Oklahoma Teacher Fired Piling 11 Middle Schoolers Into Car Including Two In Trunk For Snack Run

n-HEATHER-largeMiddle school teacher and varsity cheer coach Heather Cagle was fired Wednesday night in a rather bizarre controversy. Cagle was fired after she admitted that she drove 11 yearbook students to Walmart for a snack, including two put into a locked trunk of her Honda Accord.

It turns out the the school and Target have connecting parking lots so it does not appear that she went on the road. However, a camera shows the group taking five minutes to find a way to fit in the car including seven in the back with some lying on the floorboard and two in the trunk. It was all voluntary but someone told a parent who complained to the school. The school attorney called the action “mental abuse” while her lawyer insisted that she only violated the seat belt law. I was not sure that the latter defense was entirely accurate. However, it does appear that the only restriction is that there must be seat belts for all occupants in a vehicle.

Students and teachers rallied in support of Cagle who admitted that she had made a “terrible mistake” but that did not spare her from getting the boot with a 4-1 vote for termination. These were 12-year old children and the board clearly viewed her was grossly negligent in facilitating such trip. It is a shame because she appears to be a popular and successful teacher who probably viewed this as harmless fun. She was after all basically driving around a parking lot. However, there truly could have been a horrific accident if someone hit the car. With even elves showing up drunk at stores like Target, there is a real risk to the children.

Source: Fox

32 thoughts on “Oklahoma Teacher Fired Piling 11 Middle Schoolers Into Car Including Two In Trunk For Snack Run”

  1. Another example of vacuous people resorting to the ‘zero tolerance’ rule; kind of reminds one of fascists and dictators. Where are the people in high places who make rational judgement calls. She should have been reprimanded, perhaps a month’s suspension without pay. The example would have been set well enough. This does more harm than good.

  2. William,
    This is why we need hoverboards. Give each of the kids a hoverboard and tow rope. Problem solved no one goes in the trunk. If it’s good enough for Marty, it’s good enough for my kids.

  3. William, You can call those 800 numbers you see on late night TV. You know, the attorneys suing over transvaginal mesh problems. When you get one on the phone, have one of those loud can blow horns and thank them w/ a healthy blast.

  4. Well if it this is going to turn into a scandal, we need to give it a proper name. I propose Lift-Gate.

  5. Haven’t people here ridden in the trunk of cars sneaking into drive in theatres??

  6. This is one of million examples of the lawyerization of our culture. A travesty. We have MANY more travesties since attorneys became way too powerful. Time to thin the heard. Close down law schools for a couple years.

  7. Probably better that someone who will put kids in the trunk of a car isn’t involved with their education.

  8. I view the termination as too great a penalty. The “mental abuse” claim by the school’s attorney is incredulous.

    1. Darren – speaking from experience, those kids in the trunk had a great time. 🙂

  9. Very sad. If I was dumped for every dumb thing I have done without malice… well… who knows. She should be yelled at and that should be the end of it. Cripes…

  10. Shame. Can’t they just give her a reprimand? She already knows in retrospect that it was a dumb thing to do.

  11. The school went way overboard. She should not have been fired. She sounds like an excellent teacher whose students love her. I bet there will be a lot of sad faces at that school and the kids will feel guilty that they got the teacher fired. They didn’t, but they may feel that way and this firing may harm them.

  12. As a former teacher who has gone on both official and unofficial field trips with my students, I can see exactly how she got into this situation. I know they are all bent out of shape about the seat belt thing, but the school buses do not have seat belts.

  13. Oh my! Why didn’t they just walk as it was so close? It doesn’t seem there are any winners here 🙁

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