“There Was No Negligence”: Ten Indian Women Die and Dozens Are Hospitalized After Mass Sterilization

India flagIndian officials are investigating a shocking case where 10 women have died and dozens of others hospitalized after participating in a state-run mass sterilization. The over 80 women underwent sterilizations by a single doctor in a single day in the central state of Chhattisgarh on Saturday. The most remarkable statement came below from the chief medial officer who promised an investigation.

Indian officials offer a variety of incentive for sterilization from cars to sports tickets to electrical goods for couples volunteering for sterilization. Last year, such an event caused a national outcry when dozens of women were dumped unconscious in a field following a mass sterilization.

The dozens of sterilizations in his case were carried out by one doctor and his assistant in just five hours. However, the chief medical officer of Bilaspur R.K. Bhange made this curiously conflicted statement: “There was no negligence. He is a senior doctor. We will probe (the incident).” Shouldn’t the finding of no negligence follow the probe? Moreover, with four dead women and dozens hospitalized, it would seem a case where there might be room for a slight suspension of negligence.


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  1. Rat Poison Chemical Found In Drugs Blamed For India Sterilization Deaths

    BILASPUR/RAIPUR, India, Nov 15 (Reuters) – Tablets linked to the deaths of more than a dozen women who visited a sterilization camp in India are likely to have contained a chemical compound commonly used in rat poison, two senior officials in Chhattisgarh state said on Saturday.

  2. Bruce–Life’s cheap here in the US too. Abortions continue daily and the comments made by some who have promoted the Affordable Care Act, “Anyone over 76 years of age should die.”

  3. That Liberian Ebola guy’s family settled today w/ the TCU Hospital. That is INCREDIBLE. I cannot see how any plaintiff’s attorney could investigate and evaluate a claim this unique in this short span of time. The family almost certainly received a bad settlement. But, the attorney got his cut w/ no work or expense!!

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    The key words in the article are “state run”. When you separate the consumer of a service (especially medical) from the payer for said service (government, insurance companies) loyalty and accountability invariably follows the money. Once money is abstracted from taxpayers, all loyalty and accountability is to the treasury, and the treasury couldn’t care less.

  5. Mass sterilization takes place on the Friday sunrise service following the election. Do not go if you are a RepubliCon. Just say three prayers at home and hope for the best.

  6. It took a couple of weeks to find charges of negligence for most people. Look at Joan Rivers. You would expect an autopsy to reveal that. Clearly, if you are a senior doctor you cannot commit negligence. Must be nice.

  7. Do they even have a system of law there?
    This is so outrageous, I am surprised that law enforcement authorities haven’t taken over the investigation.
    Are they really going to leave the investigation to an obviously biased civil health institution, when multiple deaths have occurred?

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