The Season of Our Discontent II: “Football Strong(Men)” Vs. Women

123 thoughts on “The Season of Our Discontent II: “Football Strong(Men)” Vs. Women”

  1. “Playing is the expectation laid down by Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ owner. He is a self-consciously swaggering billionaire oil and gas fellow with a documented affection for young strippers.

    “He’s going on the trip to London,” Jones told the NFL Network as he strolled through the hallways of his preposterous spaceship of a stadium near Dallas, “and logic tells you that we wouldn’t have him make that trip to London and back if we didn’t think he was going to play.”

    Jones has kept up his tough Texan routine all week. A year ago, Jones gave Romo a $108 million contract — typically of the N.F.L., little more than half of that money is guaranteed — and he expects his player to run hard for the green.”

  2. You’ve really been enjoying yourself lately, Mark. It’s like the movie “Mars Attacks”. Hit that one note just right and watch the heads explode.

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