Are You Even Listening To Me? Well, Scientifically . . . No

an-experiment-on-a-bird-in-the-air-pump-1768.jpg!BlogNow this is a study that any parent, particularly mothers, can verify with field research. A group of neuroscientists from the Universities of Pittsburgh, California-Berkeley and Harvard, and led by Kyung Hwa Lee have found that pre-teenage and teenage brains actually appear to partially shutdown when hearing criticism from mothers. In the meantime, another set of scientists have discovered a possible way to cut off pain — creating the ultimate possibility for teenagers to hear and feel nothing.

The study of 32 pre-teens and teens (with an average age of 14) included 22 girls. The study examined three areas of the brain associated with processing negative emotion (the limbic system), regulating emotion (the prefrontal cortex), and perspective (temporal and parietal lobes). Not only if the areas with negative emotions show an increase during critical comments from mothers but a reduction in activity in regions involved in emotional control and perspective. There are some questions about the methodology discussed in the article below, but the conclusion seems easily verified by any parent.

If they really want to show the emotional control and perspective readings hit a scientifically immeasurable low, they should monitor the typical husband’s brain while resting on a couch. Yesterday, you could have done dental surgery on me during the Bears-Lions game, though in the end it felt exactly like dental surgery. That is why the other breakthrough on blocking the pain pathway chronic neuropathic pain is so promising for Bears fans this season. The study actually could block pain caused by chemotherapeutic agents and bone cancer, which are very similar in intensity to watching the team this season.

Source: Wired

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