Poll: Half of Republicans Favor Carbon Limits As Scientists Warn Of “Uninhabitable” Planet

220px-AlfedPalmersmokestacksgopREPUBLICANSA new poll shows broad support for carbon limits, including half of all Republicans. The poll comes out as scientists warn (as reported in the NY Times) that time is running out on climate change and, without decisive action, the world could eventually become uninhabitable for humans. Today, the Pope added his voice to the overwhelming weight of world scientists that time is running out. Likewise, island nations are now demanding action and calling on the world to witness the loss of their very existence to the rising seas.

In the meeting in Lima, scientists are presenting new data showing that the world’s climate is already changing and that we cannot avoid high costs associated with greenhouse gases but that we can still avoid planetary disaster if we commit to new limits without further delay.

I have long been an advocate of carbon limits to address climate change. While I disagree with some of his methods, I have great respect for President Obama in his making climate change a priority of his Administration.

In Lima, reports indicate that there may be no way to prevent the planet’s temperature from rising and a breach of the 3.6 degree threshold appears inevitable. However, they paint a dire picture that we must soon choose between an unpleasant world and an uninhabitable one.

While the GOP is often portrayed as anti-environmental, the Republican base contains many who believe not only in stronger environmental laws but carbon limits to address climate change. In the latest poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and Yale University, six out of ten Americans support regulation of carbon dioxide pollution. More importantly, this figure includes one out of every two Republicans. There is a sharp disconnect between such views and the actions of both parties in Congress in resisting limits and other changes designed to reduce greenhouse gases. Certainly, the GOP is not nearly as monolithic as commentary would often suggest on the issue of environmental protection.

Source: FOX

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  1. Max-1, nobody knows anything about the long-range future of this planet. NOBODY! Without every single country having regulations and holding to them, the pittance more than we have done already, which is greatly, would help no one.

    In CA, we pay a lot of money to have things added to our gas to protect the air. Some of it runs off into lakes, killing all the fish, but we’ll have a law about that next. We all pay for recycle pickup, because they decided that though required, it was our responsibility,me end though trash is theirs. We are stopping free, get it FREE, plastic bags at stores. Bring your own bags, but you can buy them in a pinch and guess where that money goes. So we haven’t really eliminated plastic bags at all.

    We protect wildlife to the point that they get to take our land, even if they were never there before. Now, if you don’t believe in Creation, then you rely on evolution. And assume that won’t happen. Why wouldn’t it? My favorite example is hummingbirds. Hummingbirds beaks have changed to allow the taking of pollen.min South American, hummingbirds have long, curved down beaks,allowing them to retrieve pollen from long, tubular flowers. My CA hummingbirds would die if they were taken there.

    So, if in 100 years our climate is going to evolve differently, nature will evolve to live in it.

    Inga! Went to my first Dollat Store! Walked out with sacks and sacks of stuff, for $34.00, whoopee!

  2. I’ve never posted any pics of my son in law here.Actually I haven’t posted any pics of my kids either here on this blog. I think we’re supposed to not bring in any arguments from other blogs here BTW. My comments are regarding what you post on THIS blog DBQ, it’s always instructive in many different ways.

  3. I love it when we gals exchange recipes! And let’s talk about our thrift finds and collectables too!

  4. I’d be happy to DBQ, but only after you tell us about your lovely house surrounded by fruit trees and bears and your shelves full of jars of preserves. Please tell us what is in every single jar and how long theyve been on your shelves. Now please please that plum jam recipe in detail, minute, excruciating detail, pretty please? 🙂

  5. Oh no…..please …I just couldn’t.

    Why don’t you tell us, once more, all about your daughter the lawyer, daughter in the military and your fabulous grandchildren. Post more photos of your son in law. Plus your idylic afternoons on the patio boat on the lake by your house in Wisconsin. Descriptions of your family genealogy are so fascinating. We all just can’t wait to hear it….yet again. Maybe even an apple kuchen recipe.

  6. It would be sooo exciting to have a recipe for plum jam. In excruciating detail please?

  7. Tut tut, Steg. Careful now, or the people who believe that SUVs caused the glaciers to melt 15,000 years ago will get all up in your knickers.

    And just look how uninhabitable our planet became after that fiasco!

