24 thoughts on “Your Convenient Strip Mall For Personal Meltdowns”

  1. I am 63, grew up near Chicago, and have been a Bears and Chicago sports fan since I can remember. But as of today, I am through with the Bears. I quit. This is just too much. I live near Seattle and am now trying to summon up a little Seahawk love.

  2. Before departing Lambeau Field last night, Bears management requested use of a conference room. A closed-door meeting of Bears upper management was held in that conference room, as reported on WTMJ-AM this morning. What happens next will be very interesting. Chicago sports media began calling for firing Jim Trestman before the game ended.

  3. Absent a “mercy rule” in professional football, the appropriate way to handle that game would have been for Trestman and McCarthy to have met at midfield after the 2nd quarter to discuss terms of surrender.

  4. Bruce, The Chargers are threatening to move to LA if they don’t get a new stadium, the extortion I deplore. The reason LA has no team for decades is because it is the leverage city. Give us a new stadium or we’ll move to LA. If a team actually pulls the trigger, then you folks will have the gun put to your heads for a new stadium. Corporate welfare @ its worse.

  5. The Bears have a cancer in their locker room named, Jay. Cancer effects the entire team. When Cutler threw the pick in the first quarter it set the tone for the entire game. A cancer spreads and destroys an entire organization. We have all seen this is our lives, a cancerous family worker, co-worker, I’ll leave it there. The coach will take the hit. He certainly bears responsibility. But, I think if you removed the cancer, the team would respond. They did have an interesting graphic last night. I don’t listen so I only see graphics. The Bears have 31 players via free agent and trade. The most in the league. The Packers have 5 via that route, the lowest in the league. Good statistic.

  6. Bail bonds has to be in that mail someplace…

    Having to suffer the results of NY Giants’ games isn’t much fun either, Professor.

    1. Has anyone every done a large study of the psychology of Cubs and Bears fans? Or maybe studied their DNA, maybe their is a marker that predisposes them to such punishment.

  7. I think to the right of the liquor store is a pawn shop. ASU beat Notre Dame. Put themselves in a position to play for the national championship. And who would have thought the Cardinals would have done anything this year?

  8. I wonder what was out of camera on the left side. Must have been a Trophy Shop and then a Bridal Boutique..

  9. ” somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;… somewhere hearts are light, And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout; But there is no joy Chicago….”

    What happened Jake?

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