Trouble In Whoville: Two Men Caught Stealing Holiday Presents

packagethiefBrandon Ancell, 19, and Brandon Chait, 18, probably thought that the Grinch made it look so easy in Whoville. You just wait for Christmas gifts to arrive at houses and steal them. The problem arises when a neighbor plays the role of Cindy Lou Who with a camera.

thetwobrandons The men are now facing various larceny charges and a really really damaging piece of video evidence. This is not the type of thing that you want to go before a jury at any time of the year.

The men are charged with thefts in Macomb County, a Detroit suburb. As is often case, they followed a UPS truck to snatch presents. Ancell above was captured straight on by the neighbor as he carried a large Macy’s box back to their 2010 Nissan Altima. The man then called 911 to report the thefts. Another neighbor also called the police from another street. That speaks well of the entire neighborhood.

Police say that they found a car filled with stolen items from clothing to cosmetics to a 30-pound bag of dog food. They must have one of those high-maintanence French poodles.

They were released on $5000 personal recognizance bonds.


Source: Smoking Gun

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  1. @RTB . . . . So, I assume that I’m not allowed to have an opinion on white criminals now because I have to apply the racist notion that if they were black, they would be condemned? That’s ridiculous. He cannot assume that I would have a different perceived outcome for black defendants. Ok, let me start over:

    Anything stolen over $1,500 becomes a state felony, a fine up to $10,000 and up to 2 years in jail in our state. If I were a judge, I’d sentence the black/white defendants to community service at a local food bank, a fine, probation and a lecture on how this is going to affect them from securing employment for the next 20 years. And if I see them again, I’ll make sure they become fresh meat for the prisoners next time. In Illinois, residential burglary is a Class 1 felony. Dummies!

    How is that? The fact that I did not apply my opinion to a black defendant, therefore makes me racist, is a Liberal tool used to shut down opinion, if it doesn’t fit their narrative.

  2. The biggest component of white privilege is that when a white commits a criminal act TPTB do not see all white people as being tarred with the criminals brush.

    When whites see news of a white criminal they do not need to get that sinking feeling that respectable black people get when they hear news of a crime committed by a black person since they know that it will further justify the stereotypes of blacks as stupid criminal drug abusers.

    1. Carlyle – there is much in what you say. I remember a student commenting on a major crime being reported and saying she hoped the perpetrator was not black. I cannot remember who the comedian was, but he was saying that blacks would never be equal until they were convicted of white collar crimes. 😉

  3. @Msjettexas . . . Mike has a point. If you don’t make people notice when race doesn’t matter to them, it becomes impossible to make them see their hypocrisy when they insist that race does matter. If you’re honest, you’ll admit that if these criminals had been black, race would be one of the number one factors people would be commenting on to explain their behavior. But since the criminals are white, these same people will insist that race doesn’t matter. Until that practice ends, it will be important to take notice of race when it involves white people engaging in wrongdoing.

  4. @Mike . . . You give ignorance a chance to breathe, instead of suffocate, if you allow words of stupidity to rent space in your head.

  5. I note that msjettexas suggests these particular young men should be sentenced to community service for this first offense of theirs… I wonder if she’d think the same if the young men were of a different skin color – my guess is immediate incarceration would be the cry…

  6. Note, both perps are white trash, this obviously proves that members of the European races are inherently criminal and that is a waste of resources to spend money in any that benefits them like for example education, rather spend money on police courts and (private) prisons to stash them away for a long time, and do likewise to all the other European genetic garbage infesting the US. We need to get the rate of imprisonment of white males up to be comparable to that of black males, start enforcing the drug laws in the respectable suburbs where stock brokers and banlsters hang out.

  7. @Darren Smith: “along with an abandonment of common sense and planning”

    You can’t abandon something you don’t have in the first place.

  8. Hmm, let’s all make sure we take notice of the race of the criminals here the way so many racial conservatives would be doing if they were black. Looks like a pretty clear case of white crime. You know the kind that many claim doesn’t occur.

  9. @Dust Bunny Queen ~ “This will not end well.”

    Hence, the reason for Stand Your Ground law. Just like Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. says;

    “You could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back and take a firearm safety course and handle a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there. You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We’re partners now.”

    I would never shoot someone running away from my home with stolen goods because things can be replaced. However, if you’re in my home or trying to harm my family or myself, you will meet my best crime fighting buddies smith & wesson. Might be why guns sales hit a record high on black Friday. I blame this on liberal tolerance, they just keep lowering the bar on criminal behavior, it’s either a disorder or disease. Responsibility is a bad word to them.

  10. This shows also the tendency for juvenile and young adult offenders to engage in “spree” criminal acts.

    It can often be seen with vandalism where graffiti tags are in multiple series by one or a group of offenders. Thefts can and to a lesser degree assaults happen in this manner.

    These sprees show a mix a two common problems in youth offenders, a focus and adventure in the criminal act, along with an abandonment of common sense and planning (if you can consider crime to be engaged in reasonable terms). Both tend to be quite troubling and lead to a propensity to commit other criminal acts with less resistance. They also raise the victimization levels to sometimes maddening heights.

    From an enforcement point of view it increases significantly the chance these offenders are apprehended and for the prosecution side these sprees provide prosecutors with plenty of leverage during sentencing and prosecution. Some states allow for aggregation of thefts under “scheme plan or designs” to bump the level up to a felony theft by adding the values of the stolen goods to break through the felony threshold. Unfortunately the public suffers a worse outcome from the sprees.

  11. They are out on a mere $5000 bond???. Piffle. That is nothing. I doubt that they will show up for court. Gone with the wind.

    Just like the catch and release program in California. It is a revolving door of criminals caught, released, do another crime, get caught, get released …..rinse and repeat.

    The victims, those who were robbed or assaulted……no one cares about them. People are getting very tired and fed up with the catering to lawlessness. This will not end well.

  12. @BarkinDog ~ Full Definition of MORAL : of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior : ethical.

    So you’re saying that UPS was morally wrong for leaving the package on the doorstep?

    What about the moral turpitude of the two individuals who stole the packages?

    The moral of the story should be that these two thieves should not steal, they did and, got caught red handed. 🙂

  13. There is a moral to this story. Do not send a xmas present by home delivery to anyone by UPS. Send them a gift card by U.S. Mail.

  14. B-Brain: UPS is the world’s largest parcel delivery service. Years ago, if you weren’t home, yes, you had to go to the local distribution center to pick it up. Customers rebelled. Why?

    1. Here in the US, most people have jobs. So the number of “not at homes” was huge; as were the lines at the local distribution center.
    2. The costs to UPS to attempt a re-delivery and then to re-stock the parcel at the center and then to staff pick-up counters were huge. Those costs translated to higher prices to customers.

    So, UPS decided to respond to customer preference and to save tons of money at the same time.

    And that’s how business works.

  15. UPS loves logistics, but not logic. What kind of a delivery service is this, where they just drop your purchases at the doormat? We don’t have this in Belgium (!). What they do here is, they ring a doorbell and if you’re not home, you go collect it somewhere yourself, in person. Imagine that.

  16. They are lucky that they do not live in Texas since they would have been SHOT. It is legal to shoot such crooks, and if they survived, they would do some serious jail time.

  17. Anything stolen over $1,500 becomes a state felony, a fine up to $10,000 and up to 2 years in jail in our state. If I were a judge, I’d sentence them to community service at a local food bank, a fine, probation and a lecture on how this is going to affect them from securing employment for the next 20 years. And if I see them again, I’ll make sure they become fresh meat for the prisoners next time. In Illinois, residential burglary is a Class 1 felony. Dummies!

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