Senegal Arrests Five Women Under The Country’s Draconian Anti-Homosexual Law

640px-Coat_of_arms_of_Senegal.svg900px-Flag_of_Senegal.svgWe have been watching with alarm as African nations pass more draconian anti-homosexual laws. Senegal has added its name to his ignoble list. President Yahya Jammeh signed a new law that establishes life imprisonment for some homosexual acts. Jammeh is a vehemently and vocal anti-gay leader who told gays and lesbians in 2008 to leave the country or risk decapitation. Five women have now been arrested as accused lesbians in what human rights groups are calling a national campaign of terror and torture by the police.

The law criminalizes what it calls “aggravated homosexuality,” involving “serial offenders” and people living with HIV or AIDS. The law lumps such “repeat offenders” who engage in homosexual relations with people who engage in homosexual acts with someone who is under 18, disabled or who has been drugged or is under the “authority” of the homosexual. The accused face life in prison.

Amnesty International has charged that people are being tortured by police and forced to confess to homosexual acts or to accuse others of such acts.

Gays couples have reportedly fled the nation.

22 thoughts on “Senegal Arrests Five Women Under The Country’s Draconian Anti-Homosexual Law”

  1. Why are the normal people only in the third world? Why is America, the West, upside down? Abortion, affirmative action, “free stuff” for doing nothing, oh, and I love this one, FREE PEOPLE ARE NOT ALLOWED, BY GOVERNMENT ORDER, TO DISCRIMINATE. Seriously, a landlord can’t rent or sell to whomever he chooses? The first act of freedom is discrimination in every aspect of life. People CAN NEVER BE FREE if they cannot discriminate. I wonder if the groom at the wedding discriminated?

    The government tell us that abnormal is normal. America must elevate and put on a pedestal homosexuality, that which is suicide for the species.

    Why is America upside down?

    There are some real nuts running this country.

  2. Karen S
    Po – I very much hope you are right.
    Yes, Karen, I am right. Gambian people are not known for extremism of any kind, I know, surprising han, when they are mostly Muslims!
    It is another country where the majority (around 92%, as for Senegal) is Muslim, yet whose lives and faith are not defined by shariah law or the calling for it.
    Holding people accountable for the extremism of their leaders is akin to holding American responsible en masse for the horrors of American imperialism (interestingly, when the Islamists militants make that case exactly, we call them terrorists.)

    Prof Turley, would you please correct this post to reflect that it is Gambia we are referring to, not Senegal? They may be the same to most, hell holes lacking indoor toilet, to quote squeek, but it surely matters to me.

  3. Hefner – I guess what you mean is if gay people would just live a miserable life of secrecy and fear, then the homophobe idiots wouldn’t be forced to hurt other gay people.

    Evolution is real, but some people aren’t very evolved.

  4. Well, what Gambia or Senegal whatever won’t have, is a bunch of silly lesbians trying to tell people that their boys should play with dolls, and the girls play with toy soldiers. And, to the extent they have indoor plumbing, there won’t be a bunch of freaky transgenders trying to screw up the public restrooms. And they won’t have 57 options on forms which ask for “Sex.” And they won’t have nasty parades where men walk around with their weenies hanging out sooo they can show off their foreskins. Oh, how will civilization ever survive in Gambia or Senegal whatever???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. So sad. And absurd to lump in homosexuals with pedophile or rapist homosexuals.

    What’s going to happen to those poor women? If decapitation was threatened in 2008, does that mean they will be executed? This is awful. Again, we’re in a situation where we cannot impose our values forcefully on other countries, but can only helplessly watch, and try to negotiate.

  6. By the way, the Gambia is traditionally a very tolerant, open society. Whatever extremes are there, are solely Yahya Jammey’s. So these “laws” do not at all characterize the country, solely the dictator.

  7. Paul, I am living in the US, an American citizen, which does not not negate my being as from another place and all the experiences, baggage and emotional connections inherent to that.
    US is akin to the father, but Senegal will always be Ma.

  8. American homosexuals stirred the cauldron for recognition and now those in unforgiving countries are paying the consequences. Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut.

  9. Ahhhh…! Right story but wrong place. The Gambia is the right place, a small country tucked within Senegal proper, with a dictator, Yahya Jammey in power and going after everyone, allies, opponents and civilians alike. Some doubt his mental health.
    Senegal is a democracy, not a dictatorship, we do not decapitate people, nor do we imprison people for life for being gay.

    1. po – not to press the point too hard, but I thought you were living in the USA.

  10. Well, fair is fair If they are going after males they should go after females.

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