Parody Song by Squeeky Fromm

    Don't reach out and touch dogs!

    Your own, personal, Prophet
    Someone who helps you scare
    And help spread fear!

    Your own, personal, Prophet
    Someone in contact with God
    To help with jihad!

    Feeling unknown and you're all alone
    Get some virgins if you atone!
    Push down the detonator! Be somebody greater!

    Don't reach out and touch pork!

    Sooo, this is where I stopped because getting fatwa'ed wouldn't be good for my figure.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. Interesting enough, the sufi orders of Islam believe that one can see, speak and walk with Prophet Muhamad, after one reaches a certain level of moral, personal and mystical impeccability. That is actually the essence of sunni sufi traditions, and most of the saints in that line were known(!) to maintain that line of visual or mystical connection to the Prophet.

    Though the Sufi (Indonesia, Senegal, Malaysia…everywhere where Islamic practice is informed by the motto “do no harm”) are the peaceful Muslims, the Wahabists (Saudi Arabia official doctrine) are the violent ones, and the main difference between the two is simply how closely one seeks that link with the Prophet.

  7. Anything is possible. Just had another cup of coffee. Now I’m levitating while posting a reply. If the Saudis find, will I get a spanking?

  8. The Catholics would push him for sainthood, these guys arrest him. Still, there was Joan of Arc, but that was the English and we all know how they are about saints.

  9. Ah, the Saudis, our friends and allies. I hope all the theocrats in this country take note.

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