Washington Post: Border Data Posted Then Retracted Within Hours By Obama Administration

190px-thumbnailPresident_Barack_ObamaThe Washington Post is raising another instance where the Obama Administration appears to be withholding information on immigration for political purposes — further contradicting President Obama’s pledge to be the most transparent Administration is history. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection releases its annual statistics on October 10th before the elections. Someone in the Administration then ordered the statistics taken down in what the Post is calling a move that seemed to confirm the view of “the Obama administration playing politics with public information.” Notably, the Post however only wrote about the story today so any such intention worked to keep the information out of the public debate. There is a reason why these statistics would be particularly bothersome before an election.

The Administration previously admitted that it would not discuss its plans for unilateral immigration action until after voters had gone home from the polls.

The data that was taken down within hours contained one potentially negative piece of information for the Administration: Most of the people the Border Patrol stopped from sneaking into the country last year were from countries other than Mexico. That would support the view that the border has become a magnet due to the porous protection and the draw of stories promising plans for amnesty. Regardless of the reason, such information should be released to the public — particularly before an election where immigration was a prominent issue.

The Administration says that it merely wants to release all data as part of a comprehensive disclosure and that internal administrative issues have delayed the released until after the election.

Once again, I am less concerned with the merits of the immigration debate than I am about the active effort to prevent voters from learning about the data or the plans for immigration policies. There seems a growing cynicism over the goals transparency in government — an open dismissal of any obligation to allow voters to make their own decisions based on data of this kind. I felt the same way about such efforts during the Bush Administration. While we cannot always expect honest government, we can at least demand open government as citizens. That was one of the most redeeming issues upon which President Obama ran as a new candidate. It seems a long time ago.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. I am really amused by the argument between RWNJs and vile LIBERALS both making the absurd assumption that Obama is a liberal.

    Obama is not a liberal, he is a DINO (Democrat in Name Only) and a RIABN (Republican in all but name). Most likely he is jumping up and down with joy that the democrats no longer have a majority in either house as he will be able to make the case that he has no other choice but to make grand bargains with the Republicans that he always wanted to make, such as turning social security into a defined contribution system and turning the management of social security funds over to hedge funds.

    Obama is a loyal servant of the Wall Street plutocrats, he always has been such and always will be. Just wait and see him get a high paying job with the Vampire Squid.

    In my opinion those Democratic leaning voters who decided to sleep in rather than vote last Tuesday made the correct decision. They may believe that Democrats are a lesser evil than Republicans but not by so much as to make the evil of standing in line at the polls worthwhile. These voters have given up on the Democrats because they can see that the Democrats promises to them are never going to be fulfilled, in fact the people who matter in the Democratic party are pushing for a yet further move to the right, to attract better quality voters away from the Republicans.

  2. Wow, what an Interesting and Fascinating discussion. 🙂 What I heard last night on different forums was that Hillary was going to be President next and we were only ahead by 7 seats in the Senate which was hardly a majority and not to get used to it because they would be taken back LOL. Well, I said, Looks like it will be Groundhog Day to the Democrats then With Mitch McConnell in as Speaker of the House and Lady Clinton in as Madame President. Because the Deficits are gonna fall and the taxes are gonna fall and the Capital Gains are gonna fall and the Keystone Pipeline is gonna roll and Oi is going to continue to go down. And the Democrats, as usual, will get allllll the credit when the Republicans have done an uphill battle. lol. So, these immature and childish arguments might as well cease about the economy.

    Mike Appleton
    When and if the ACA is ever replaced, it will be with a single payer system, which many of us had wanted from the beginning.

    As for health care costs, the rate of increase has been declining. And in my own case, I have received a premium rebate in excess of $1,000.00 in each of the past two years. I realize that that is only one experience, but I do not believe that it is unique.

    Really? Really? Wow, well, most people don’t make as much money as you. So rest assured that many people are struggling with the Mandate and many single parents and old people are doing without their Medicaid because of Obama screw ups in the Computer and the Paper Filing being in separate offices. At least it’s that way in Missouri right now.

  3. Morocco Bomya iis doing the bidding of his class: the 1%. Why anyone, especially JT, should be surprised that the reality is the rapid rise in our population explosion caused by unabated illegal immigration is hard to believe. Any half-informed person knows that the 1% crowd profits from illegal immigration. Their major concern is how to keep them here via legislation that gives them legal status, while making it difficult for them to vote, unionize etc.

