Natural Self-Selection: New Year Brings Arrests Of The Criminally Challenged

170px-Charles_DarwinPrisonCellIf Darwin wanted proof of natural self-selection, he would would need to look no further than Darwin, Australia where two men broke into the restaurant and loaded up a wheelie trashcan with 151 bottles of booze and eight cases of beer. However, the men aged 33 and 44 decided to stop and have a few for the road. Police later found one of the men passed out in front of the store with empty bottles scattered around him. The other man was not hard to find: he left his backpack with his ID card inside the store. They have competition in any race for the bottom of the criminal evolutionary scale this week with two master criminals of our own.

Amber Campbell, 25, and John Arwood, 31, (shown here) show the perils of combining drug use with burglaries. The two called police after breaking into the Marine and Environmental Science Center at Daytona State College, Florida to say that they were trapped inside a closest for two days. When the police arrived, they found that the door was actually unlocked.

They were immediately arrested but jail in this case was an improvement given the conditions of the closet after two days of smoking meth and crack cocaine inside the closet.

These are four people who may have some obvious New Year’s resolutions to make.

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  1. The sad thing is how true it is. The U.S. birth rate is less than 3 children per couple, and 3 is needed. One to replace each of you and a spare. Lots of one child couples. In countries still in the dark ages they produce lots of children, but they kill lots of people. Since we stopped increasing welfare checks with each new child things in the Low IQ are slowing down. I’m always surprised when I hear reasons for deciding not to have children. College costs? Then the condition of the world. Two careers going really well and neither wants to quit. Sad, especially because we should be educating a lot more. I’m not an “everyone must go to college” I did, but I could have done as well without college. I’m a big reader and have probably learned far more now than when in school. But I didn’t need those things in my work.

    I’ve seen kids take a year off between high school and college and make good decisions about what they want to do. Often trade school is the place to be. Computer people are needed and if they start with that goal they’ll do better. You can learn so many things on TV, in a much more comfortable way.

    But we still need writers, actors, instrument players, etc., the things that bring so much pleasure. The most important activity is reading. People who don’t read several hours a week don’t read ballot measures, or directions or use of dangerous products.

    So that’s my life insight for today, approved by my husband, who was a nuclear physics guy and does calculas for fun.

  2. issac

    The tattoo will be ruined when she gets a ‘blowhole’ installed. I predict that we will hear from her again when she cleans up and ends up suing someone for discriminating against her based on her $ tattoo.

    lmao Issac.

    That is without a doubt the funniest thing and the most spontaneous I have heard yet. Modern day Johnny Carson. btw I agree w DBQ and labels are in the way. 😉

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