Dawn On The Billy Goat

IMG_1605Last weekend, I did not post pictures from my dawn hike because I was off to play in our annual paintball competition and then later that day we held the annual Turley Pumpkin Smash for kids in the neighborhood (where the kids wake the Turley Troll at the top of the house and he proceeds to throw down all of the pumpkins). So here is Billy Goat trail this morning at dawn.

It was a beautiful and crisp morning not the trail. It started in the thirties but warmed into the forties by the end of the trail. It was a tranquil start of the day as I wait for the Bears-Packers game tonight. Go Bears!










12 thoughts on “Dawn On The Billy Goat”

  1. PS – Please use all your influence to get DaBears to re-sign Jay Cutler. We Packer fans love him almost as much as Aaron Rodgers.

  2. Sorry Professor, you’re gonna need another distracting hike on the Billy Goat to get over Sunday Night Football. GoPackGo. πŸ™‚

  3. Professor Turley, If you haven’t gone to bed yet, you really ought to. This game is just sad.

  4. I hope JT still has some zen left from the hike. Otherwise I would advise a suicide watch. Pack 42, The Bears 0! It could get worse. That is half time score.

  5. It looks like a beautiful place, but I think the beloved Bears are in trouble tonight.

  6. Great shots. 30’s/40’s is great hiking weather as long as it’s not windy. They have the Madison marathon today w/ temps in high 40’s, which is great. They used to have it in late May but would sometimes have temps in the 80’s, which is really high temps for a marathon.

  7. We clearly need video of the Troll. Hikes are nice but the Troll is top-drawer. πŸ˜‰

  8. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for the peace this beauty evokes and reminder that no matter what chaos we bring to this planet… order endures.

  9. Nice pix Professor! That’s a great hike that I don’t do enough these days.

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