IMG_1782I did my morning hike on the Billy Goat Trail this morning and I was a bit sluggish in the 29 degree temperature at dawn. I was beginning to think that it would have been better to stay at home (particularly when I broke though an ice pond and soaked a leg) when I spotted a beaver. I have had a record of beaver sighting this winter and this big boy walked right in front of me between the river and a pond. It also seems that a great hike always offers a prize and that was my reward.

I watched the beaver as he slowly meandered to the pond. As I got closer, he went into the pond and disappeared under a log.





I hope our readers will have a chance to get out this weekend. It is going to be quite nice in Washington in the upper 40s and even lower 50s. If an over-worked beaver and get up at dawn, we can all find a chance to go for a walk and run outside even in those colder locales.

Here are a few pictures from this dawn on the Billy Goat.









12 thoughts on “MORNING ON THE BILLY GOAT”

  1. I love the quiet of the dawn. If its 50 degrees or lower, you’ll find me with a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a rosary in the other…all alone with my Lord.

  2. Professor Turley,

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    I’m askin ya, where the hell did all these American Hatin Commie Nazis come from???

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  3. Nick,
    The atmosphere at college games is something to experience. I used to go to Badger games with my sister and will never forget watching the fans crowd surf a woman to the top of the stands and toss it over the side; only then did we realize it was a blowup doll. 😉

    I would love to go to the Army/Navy game. The way they join and sing the alma maters is so special. These young men and women at the academies are truly honorable.

  4. I do enjoy the pictures of your hikes, but dawn is a little bit early for me. Even the dog isn’t up at dawn. 🙂

  5. Olly, My old man was in the Navy during The Big One. We had the honor to attend a game @ JFK Stadium in Philly back in the 70’s when I was in college. We also went to West Point to see a game there. Both games were just a bit different than the many college games I attended. There’s just more respect. I highly recommend John Feinstein’s book, A Civil War: Army v Navy.

  6. While I enjoy hikes in nature, I also love urban walks. Chicago is a great city for walking, as are NYC, Boston, SF, San Diego, Seattle, Santa Fe, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam[too many bikers however], and many more cities. I’ve walked many miles, people/architecture watching as I walk. That said, I loved Puerto Vallarta for 10 days, but the exhaust fumes were a big distraction. We have done very well w/ auto exhaust in this country. Just watch old TV shows like the Rockford Files. You could see the oppressive LA haze in almost every show. The zealots want us out of cars and on choo choo trains. But, in the last 50 years, we have made great strides. I don’t see countries like Mexico, China, Russia, India, etc getting anywhere near we are in a LONG time.

  7. I saw a large beaver at the C&O canal path near the Falls, it was sitting on top of a long stone wall about 20 feet high [no, the wall, not the beaver]. I once spotted otters and also beavers cruising in the little retaining pond between the Nutley Rd West and the west side of the Vienna Va Metro station. Surprised the Vienna cops didnt arrest them.

  8. If the Corp of Engineers would observe beavers we would all be better off.
    Leave it to the beavers.

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