“The World’s Greatest Lover”: Ohio Lawyer Accused Of Hypnotizing Female Clients To Have Sex With Them

635520224284194052-attorneyThe allegations facing lawyer Michael Fine, 57, are truly bizarre. Police say that Fine convinced clients to let him hypnotize them and then had sex with them while telling them to forget everything but their legal discussions from the office visits.

The case was disclosed when the Lorain County Bar Association filed an emergency court motion to suspend Fine from further practice. The filing describes how one alleged victim experienced “strange memories and feelings” after her meetings with Fine. She told investigators that “She would be unable to recall substantial portions of the meetings, and afterwards she would realize her clothes and bra were out of place and moved, and her vagina was wet.”

Fine allegedly told the women that this was a meditation and relaxation technique that was beneficial for clients.

The woman then agreed to record two telephone conversations and that in one conversation “when Fine learn[ed] she is alone, he place[ed] her in a trance” and proceeded to “induce[] her into multiple orgasms.” Investigators say that he used code words and told her that she was “being made love to by the world’s greatest lover” and that he was her “teacher.” She was then told to forget everything but their case discussion. After two such allegedly incriminating telephone conversations, police wired the woman and she went to the office. Fine allegedly told her to bring a sex toy. The police reportedly stormed into the office after Fine hypnotized “Jane Doe” and began physical contact.

The account supplied by the Bar is quite explicit. The women complained of a sense of a loss of time and memory when they visited Fine. One of the women then discovered that Fine was no longer working for the firm and reached out to a former partner, identified as Joel Fritz, who advised her to go to the police.

To say the least, this makes for an extremely bizarre and disturbing case. Such sex contact could be charged as rape and other crimes. There is also the question of the liability for the former law firm and the reason for his cessation with the firm. If the firm had knowledge of possible criminal or grossly unethical conduct, the issue could become whether they had a duty to report to either the police or at a minimum the clients. There is no information on any knowledge by the firm and clearly this is the type of alleged conduct that a culprit would keep secret. There is no allegations made against the firm or any of its partners.

The case could also lead to a trial contest over the true control exercised by hypnotism and a defense of consensual relations (which would still leave serious ethical issues).

The motion can be read HERE.


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  1. Karen, one of the first things I learned in school (for my certification in hypnotherapy) was to assure the client I do not take control of them, they are in control and if they need to come up out of trance they can do so.
    People like Paul ignore context all the time so doing so in this thread doe snot surprise me.

    Paul I answered and so too did Drsigne You don’t like that answer so you continue to question me about it as though I had answered. It is a typical politician tactic, more so of the repubs then dems, and we have seen this repeatedly, repeat a lie enough times it then becomes the truth. Keep asking the same question despite it being answered more then once because you believe then the readers will think the person being asked is being evasive, .This is a tactic you think works. Sorry it doesn’t. You have been answered. Move along and find another way to distort or ignore what people write. (And I am finshed responding to you. it is a waste of my time, and yours as well.)

    1. leejcaroll – if what you say is correct, then he cannot have had unconsenual sex with them.

  2. Michael H:

    I’ve been shocked and disappointed in all the accusations against Bill Cosby whom I adored as Dr Huxtable. Plus I’ve loved his comedy shows.

    At first, what was troubling was the difficulty proving anything that happened years ago. It’s a common problem in sexual abuse of adults as well as minors, who don’t come forward right away.

    But there are handfuls of women now coming forward with similar stories. What’s the latest # now, 26? Really disturbing allegations . . .

  3. He was having sex in his office with multiple clients, and nobody in the firm heard it or reported it???

    He asked a woman to bring a sex toy, so she did?


    I was wondering if they were drugged, too. It’s hard to believe someone could have sex with someone in a hypnotherapy relaxed state, and they would neither wake up nor remember. It’s my understanding that hypnotherapy does not take control of someone. Just gets them in a very relaxed state where the subconscious is more open to suggestion. I suppose anything is possible. Somehow he managed to prey on these poor women.

  4. leejcaroll
    I agree, I do not think that a hypnotist can gather this level of control, period.
    If the subject is willing, even subconsciously, then they can allow themselves to be manipulated into a kind of a game playing role.
    Hypnotism only assists the subject to do what they want to do in the first place.

  5. I wonder if Consent could be used as a defense by the accused here. Has the court established that being in a hypnotic trance is evidence of incapacity to give consent?

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