Former Deputy Prosecutor Accused Of Sending Bikini Photo And Texts To Inmate Pleads Guilty

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Matthew-Baumrucker-and-Marriya-Wrightmarriya-wright-1We previously reported HERE the bizarre case of Spokane County Deputy Prosecutor Marriya Wright who was charged with Rendering Criminal Assistance in the First Degree after a relationship she had with a wanted felon. She was alleged to have assisted him escape justice. Yet, after he was located and incarcerated, Marriya continued her correspondence through multiple visits and even provided him a bikini photo of herself. The relationship ultimately cost Marriya her job and led to criminal charges.

Felon Matthew Baumrucker described a “Cinderella Story” of a relationship between a couple from the opposite side of the tracks and the law.

But this Cinderella story did not have a fairytale ending. To avoid being tried by her peers, or more accurately, prosecuted by her peers, Marriya pleaded guilty to Rendering Criminal Assistance.

For review, during the time when Matthew was a fugitive from justice, Spokane Police detectives allege that Marriya and Matthew exchanged over 1,200 text messages during his run from the law. He had an outstanding arrest warrant for drug possession and was wanted for investigation in an assault case.

Documents revealed that during the time that Matthew was wanted, witnesses stated he contacted Marriya asking for help in avoiding arrest. Security video showed two, who investigators believe is Marriya and Matthew, in her red SUV during the time he was wanted by authorities. Records showed she gave Matthew and one of his friends a ride to a trailer in the Spokane Valley. Witnesses told detectives they heard Marriya tell Matthew to “take care of his warrants,” but they say Marriya never made an attempt to turn him over to police according to court documents.

Once authorities located and arrested Matthew, Marriya seemed to not be able to resist staying in touch.

Jail staff became suspicious when Marriya visited Matthew ten times within a month and at one point she furnished him with a photo showing her in a bikini.

These career limiting trysts culminated in a Spokane courtroom where she pleaded guilty. Facing the possibility of jail time, Marriya asked the court to consider her actions in that they were misguided and actually stemmed from her desire to help a fellow person. She stated this was a one-time incident reflecting her belief that Matthew could be rehabilitated.

She informed the court that her faith taught her not to judge people by their appearance, especially those it would seem who have the word “Criminal” tattooed across their forehead.

Her peers recommended one year of probation with no jail time. The court ruled that Marriya should have followed a higher standard of professionalism and sentenced her to probation with sixty hours community service and a fine. Her employment with the county was terminated and there is a strong possibility she will face a disciplinary hearing before the state bar association.

By Darren Smith



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  4. Paul, I’m expressing an option. NEITHER of us are qualified to state the case with any credibility. You may have singled me out for commentary because you are probably too insecure to confront the attorney JMRJ and you don’t know enough about the testimony to refute what the two authors of the articles have stated.

    1. Inga – unlike you, I am always qualified to offer either an option or an opinion. How is that for insecurity. 😉

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  6. That is very strange, I had only heard of a few female teachers before.
    By the way , any lawyer here willing to bring a lawsuit against the “independent” american media for malpractice? Here is another interview from Sharyl Attkinson:

  7. Paul, why are you addressing only me? How about including JMRJ in your comment? How about addressing the authors of the articles in your questioning? Do you think they haven’t read any of those 5000 pages also, or do you think you are the only one who has read any of the testimony?

    1. Inga – I am only addressing you because of the way you continually misstate you case.

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  9. Paul wrote: “I think every prosecutor should be required to give a bikini shot to every person they convict, male or female. A bikini shot of Nancy Grace would be enough to keep you on the straight and narrow for years.”
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  10. JMRJ,
    If this diary is a fake and was used as evidence, a miscarriage of justice has occurred. How can he prove this “diary” wasn’t fabricated out of whole cloth? I hope this gets more attention in the press, it needs a closer look. McColloch should never have been allowed to be on this case in the first place. That he used this “diary” as evidence is truly amazing and very disturbing.

    1. Well, we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of it. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance nothing will. Nobody likes the narrative of the cheating prosecutor.

    2. Inga – it is clear you have not read or probably even dipped your toe into the 5000 pages of testimony of the Grand Jury. There were several ‘witnesses’ who recanted their testimony, a few changed their story, some spoke of being pressed to tell a particular story carried by the mainstream stream press, etc.
      Before you get upset about a diary, you have to realize that it would have been placed in context by the Grand Jury. It appears they were not idiots.

  11. A “strong possibility”that she would face disciplinary action? Any failure for the Bar in such regard is ridiculous. She has to go, permanently. We have to be accountable.

    1. neighbordave – I knew an attorney who dipped into his fiduciary account and only got a year suspension. This woman sent a bikini shot and text msgs

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