Former Deputy Prosecutor Accused Of Sending Bikini Photo And Texts To Inmate Pleads Guilty

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Matthew-Baumrucker-and-Marriya-Wrightmarriya-wright-1We previously reported HERE the bizarre case of Spokane County Deputy Prosecutor Marriya Wright who was charged with Rendering Criminal Assistance in the First Degree after a relationship she had with a wanted felon. She was alleged to have assisted him escape justice. Yet, after he was located and incarcerated, Marriya continued her correspondence through multiple visits and even provided him a bikini photo of herself. The relationship ultimately cost Marriya her job and led to criminal charges.

Felon Matthew Baumrucker described a “Cinderella Story” of a relationship between a couple from the opposite side of the tracks and the law.

But this Cinderella story did not have a fairytale ending. To avoid being tried by her peers, or more accurately, prosecuted by her peers, Marriya pleaded guilty to Rendering Criminal Assistance.

For review, during the time when Matthew was a fugitive from justice, Spokane Police detectives allege that Marriya and Matthew exchanged over 1,200 text messages during his run from the law. He had an outstanding arrest warrant for drug possession and was wanted for investigation in an assault case.

Documents revealed that during the time that Matthew was wanted, witnesses stated he contacted Marriya asking for help in avoiding arrest. Security video showed two, who investigators believe is Marriya and Matthew, in her red SUV during the time he was wanted by authorities. Records showed she gave Matthew and one of his friends a ride to a trailer in the Spokane Valley. Witnesses told detectives they heard Marriya tell Matthew to “take care of his warrants,” but they say Marriya never made an attempt to turn him over to police according to court documents.

Once authorities located and arrested Matthew, Marriya seemed to not be able to resist staying in touch.

Jail staff became suspicious when Marriya visited Matthew ten times within a month and at one point she furnished him with a photo showing her in a bikini.

These career limiting trysts culminated in a Spokane courtroom where she pleaded guilty. Facing the possibility of jail time, Marriya asked the court to consider her actions in that they were misguided and actually stemmed from her desire to help a fellow person. She stated this was a one-time incident reflecting her belief that Matthew could be rehabilitated.

She informed the court that her faith taught her not to judge people by their appearance, especially those it would seem who have the word “Criminal” tattooed across their forehead.

Her peers recommended one year of probation with no jail time. The court ruled that Marriya should have followed a higher standard of professionalism and sentenced her to probation with sixty hours community service and a fine. Her employment with the county was terminated and there is a strong possibility she will face a disciplinary hearing before the state bar association.

By Darren Smith



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  1. Rick P tried to get her to resign and she refused, so he withdrew the funding. His prerogative and then they called it a crime for him to do that and got the grand jury to indict a baloney sandwich on this one. They did it to Kay Bailey and the Hammer and now Rick.
    There’s another town named Allen that has a DWI convicted court manager and another one who is the warrant clerk with a DWI conviction. It’s like who’s guarding the hen house. lol losers!

  2. The thing is, there’s No Excuse! She clearly knows the difference between right and wrong, or why be a prosecutor. But then again, Austin, Texas gave us DA Rosemary Lehmberg. . . convicted drunk and all around loser who thinks she is above the law and runs the Public Integrity Unit. What’s her excuse?

    1. Msjettexas – Not sure I would want a raging alcoholic running the Public Integrity Unit. This is something the Texas Bar should step into.

  3. Msjet, A woman’s father is the template for all their future relationships w/ men. As DBQ pointed out, the template for this woman was an emotionally abusive father. Not an excuse, but an explanation.

  4. I’m still trying to figure out how this felon got a cell phone, it’s a felony to bring one into a jail.

    They can’t call the woman dumb because she was educated. They can’t say she’s ugly. This would be a good case study for a psychologist. She’s definitely weak minded and most likely a liberal without a cause. lol

  5. “Mirror”, you asked someone to tell you when YOU’RE acting the fool. Only doing you the favor you said you’d appreciate. Don’t say I never did you a favor. Perhaps you’d like to brag some more about how much you two know. I’ll grab the popcorn for some more enjoyable reading, LOL! That was pure gold.

  6. I’d be more than happy to tell anyone when they’re acting the fool. It would be my pleasure. Oh my goodness that made for a good chuckle.

  7. Paul…I get that history, but as the dates I cited show, it is hardly the oldest rivalry. As I said, this is a silly debate. I referred to ASU as a “predecessor” because I am aware of the name change and expansion of curriculum, …and the fact that they didn’t play football until 1899. Others began much earlier in the east of the USA. In the end, just how does it matter?

  8. Let me just suggest just one local rivalry in my neck of the woods that is older than UA and ASU. UA was founded in 1885. University of Michigan was founded in 1817 and Michigan State University was founded in 1855, and began football in 1884…a year before UA existed…let alone began playing football in 1899…when they first played ASU’ predecessor.

    This is a silly debate…I’n fairly certain many eastern schools began rivalries before the western schools. Since I no longer give a rat’s tinker dang about football I couldn’t list 30, but I suspect they are there.

    1. Aridog – it is not ASU predecessor, same school, different name. It started out as the Normal School at Tempe (teacher college), then Arizona State College and finally Arizona State University. Now ASU regularly competes at the largest university in the United States, somewhere around 65k students right now, I think, on 4 campuses.

  9. Of course,I could name 30 off the top of my head. There are other very knowledgeable people here who know me and know that, and they could do the same. Your stupid assertion is not not worthy of my effort, be it even minor.

    We all need people in our lives to tell us when we’re acting a fool. I have those people. You need some, and you REALLY need one now. Now, move along because a certain person w/ a middle school mentality is going to wake up in a couple hours and jump in here. I am not that person who will play a silly game. Your ignorance is showing. The more you belabor this, the more it shows.

    1. Nick – have a rough night sleeping? You are very testy today. However, you are at least right that it is not the oldest. I am not going to give you 20 or 30 older ones. However, it is the oldest rivalry trophy and is so certified by the NCAA. I knew it was the oldest something. 🙂

  10. Paul, You don’t seem to realize, I am a history nut and sports history is one of my favorites. Your assertion is ludicrous, and asking me to prove you wrong is an insult to my vast knowledge on the subject. Just walk away, you’re digging a hole.

    1. Nick – as a history nut and a sports nut you should have no trouble naming 20 off the top of your head. You can do the 30 if you feel you want to crush me. Do give the dates of the rivalry starts though, because we both know the start of the ASU (then Tempe Normal) – UA rivalry. How about I give you until noon MST to finish this minor task?

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