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542939_3812264539126_468486008_nI am delighted to announce the addition of another weekend contributors, Cara Gallagher, to our crew. Cara teaches government, politics, and law to high school students at The Latin School of Chicago. She is a wonderful writer will bring a new and fresh perspective to RIL. We have benefited from writers — both as contributors and commenters — from wide social, demographic, and professional spectrum. One of the most interesting aspects of this blog is to see how differently people view the same issues or images. While our discussions are often passionate, we strive to maintain a civil and diverse discussion. I believe Cara will be an exciting new voice as a commentator.

I met Cara while speaking to her classes by Skype on presidential power. I am a graduate from Latin School of Chicago and I was impressed by Cara’s knowledge and analysis of the leading Supreme Court cases. Her students proved to be some of the very best that I have encountered on the high school level. She has a background in both high school teaching as well as media communications that gives her a unique insight on contemporary issues.

Cara began her studies into law and legal education in college at the University of Illinois-Chicago. She has worked as a paralegal during the summers. Since 2010, Cara has spent every summer in programs with Georgetown, Stanford, and Yale Law Schools expanding on her legal education. Cara served as the Senior Education Fellow for C-SPAN in 2013 and spent June of 2013 and 2014 reporting for the network on the U.S. Supreme Court. She’s published several entries on police procedure in CQ Press’ Encyclopedia of the 4th Amendment, and in the fall of 2013 she merged her passions for both education and the law by creating http://www.SupremeBystandr.com. SupremeBystandr is a website and podcast for students, educators, and Supreme Court fans. Cara bleeds Cubbie blue.

100px-Chicago_Cubs_Logo_svgI know, many will note that this is yet another Chicago connection and a Cubbie on the blog. While I readily admit a Chicago bias, I truly did not know Cara’s baseball affinity until she sent me her bio for posting. Honestly. She could have been . . . gulp . . . a White Sox fan.

Welcome again Cara and thanks for joining our weekend contributors.

26 thoughts on “Welcome Cara Gallagher”

  1. Cara, one thing everybody knows is that there is a glut of civil, thoughtful, well reasoned writing in the blogsphere. What we need is few facts, even less data, and lots and lots of emotion. Sarcasm, too. Lots of sarcasm is good. And always ascribe the worst possible motives to those who may disagree with you.

    Or maybe I have all of that backwards. You’ll figure it out.


  2. Cara, looking forward to your weekend contributions, especially reporting about the SCOTUS. Glad you’ve decided to join the weekend crew.

  3. Chuck – there is difference between trolls and people who disagree with you, you seem to have forgotten the difference.

  4. This blog needed some female balance. Paralegals are unsung heroes in the law culture. I have worked w/ many, and often prefer working w/ them to the attorney on the case. As I PI, I need info from my client. Some attorneys just aren’t team players and have a hard time providing the info they have that I need. Some just don’t know the file as well as the paralegal. I like drinking w/ paralegals and telling attorney stories. We have many!

  5. Congratulations Cara! . . . I’d give my two front teeth to be a writer in this blog. I love law and history. I look forward to reading your posts.This blog is truly Turley. 🙂

  6. I used to have my name up on a wall at the Latin School of Chicago…Go Cubs! Dis is da place to express your ideas Cara. Welcome.

  7. Cara,
    From one Celt to another, céad míle fáilte.

    Be careful to not step on any trolls. Like dog poop, they are really hard to get off your shoe.

  8. Cara Gallagher,

    Welcome aboard!

    Really, I’m feeling a bit healthier lately and I’m less into defending my position and am instead attacking, demanding and claiming my position.

    Cara, I just hope you’re not the Drone they are looking for. We’ll all soon find out

    Good Day, Oky1.

  9. A writer……from Chicago? I shall then expect to read a brilliant villanelle about a liberal gynecologist who thinks Chicago should be razed for fields of wild garlic, and I want that on my desk by Christmas!

  10. We are very glad to have you here Cara. We look forward to your posts and insights. You come highly recommended.

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