Pranksters Replace Sign To Tell Drivers To Go As “Fast As You Want”

IMG_1625Driving down Westmoreland Avenue this evening in McLean, Va., I spotted this sign, which must have just been painted over by pranksters reading: “FAST AS YOU WANT.”

There is McLean High School just a block away but it is not clear obviously who are the pranksters.

Frankly, people already seem to go as fast as they want down Westmoreland. I would not recommend drivers however relying on this speed sign as a defense.

Here is what you see approaching the sign, which has relatively small lettering. It is only when you are close that you see the joke.





6 thoughts on “Pranksters Replace Sign To Tell Drivers To Go As “Fast As You Want””

  1. I still think the best is when they changed the warning sign to “Beware! Zombies Ahead!” But this one get high points.

  2. Somewhere in my photo collection, I have a stop sign from Miles City, MT that says “Whoa!”

  3. Here is a sign most have never seen. It is actually an authorized sign by federal regulations and is used for evacuation purposes.

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