FSU Shooter Identified As Lawyer And Former Prosecutor Myron May [Updated]

Myron_May_pic_fullThe Florida State University community is still in shock over the killing of three people and wounding of others on campus. The bar was rocked today with the news that the alleged killer was one of our own, FSU graduate and attorney Myron May. May’s final post on Facebook was the biblical verse, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

May graduated from FSU before going on to get his law degree from Texas Tech University. He served on the law review at Texas Tech. He was shot and killed by campus police during his rampage at the Strozier Library on campus about 12:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Five officers stopped May outside the building.

A former roommate and friend said that she was sent a cryptic message from May that he had sent her a package shortly before the rampage. She has no idea what the package contains.

New reports indicate that May thought that he was being watched or filmed by police. An ex-girlfriend said that May handed her a piece of a car and said it was a camera the police had put in his vehicle. He reportedly was diagnosed with ADHD and was on prescription medications.

She also told police May had been diagnosed with ADHD and was using prescription medication to overcome the condition, according to the police report.

According to his Facebook site, he was a devout Christian who also studied at Gulf Coast State College. He lists his current position as the “In-house Legal Counsel at Taunton Family Children’s Home.”

He was born in Dayton, Ohio, and lived Wewahitchka, Florida.

He reportedly worked as a prosecutor with the State Attorney’s Office in New Mexico .


In one posting, May left the following statement:

Myron May
In-house Legal Counsel at Taunton Family Children’s Home · 190 followers · November 11 at 4:04pm ·
Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. ~ Matthew 10:28

Source: WFTV

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  1. Paul C. Schulte – Thank you for furthering the point.

    Rita Keays – Thank you for suggesting that web site. Disconcerting to say the least.
    On the Myron Mays situation, you are right to point out the overlooked probable possible. However, no one would do that if they did not know how to hide. Guard against making a too early conclusion that could lead to irresolution.
    We seemed to be nearly on the same page however. Hope (suggest) you read my abstract further back on this page.

  2. Paul C. Schulte – Sorry. Here goes.
    Something is amiss here with this shooting incident and the events leading up to it. Simply put, Mr. May’s developing mental illness does not fit with a normal response. Were the wrong drugs used? How was this seen by the doctor there? I lived in several apartments, knowing who drives the rage not the sanity. Any anger should appear there at the apartment. He was driven all right, driven to appear mad.
    I am only asking, driven by what or by whom? And if by whom, the implications could be enormous.
    Could you not agree that if one were to hear actual voices coming out of nowhere, saying so is a Catch 22 of the situation.

    1. madnot – if he is hearing actual voices, he would know where they are coming from. Back in the olden days when I lived in apartments I had noisy neighbors but I knew who was making what noise.

  3. This man was a product of pure mind control. Nuero-linguistic Programming
    He was probably groomed for months to do this. He was a victim of EOSH
    known as a T.I. (targeted individual) The man who shot him was his tormentor
    dressed up as a cop. ADHD is a phony diagnosis.used as an excuse to justify his actions. May he rest in peace.

    check ot Peter Santilli on guerillamedianetwork.

  4. I have read alot about this and l agree that Myron had acute schizophrenia and that he was misdiagnosed. Of course the prescription medications did not help him but probably made it worse. The mental health care system failed him and all you tried to help him, thank you. However, the system should have kept him until he was appropriately diagnosed and stabilized. Myron had alot to contribute to this world and the system failed his safety and it played a role in his death. He left alot of signs that we was not in his right state of mind.

  5. If the message delivered infers that a threat exists for which one has no protection from whatsoever, than the natural response is to destroy the message by attacking the messenger. Mr. May demonstrated his serious mental illness by attempting to destroy what he apparently loved, his beloved FSU and his place in it. There are two origination sources for mental illness. One’s own mind and external inputs. If consideration of external inputs requires acceptance of a message where what should be science fiction could be a nonfiction horror, an irresolvable threat; than conclude what is usually the case, the defective mind is the cause.
    Here in this case, perhaps we should put our heads back in the sand more quickly.

    1. madnot – I have read your comment three times and cannot make sense of it.
      What the heck is the point you are trying to make?

  6. Is it possible that Myron May was a “crack” baby? The children of crack addicted mothers are forgotten when they leave the hospital. Behavioral issues are usually identified in school. By then if a parent doesn’t explain, no one ever knows the reason for the baggage these children carry.

