Hacker Group Anonymous Reportedly Seeks To Release Film “The Interview” If Sony Declines To Do So

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Anonymous_at_Scientology_in_Los_AngelesHacktivism seems to be taking place in the aftermath of Sony declining to release The Interview. The Interview portrays a comic plot to assassinate North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. The decision follows a security breach where afterward extortionists attempted to induce Sony to halt distribution of the film. Many regarded this decision to be a surrender of free speech rights.

According to Uproxx Movies’ website, a twitter account allegedly linked to the hacker group Anonymous announced its interest in illegally distributing the film if Sony elected to do so.

Some of the Tweets attributed to one of Anonymous’ numerous twitter accounts included the following: (contains strong language)

About the @SonyPictures hack by North Korea, well let’s just say that— Oh hold on, popcorn’s ready.

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

Okay, for real though. @SonyPictures is a little bitch for giving in so easily. Then again, what do you expect from Sony other than that?

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

You’re gonna let Kim Junk Uno and his minions boss you, a multimillion dollar corporation responsible for billions of dollars in revenue?

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

Come on @Sony, where’s your game?…

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

Seriously @Sony we warned you. We infiltrated your systems long before North Korea. We thought you’d take it as a warning and fix your shit.

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

If North Korea can do this to Sony, a “credible” and “legitimate” conglomerate, who’s to say they can’t do it to their next major target?

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

Why are people asking us to leak the movie?

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

We’re saving it as a Christmas present for you.. #winkwink

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

We’re not with either side, we just want to watch the movie too…and soon you too will be joining us. Sorry, @SonyPictures.

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

First, The Interview. Now @ParamountPics is pulling Team America after North Korean threats. Are we really that weak? #holyshit

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

Banning movies only because North Korea’s dictator disapproves.

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

What’s next, @RedDawnFilm?!

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014

Operation RIP North Korea, engaged. #OpRIPNK

— TheAnonMessage (@TheAnonMessage) December 19, 2014


Your author attempted to verify these tweets however as of 22:09 GMT on December 21 the Twitter account is suspended.

By Darren Smith


Uproxx Movies via Slashdot.

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26 thoughts on “Hacker Group Anonymous Reportedly Seeks To Release Film “The Interview” If Sony Declines To Do So”

  1. Interesting that there are no comments on US movie theatre’s pulling the movie. This is more about them then just Sony. Just the threat of a possible hack has them turning tail and giving in to terrorism. While we Americans like to say we don’t negotiate with terrorists that is as a country – apparently does not apply if there is profit motive on the line.

    If the movie theaters show the movie I’d go see it just to show the terrorists they didn’t win. Would hope others here would do the same.

    Btw – questioning whether North Korea has the capability for this type of hack is China doing the dirty work?

  2. Sony, Sony, bo bony
    Banana fanna fo mone
    fee fi blow mobee

    If the first two letters are ever the same
    ya drop them both and say the name like ….

    I had a Sony tv which was a piece of junk. It cost too much and it is in the trash. I would never go to a Sony theatre. I am not interested in a movie about the cigar smoking midget. Nuff said.

  3. Jonathan, I am not sure how I got on your email list, but I have.  You have some rather interesting articles and at some point I would like to visit with your further. I had a radio and television show for many years out of Austin, Texas but I have since moved to Florida.  I will be starting my radio program again the 5th of January.   If you wish to visit please do not hesitate to call.    Laurie Bartlett, MS HRMEmerald Coast Mornings 512-584-4589

  4. Forget NK. My money’s on China orchestrating this whole thing in order to real-world test its ability to steal data and then corrupt hardware. Think about US electric grids and power, and military of course. This is about more than a stupid movie and free speech, though the latter is equally important.

    Sony’s CEO also whines about distributors as if Sony can’t simply post it. I think Sony is capable of setting up a website. Or lease space on squarespace, Vimeo, or YouTube then post it.

    Really, Sony still wants a profit out of this, which is why the film has yet to be released. Meanwhile the film is shelved (making no money) and Sony is ruining its brand in a historical context.

  5. Terry McAualay is a very good NFL referee. Terry is a retired NSA computer programmer. Just a little trivia I learned today.

  6. Nobody got upset about the George W Bush movie. I never saw it, but think it was either about his death or assassination. I’m sure some of the haters know. What is Korea threatening to do? If they did something serious, we could blow him up.

  7. rafflaw said … (perhaps tongue in cheek)…

    Sony is getting so much free publicity that they are stupid if they don’t release it asap!

    That occurred to me … but they still have a venue problem.

    Maybe pay per view cable or satellite?

  8. We have two old enemies of the United States involved here. Sony is a Japanese corporation and outfit. Sony is the aftermath of WWII. North Korea is the same regime and enema of the Korean War. Sony ought to show a movie about the Rape of Nanking. Americans should boycott Sony.

  9. It is interesting that there is so much outrage about the foreign hack on Sony yet no comparison is made to the identical hacking done by the NSA et.al. on everyone and everything all the time.

  10. It would be great if Turley could look into this and expose it for the truth or if the accusations are false. Needs to be looked into.

  11. I saw the pictures of the officer that did the shooting bragging about being a member of the KKK, along with the former Chief of Police and the current one. Hacktivists hacked into the KKK membership pages as well. They have since been scrubbed. Their pictures were removed. from FB and from the KKK membership website. I do not know much about the KKK, just saw the pictures of folks positng their pics proudly displaying their membership.

  12. Anonymous hacked into the Face Book of the KKK in Ferguson and found many police in that town to be members of the KKK. Why has this escpaed being publicized?

    The Klu Klux Klan has a Facebook page…..???? Huh??

    I know nothing about the KKK, but I would assume it to be like AA in that they don’t advertise their membership. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of those pointy white hoods?

  13. Obama stated in his presser on Friday “I wish Sony had contacted me.” Well, the Sony CEO did call and spoke w/ Rasputin, err Valerie Jarrett. Many complain about her influence. We see the ramifications here, quite clearly.

  14. Why did they not use a fictious name and country? Perhaps they wanted this publicity.
    Also. Anonymous hacked into the Face Book of the KKK in Ferguson and found many police in that town to be members of the KKK. Why has this escpaed being publicized?

  15. What if they’d made a movie about assassinating Netanyahu? Would that be allowed?

    1. It is not about being allowed, ….it is about whether it would sell? The only questionable “film making” that I can actually recall were so called snuff films.
      These should be the benchmark, not radical political comedy.

      …But you do have a point as to where the line is drawn when outside influences would obviously become an issue threatening free speech. But then North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is more in a league with bin Laden then with any other contentious leader from any other country in the world.

  16. ANONYMOUS IS OUT OF CHARACTER. They should be working to hack back at the tyranny and terrorism out of North Korea instead. SONY, on their part, should send smart phones into North Korea for the people and let Anonymous start communications among these horribly suppressed people.

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