  8. Our carbon footprint is low. We’ve destroyed our coal mining without pursuing clean coal everyone was raving about. China’s pollution is responsible for a huge amount of carbon. How do you make them stop? Only one way, everybody knows it, it’s just the gorilla in the room. Also, India needs to understand the damage their revered animals do. The air in CA is 98% clean. How can anybody live if we can’t have that 2%?

  9. This is a great article and it captures quite well the character of this blog. I won’t post this in every thread but it sure would apply to most:

    “The next time you find yourself reeling from some “outrageous” argument made by someone on the right, it might help to have Francisco’s voice somewhere in the back of your head, saying “There are no evil thoughts except one: the refusal to think.” If you listen to that voice, perhaps some day you’ll join us. Life is a lot more fun when it is not a sin to doubt.”


  10. @ Gigi La Paz

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Climate improvement begins with each individuals social responsibility.

    When those who want to tell us, and pontificate, do not walk the walk, but are more than willing to talk the talk……I just tune them out. Hypocrites. And….I do not believe them, that it is a problem until they start acting like it is a problem.

    I do these things because this is the life I like, and not because some eco nazi or global warming fanatic says I have to or because I think it is a problem.

    We live in a rural area. I harvest the fruit from our trees and make my own jams and pie fillings. I have a garden area with raised beds and tilled land and grow things that I can’t buy in the store locally (like fava beans…nom nom) and dehydrate, freeze or can the extras. (I have a great recipe for spicy garlic red pepper green beans.) We eat the majority of our meals at home and I cook 98% exclusively from scratch. Fresh foods in very little packaging. And once a year we buy directly from the rancher a quarter beef or half lamb. I trade my jams etc to a guy who gives me eggs.

    If I put 1500 miles on my personal car, which is 13 years old, in a year that is phenomenal. We do have other vehicles for work business purposes and which are all way older than my 13 year old vehicle our NEWEST work vehicle is a 1982 GMC 1 ton diesel with a turbo. Very cool looking and runs like a top. The trade off is we are not contributing to global warming by purchasing new cars, new appliances. We use the old ones until they die and because they are low tech, non computerized….we can fix them ourselves.

    Once every other month we go to the big city and buy in bulk and buy our staples like beans,rice etc from those big bins by the pound. I never fly anywhere. The biggest trips we take are once a year to see family about an 800 mile round trip for each. We don’t personally recycle, because there is no place to take recyclables in our area, but we do save those few cans and bottles to give to a local charity that does.

    I buy many of my clothes and household items from thrift stores and antique stores, not because I have to for monetary reasons, but because I like a bargain, retro things and like to support the charities that offer the items. I just bought a Land’s End Sweater that has never been used for $6 and a leather shearling jacket in almost perfect shape for $15. Woo hooo. Plus…I don’t need much of anything anymore and the new stuff is basically crap and shoddy quality. So by buying used items, dishes, clothing, tools etc….I am saving the world because they don’t need to be re-manufactured again. But that isn’t why I do it.

    We built our house to take advantage of passive solar, especially in the winter, and rarely have to turn on our heat except in the coldest of days. We use natural gas and have a wood stove for backup only when the power goes out. We don’t have an air conditioner and use a evaporative cooler in the summer (very low energy use)…..but again rarely because we have trees that shelter us in the afternoon for the summer sun. The sun does move around in the sky and we planned for this.

    The biggest energy use that I have is >…..THIS…..being on the computer and listening to music on ITunes. I don’t have a smart phone. I don’t have cell phone service….just a by the minute plan on a cheapy phone that I’ve had for several years.

    Our eco-carbon footprint is low. And I don’t care because it doesn’t mean doo squat anyway. Just a way to control our lives. So the global warming fanatics can kiss my @ss

    So when the Gores of this world start living in an eco friendly (whatever that means) method…..I might (might) start taking them seriously.

    @Carlyle Moulton

    I was once a hippy although, not dirty or stinking since I have always had good personal hygiene,brush and floss my teeth, wash my hair and keep my clothing clean.

    I grew up and got smart. Some haven’t and never will.

  11. If you sucked ALL of the opportunity for financial gain out of this debate, it would collapse under its own weight.

    1. It was boring and repetitive till DBQ got spirited like I never saw her before and came out from under the bed like a fiery tumbleweed of energy and let us all have it. Cheers to you DBQ 🙂 You did what I always wanted to but something always happened where I had to give it up.

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