    1. E. Brooks – nice of you to add that note about crack but usually any effects from crack are gone before they enter school. It is not considered a recognized disability in school systems.

  7. Paul I know it is not, that was why I posted about it and mentioned that it appeared to be schizoid behavior.
    Since he is no longer with us no one will ever know the truth about why he did it, absent finding a note from him explaining and laying it all out.

  8. The “DRUGS” are causing more injuries and deaths to people. It is not the guns. BIG PHARMA AND THEIR ENABLERS, OUR CONGRESSIONAL OFFICIALS SHOULD BE CRIMINALLY CHARGED.

  9. Paul – I think you’re right. Either he had another condition in addition to ADHD, or he was misdiagnosed. Either the mental illness led to his actions, or being prescribed medication for a misdiagnosed illness contributed.

    I want to find out what happened.

    And I want our mental health system fixed. Period. Before another mentally ill person pushes someone in front of a train, plows his car through a crowd of pedestrians, attacks someone with an ax, or opens fire. There has still been no progress made in our mental healthy system that I am aware of.

  10. That 2’nd possibility could be only half right if his claim is true. He did not know the enemy, seems to me, nor what they are capable of. Add subliminal to the verbal hate they fed him. Do the math.

  11. Was Mayron May diagnosed with ADHD as an adult? There is a possible strong connection between the medication and the outrageous gunning of innocent lives.
    I’ve witnessed students who were put on medication for ADHD. It usually takes several adjustments in the dosage before getting the right amount for an individuals body. Many doctors over medicate and then start reducing the milligrams, until the patient can function at a “normal” pace.
    On the other hand, Mr. May may have been misdiagnosed with ADHD. He seemed to suffer from symptoms related to Acute Paranoia or Delusional Disorder> It is possible that he was misdiagnosed in the first place and consequently was prescribed the wrong medication, which sent him into his berserk mode.

    1. Gigi – I cannot think of any coorelation between ADHD and murder. There might be a problem with the drugs he was taking. Or he could have been misdiagnosised, since ADHD is a diagnosis of exclusion. You exclude everything else it can be and then ADHD is left. It could be they excluded something they shouldn’t have.

      1. Havent read all the comments but story I heard this am was he had said He was “hearing voices through the walls” among other signs of psychosis. The behavior reported sounds schizoid and he may have been having a psychotic break over the past few weeks. We cn surmise all we want but no one will know ultimately since he is not with us to be diagnosed, if he had a diagnosable condition.

        1. leejcaroll – hearing voices through the wall is not an ADD condition. It is not uncommon for ADD or ADHD persons to have additional psychological issues. However, he is at the age where he could have become schzoid and if no one was really monitoring him (parents, wife, etc) he likely would have gone untreated. Untreated he is a walking time bomb.

  12. Thanks to the Taunton family for opening their home and hearts to Myron during him final troubling days. I’m sure you were a real inspiration. God bless you!

  13. Bill, after all, this is a law-focused blog which concentrates a lot on crime. And anyone with any dealings with crime knows that the obvious interpretation is not necessarily the right one. The whole event just seemed too smooth to me – not even “natural” for a shooter event. Like any crime the priority must be uncovering the truth – the whole truth.

  14. In my own personal opinion, our society appears to have failed the least of these. Namely, the poor, young women,children from broken homes, seniors and vulnerable African-Americans who need more mental health support than others due to systemic racism. I

    I think his financial crisis and mental health status took its toll and the prescription medications caused adverse delusional, paranoia behavior. I hope that Myron is at peace and l am proud of his success in life despite his poor start in life. Myron was a smart individual and sorry that society failed him.

  15. prayerwarriorpsychicnot

    It’s nearly impossible to reason with a prejudiced mind, and most people here simply are prejudiced against the idea that OUR government carries out covert operations on a routine basis. I suppose a few here believe that the government intentionally infected a large number of unsuspecting black men in Alabama back in the 40’s, but that’s about the extent of their knowledge about covert operations. Show them video of an “airliner” gliding into the WTC as though the building was made of butter, and the likely response will be some form of juvenile ad hominen about tin foil hat people.

    They simply don’t know that they don’t know, and are uninterested, incurious, and too lazy to look beyond corporate media propaganda and cheer leading.

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