Looting Breaks Out In Ferguson After Grand Jury Refuses Charges Against Wilson

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.45.44 AMScreen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.45.10 AMYesterday, I ran a column discussing the curious sight of rioters and looters demanding “justice” when what they are really describing is mob justice in Ferguson, Missouri. I noted that the evidence did not support the initial claims of the shooting of Michael Brown and that demonstrations are not substitutes for demonstrated evidence in a criminal case. The response, however, to the declination of charges has been precisely what President Obama and the Brown family sought to avoid in their public comments. In perhaps the most symbolic incident, Ferguson Market and Liquor, the store that Michael Brown robbed before he was killed, was looted by people demanding “justice” for Brown.

A security camera captured Brown strong arming the store owner after stealing from the store:

Regardless of how one views the evidence of the shooting, the store owner was clearly strong armed by Brown and did nothing beyond being the victim of a reported crime. However, he now has a ransacked store and is somehow blamed for the killing.

The media filmed as people carted out stolen merchandise out of the store last night:

The discussion of the resulting looting and rioting often seemed a bit too enabling and relativistic. There is no rationale connection between ransacking stores and seeking justice, a point that President Obama made eloquently last night as did the Brown family (though reportedly with the exception of Brown’s stepfather). Indeed, some “meanings” drawn from the incident extended all the way to federalism principles.

While St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch detailed the evidence including testimony from African-American witnesses who refuted accounts of Michael Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, and onlookers Piaget Cranshaw and Tiffany Mitchell. He was not shot in his back and was initially shot in a struggle with Wilson in (or partially in) the police vehicle. Nevertheless, the verdict was denounced by various commentators, including MSNBC contributor Michelle Bernard who called Brown the latest “casualty” of what seems to be nationwide “war on black boys.” Bernard curiously blamed federalism and state rights for part of the problem, saying that people see this case and say “we don’t want to hear about states rights.” She also calls on the Justice Department to “get involved” and “intervene.”

However, the Justice Department has intervened and reportedly also found no basis for charges in the case under civil rights provisions. If those accounts are accurate, the declination of such charges may trigger no violence by those who define justice as not a guaranteed process but a guaranteed punishment.

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  1. zedalis, et al: By engaging the wackos here, you have entered the swamp of right-wing nescience. If you hang around, it will quickly become the slough of despond. Save your sanity and go back to the real world.

    Turley himself is sometimes interesting, although that is getting to be more and more rare, as his extreme case of ODS (Obama derangement syndrome) has distorted his judgment and focus.

  2. Haz,
    Once the usual suspects begin their usual nonsense then it’s the right time to check out. That being said, “closing time” would have been early this morning.

  3. I saw AG earlier today talking about the events yesterday. His choice of words to describe the recent events was very problematic to me, for multiple reasons. Does anyone else saw is disappointed by his reaction?

  4. @NickS

    Plus, do you notice how none of us white klanspeople ever said anything about white people being better than black people, but yet we get accused of it by the tolerant skinny lefties??? That is some of that projection I was talking about the other day. That is the way they think, and they assume we think the same way. Sick. Just sick.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. zedalis is just a dull/normal agitator. I had to supervise Aryan Nation @ Leavenworth Penitentiary. He/she/transgender has not a clue what the Aryan Nation is. We would be served well to ignore this troll. Just a bomb thrower.

    1. Squeeky – calling names is part of the Alinsky pattern. It is important to isolate those they do not agree with.

  6. zedalis…pray tell me how what I just posted is white bigoted trash? Detroit is over 85% African American and improving every day. I do not regret being born here or living here, and attending church in a Hispanic part of town.

    Now tell us all about where you live and how you “immerse” yourself in the community. Oh wait, you don’t think immersion is worthwhile, right? You seem to think you know all about everyone else…tell us about you.

    Those questions are actually rhetorical, since I am done with this website, maybe for a long time, when ever those who hurl charges of bigotry at others appear…but leave out their own locations and experiences, if any.

  7. Inga <<< "I’m talking abou your continuous disparaging references to my heritage…"

    No surprise there, huh? They say Adolf Eichmann had trouble relating to those in normal society, also.

  8. More fat, happy, entitled white bigots spewing white bigot trash. You sure have driven Turleys blog downmarket, it’s like an Aryan Nation Klavern.

  9. I am very grateful that Detroit, among the blackest cites in the US of A, has been peaceful…two non-violent protest appearances, relatively small, at the federal building and on Hart Plaza…which is sort of de rigueur here for whatever objection du jour is being represented. I am rather proud of my city, even with all its warts.

  10. Inga, if you were there and saw exactly what was described to us last night, could you accept the truth? I saw a white guy, stunned because a black guy had hit him in the face with a brick. He’s there, marching with them, and he gets hit in the face with a brick. Al Sharpton called for these protests in other cites. Is it a crime to incite rioting and looting? He should be charged in every state that had riots. Why didn’t the police announce looters will be shot? Paul’s point about Watts is exactly what will happen. Ferguson will be a war zone for years to come. And who pays for it. The taxpayers of Missouri and insurance holders in Missouri. And Sharpton will be out spewing hate where there used to be peace. I didn’t like Fox at all. Megyn Kelly sounded like she was on MSNBC. We watched some shows we had taped. Checking in before going to bed and seeing storied buildings on fire. Cars in lots on fire. Can white people do this too? Is this OK if you “feel” disrespected? Can Mob madness be allowed for white people? No way. We would be shot! So, yes, everyone is not treated equally.

    1. squeeky – you are right, I had not noticed it before, but this is a white majority area (we include Latinos as white) and I do notice fewer drivers at night. And the ones who are driving are much more cautious.

  11. @Inga

    Oh. I confess to Krankenstein. But the other one was about somebody else who is always coming on acting smarmy. You are less smarmy and more confrontational. I sometimes use foreign words and names in my stuff. Like my Scheisskopfen video on youtube. Which was way before I knew you, I truly have no idea what “other references” you are talking about.

    But, this does give me a chance to post one of my pidgin-ish Irish Poems that I did over at ZeroHedge a year or two ago when Merkel threatened the Greeks!


    Frau Merkel sagte, “Ja, dies ist richtig!”
    “Zu packen die Geld vollstandig!”
    “Und besser fur ganzer,
    Als senden die Panzer!”
    “Verpiss Dich! Unser Geld ist sehr wichtig!”

    (You can copy and paste this into Goodle Translate, then hit the speaker button, and you can hear it in German.)

    And here is an English translation:


    Mrs Merkel said, “Yes, this is correct!”
    “To tackle the money completely!”
    “And better for all,
    Than send the tanks
    “Piss off! Our money is very important!”

    Squeeky Fromm, Madchen-Reporter

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  12. I have not seen any other president talking about himself in the third person as he does, god help him grow up before he irreversibly harms everything. When is JT going to give him a taste of reality? when is that lawsuit to start?

  13. people behind him are not listening a word he is saying , they are just there to be on camera

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