  4. Another thing I disagree with is taxing people on their insurance benefits. It effectively makes it impossible to have a great health care plan. It would cost the employee too much in taxes.

  5. Obama is going to flip when the isolated Indian tribes (No Contactados) reach the US- Mexican border. Get this, they don’t know what plant we live on, WWI, WWII, dropped an atom bomb, or put a man on the moon.
    The video is in Spanish, location Peru, 2013, you will get the message. See you on the other side when the smoke clears.

    1. Professor Turley testified at a committee hearing about the duty Congress has to protect the Constitution. In that discussion he referred to Madison’s Federalist Papers explanation of the duties of Congress to protect the Constitution. He did not like having to say those things. He voted for Obama both times and agrees with much he’s trying to achieve. His concern is the Constitution, above and beyond anything. I hope he reads this, so if I’ve gotten his testimony wrong he can correct it.

  6. Obviously the egotistical Obama golfs w/ athletes like Alonzo Mourning and Ahmad Rashad that he can stay w/. MJ is a 3 handicap and kisses NO ONES ass. Obama needs his ass kissed CONSTANTLY. Daddy issues. See it in men and women.

  7. Annie, I don’t see anything in your many comments to suggest that you’re anything but an Obama apologist. These are the least off-topic comments you’ve made in this thread:

    @2:13 pm:
    Good for him, it was great seeing that defiance in his press conference.

    Not exactly an expression of concern about “Obama’s overreaches” there.
    @3:27 pm:

    A theme I see in this thread is outrage by conservatives that Democrats are not conciliatory and cowed.

    Again, no apparent concern about “Obama’s overreaches. Indeed, one might detect a fair amount of enthusiasm for Obama’s determination to do whatever the hell he wants.

    The rest of your comments about this represent nothing but your all-too-familiar tactic of changing the subject from Obama’s current and threatened future behavior to some alleged “hypocrisy” on the part of Obama’s critics who may or may not have been similarly exercised about actions by Bush that may or may not have been similar to Obama’s. Which is about as relevant as talking about Harry Truman’s use of executive power to seize steel mills in 1952. (Lest I appear hypocritical to you, dear Annie, let me go on record as denouncing Truman’s unconstitutional action.)

    Conspicuously missing from your numerous comments is any mention of the hypocrisy of promising voters “the most transparent administration in history” and then withholding info and hounding whistleblowers as Obama has.

  8. Obama is doing things to get attention, to try and stay relevant. He is someone w/ daddy issues. We see it here as well.

  9. Chipster,
    Did I say I thought it was correct that Obama takes unilateral action? I believe I said it was as wrong of him as it was of Bush, did I not? Nope you misrepresent what I actually said. Just like Karen. I do like his defiant stance though, that is true. Who knows, maybe he will sign some bill the Pubs come up with. Stranger things have happened. It’s too bad that he got stuck with the worst House in modern history. Now he has he worst Congress.

  10. The act itself will not be overturned.

    It will be emasculated by a death of a thousand cuts. The medical device tax. The end of subsidies for plans that are unnecessarily expensive because they cover things that you don’t need or want in your plan. Nonsense like forcing nuns to pay for contraception and abortions. The ability to keep plans that do not follow the ridiculous mandates that forced so many policies to be rewritten to what the government wants and not what the purchaser wants.

    Each one sent up incrementally and if the Jug Eared Jesus vetoes them it will be on his head.

  11. Annie
    It was as wrong for Bush to do it as it is for Obama.

    Then why aren’t you upset with Obama?

    All of your comments suggest that you think Obama is justified to take any action that you can even remotely claim to have been taken by Bush.

    You must think George Bush was the Greatest President Evah.

  12. @Karen S: “Or do I need to pull all those quotes from when I predicted the public would rise against Obamacare at the polls? Many here argued with me that it wouldn’t happen.”

    It seems clear people did soundly reject the democrats. But where is the evidence that ACA/Obabacare had much to do with it.

    Kaiser Family Foundation has a tracking pole on favorable/unfavorable view of ACA that goes back to 2010. There were peaks of dissatisfaction in 2011, 2012 and recently in 2014. But by October of this year public opinion reflected by that poll seems back to levels typical over the entire run of ACA.

    Nearly half of adults seem to have doubts about ACA.

    But where is the evidence that dissatisfaction with ACA was the factor or a major factor leading to the Republican sweep?

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