Police In Turkey Arrest Journalists And A Newspaper Editor After A Nationwide Crackdown

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Flag of TurkeyWe have written HERE and HERE of the continuing effort by the Erdogan Government of Turkey in attacking opposition by heavy handed actions against journalists and media critical of the government and President Erdogan. In another sign of the descent into suppression of opposing views the Turkish government ordered its police forces to raid the newspapers and publications deemed to have links to a rival of the President

Those arrested across thirteen cities today are those supportive of Fethullah Gülen, a US based Cleric.

Fethullah Gülen
Fethullah Gülen

The arrest of Ekrem Dumanli the editor in chief of Zaman daily in Istanbul was broadcast on national television. Hundreds gathered outside Zaman’s headquarters shouting, “Free press cannot be silenced.

The Erdogan Government accused Gülen and his followers of plotting to bring down the government claiming it is behind allegations that it caused the resignation of four cabinet ministers. Gulen is living in exile in Pennsylvania. The Turkish government is seeking his extradition.

Of course, the state run news medium Anadolu Agency seems to be spared the crackdowns. It dutifully reported that arrest warrants were issued against thirty two persons linked to Gulen’s movement and twenty four individuals were detained throughout Turkey.

They further claimed the arrests were made of those suspected of “using intimidation and threats” in an attempt to seize control of the state.

The situation seems to be worsening for journalists in our NATO ally.

By Darren Smith


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8 thoughts on “Police In Turkey Arrest Journalists And A Newspaper Editor After A Nationwide Crackdown”

  1. Turkey is not to be trusted! They are like the Saudi’s, they smile at you, but turn your back on them, or they’ll stab you.

  2. There is something about the Erdogan guy (or however ya spull his name) that I do not like. Jeso, look at him. Snake on two legs. We dogs hate snakes but we also say Four Legs Good, Two Legs Baaaaad! This guy is a snake on two legs who is taking Turkey down to hell.

  3. Obama is trying to appease Turkey. They were a good ally and a sorta normal Muslim country for decades. But, Erdogan has taken Turkey over to the dark side.

  4. Turkey used to be a marginal democracy (meaning that they tried and did pretty well for a Muslim country).

    They are now firmly on the road to a dictatorship.

    I used to disagree with the EYU’s reluctance to let Turkey into the club (Germans (where I have family) argued that Turks aren’t Europeans and therefore do not belong in the EU).

    Turns out that the Germans were right – the Turkish veneer of democracy is only skin deep.

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