“I Just Recorded It Because It Was Funny”: CTA Seeks Two Men Shown Slapping Around Elderly Man On Subway

6198432_GThe Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is looking for at least two young men who slapped and taunted an elderly man for fun on the blue line this week. The video below is incredibly depressing to watch the sadistic fun of the young men. The person taking the video was identified when he captured his own image in the video. He later told the media that “I don’t know why they did what they did. I just recorded it because it was funny.” You can watch it and determine for yourself how funny it is. If your reaction is like mine, you will be left with a chilling notion of kids who seem to lack any sense of humanity.

imagesThe videographer who calls himself A-T-L did not see anything wrong with enjoying the misery of an old man or two thugs abusing an old man. He even suggested that he had it coming to him: “We didn’t do nothing. We got on the train and he was saying some racial slurs. I don’t know why they did what they did. I just recorded it because it was funny.”

The CTA is asking passengers to help identify the men in the video.

Source: CBS

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  1. Paul C. Schulte – Are you looking for a fight or what? Reread said comments because I won my argument with whom I was speaking to. I said nothing about global warming which I know is a hoax. I just looked through the blog 2 times again and I said nothing about Abortion or any of the other crap because it was the Els DL that said it. 🙂 Have a good night

    1. Happypappies – if I applied it to the wrong person I do apologize. I did not realize that you were in a continual quote of another person. My bad.

      1. Paul C. Schulte That’s okay dear. It’s real bad right now. My brother in law from first marriage came down here to die. He is in intensive care on ventilator. He drove from St Louis and I stayed up with him for 2 days because he was out of his head and I was afraid he would do something foolish, I finally fell asleep this morning at 8:12 and when I woke up at 10:00 he was gone. I waited and waited and got a call he had run off the road going to our “Church” no where near our church and had to talk the Police and good man that stopped to help him into calling an ambulance. 🙁

  2. Okay, I knew right after posting someone would write that. I watched that show on my laptop and only because I was in bed for three weeks with pneumonia and had a difficult time reading. I used to watch TV as well but stopped that some years ago. The only reason I watched was to follow the ‘news’. There was however, not on the left, not on the right, a news show I could stomach. I can live with NPR radio news and an occasional BBC news show. I read the news and use a wide variety of sources and read them in different languages as well. Hobby of mine.

  3. Happypappies, I am a white woman and definitely not a young chick myself and I am tired as well. I am tired reading your comments above but not too tired to answer the questions and the statements in them.

    *No, no LSD in my name. I wouldn’t touch drugs with a ten foot pole.
    *No, I don’t live in Ferguson. I lived for many years in Oakland, Richmond and Berkeley and I DO understand what I’m talking about, dear. I worked in all three cities.
    *The economic downturn of 2008 was a long time ago? I guess it depends on whether you want to remember something from that year or prefer to forget about it.
    *Liberal Senators are to be blamed for the depression in 2008? In your world any calamity is the fault of liberals, no? I mean, it couldn’t possibly be a combination of things caused by both liberals and conservatives?
    *Do I hate the rich? That is what I call a lame question and it is YOU who calls me ‘naive’ and a ‘child’. I don’t hate the rich. I’ve been lucky to belong to the one percenters in this country. Not rich but well off. I worked hard and saved and made good investments. And, nope, I’m not anti-capitalistic.
    *I don’t believe in the success of ‘trickle down economics’. Nobody, even people smarter than you and me, can prove it works. Oh, and I do believe in free enterprise; that is partly why I am financially doing well.
    *You write I didn’t know about Bernie Madoff. I’d happily engage you in a discussion about who he is and what he did. FYI: I do have college education and I’d be happy to put my accomplishments next to yours anytime. English is my fourth language and regardless of that I had a higher GPA than many Americans.
    *I read: lots! I don’t watch TV; scout’s honor! I simply detest TV. So, wrong again, dear.
    *Lastly, you call me victim. Wrong, mam. My tribe taught me: never again will be victims. If I make a mistake I have only myself to blame. As for whining: my motto in life is: Carry on!

    I think I have addressed most if not all of your issues in your comments. Your tone was very unpleasant. You assumed all kinds of things about me from just a few comments. Just to be clear: you showed poor insight and poor manners. I will carry on!

    1. ELs DL – I am poor mannered because I confronted your cavalier attitude regarding the torched victims ““I was lazy and referred to Olly’s link as proof of vile hateful deeds committed by whites on blacks and I should’ve known better it coming from Olly. So, ignore my reference to that link.”

      And you call me rude? That’s okay. I am sick unto death of this issue and everyone on this blog knows it. Now you do too. Don’t call us old people and then expect us to think you are not young “My oh my, the sanctimonious older crowd is out en masse here. Why don’t you all look at the thug culture within the white dominated media, church and political party for a change? Last I checked I found Evangelical pastors, radio personalities, TV pundits, writers etc. calling, among other things for: *the lynching of Pres. Obama
      *the jailing and stoning of gays
      *calling women who support access to birth control sluts
      *considering torturers within the CIA and their contractors patriotic Americans and to continue the use of said torture
      *obliterating the Bay Area or other cities into oblivion because ‘too many liberals’
      *the killing of Jews
      *calling climate change a hoax
      *calling the millions of poor Americans plain lazy

      The list of vileness emanating from the rightwing is long, but, hey, why not pick on just the so-called Democratic voters and the left-wing liberals instead?”

      This is actually mostly a Classically Liberal Blog from what I can see. There are some hard line Conservatives here but not many.

      Just look at this and wonder why I answered you the way I did. Maybe you weren’t feeling well, idk. No one here is sanctimonious although some believe in God like me and I resent the implication that I am a Bible Banger without a brain. Nothing could be further from the truth. What did you expect when you came on like that? Hugs and kisses? You should go over some of the previous material before you make up your mind really imo.

      Oh, did you see Professor Turley’s article through your invective on torture? You might find it interesting since you are so well read.

      You go ahead and carry on it’s most definitely a free country and I would not dream of stopping you. But you surely came across differently than you say you are not saying that you aren’t who you say you are 😉

      1. happypappies – first of all, climate change by humans is a hoax. Second, access to abortion is not access to birth control, it is murder. Third, anyone calling for the lynching of President Obama gets a visit from the Secret Service to see just how serious they are. Fourth, millions of American are lazy (we call them teenagers). I have not heard anyone calling for the killing of Jews except the Black community (Black Muslims). Certainly not Christians.
        I am not familiar with the rest of your rant to answer it. I do not watch any evangelical preachers and if you are Jewish, what are you doing watching them?

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