Christie Jumps Into Hot Water Over Appearance At Cowboys Game

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It was the climax of a great Lions-Cowboys game when, after the last minute win of the Cowboys, the camera showed the owner’s box as Jerry Jones was jumping up and down hugging folks. There was a familiar figure jumping up and down to get in on the hug with Jones. Like many people, however, I stopped and turned and asked “is that Chris Christie?” It turns out that there is only one Christie and he was in the box that night. How he got there is now raising ethical and legal questions.

First, to Christie’s credit, he has always admitted that he is a Cowboys fan as opposed to taking the predictable and popular route of choosing either the Jets or the Giants. Many in fact have pointed to his honestly as a distinction to Hillary Clinton who suddenly declared that she was a Yankees fan after deciding to run for office in New York. I like the fact that Christie keeps his teams separate from his politics. He is a Cowboys fan and if voters cannot deal with that then, to use the New Jersey vernacular, fuhgeddaboudit.

Now for the more serious question. Christie was flown to Texas, entertained and given unbelievable seats all at Jones’ expense. Christie insists that such gifts are permitted under New Jersey law because the state’s Code of Conduct says that governors “may accept gifts, favors, services, gratuities, meals, lodging or travel expenses from relatives or personal friends that are paid for with personal funds.”

A fair point to be sure. However, Jones is not just any friend. The governor of New York, along with the governor of New Jersey, controls the Port Authority. Jones has a stake in Legends Hospitality, a company which has been given a license to run an observation deck atop One World Trade Center operated by the Port Authority. The company’s One World Trade Center deal is expected to produce $875 million in revenue over 15 years for the Port Authority.

Frankly, it is not clear how serious this issue will prove. Jones does not appear to have been involved in the negotiations with the Port Authority for the observation deck contract. However, his family is referenced as a “significant” investor benefiting from the deal.

In addition to the luxury air travel and accommodations, the tickets alone for the seats were worth thousands of dollars — if they were for sale. At a critical game like this one, all tickets were at a premium.

The state law in my view gives Christie the edge. It is clearly written to allow governors to accept gifts from friends and I expect that this trip would not be seen as a direct violation even if it is viewed as violating the spirit of the law.

The separate question is whether there will be political impact like Howard Dean’s famous yell. Will Christie’s jump have the same impact as Dean’s yell? At the time, David Letterman said “Here’s what happened: The people of Iowa realized they didn’t want a president with the personality of a hockey dad.” The question is whether voters in the Northeast will want a president with the personality of a . . . well . . . Cowboy dad.”

What do you think?

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  1. From the article, it is my understanding that the only concern is that Jerry Jones, who provided transportation and box seats, also invested in Legends Hospitality, which won a bid to operate a lucrative observation deck on the new WTC building. The Port Authority oversees the WTC, and Christie oversees the Port Authority.

    If the bid was already won prior, could there still be wrongdoing by the seats? If they already won the contract, what are they allegedly trying to buy with the tickets?

    Or am I wrong and the contract has not been awarded yet?

  2. Karen, Did you see Reid talking to the press, explaining how he fell. He looked like Joe Frazier pounded on him for 15 rounds. These weasel pols are SO concerned about image. His doing that presser tells me even more he was drunk and fell.

  3. I always think it’s a good idea to scrutinize any possibility of inappropriate back door deals or favors. If you’re friends with someone who could benefit from your political position, you should recuse yourself from personally dealing with negotiations. I don’t know if Christie did anything wrong. But it won’t hurt to shine the disinfecting light of public scrutiny. For instance when Harry Reid was caught lavishing campaign funds on his granddaughter.

    It’s too bad they can’t completely remove all pork and quid pro quo from DC. Whenever anyone needs a vote, they go from office to office buying it with pork spending.

    There were so many scandals involving the former mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaragosa, involving a long list of luxuries given to the mayor for favors – box office seats, concert tickets, wining and dining. He claimed to be “working”. I think he only worked a half hour every day before jetting off to the perk of the day. I believe he was fined for ethics violations.

  4. DBQ hates Christie for the same reason as trooperyork. Her analysis is good, but her vitriol tends to skew it. I think Christie hugging Obama hurt him w/ many Republicans.

  5. Christy is a weaselly RINO. He will never ever be President. The media wanted to fly his candidacy for the same reasons that it always does. Which is to set up some top Republicans (RINOs) in order to distract and derail some candidates who offer a choice. Instead they trot out Jeb Bush and Chris Christy and other democrat-lite candidates who have zero chance of garnering wide spread support. THEN when they have sufficiently squashed the interest of any other candidates and thoroughly pi$$ed off the Republican base…..the media turns on the Christy types and like a pack of rabid ankle biting chihuahuas bring the Christy RINOs down.

    Plus. I had no idea that Christy was that short. He looks like a weeble wobble or a rotund hobbit. He should not stand next to normal people.

  6. Governor Walker is a potential rival of Christie. He has made a point of saying he will be @ the game sitting in the cold, w/ the real fans. I am not a fan of Walker but that is a smart move.

  7. Hopefully we’ll see Christie in his red sweater crying into his donut box after the game with the Packers.

  8. joan, Christie has attended many games and has always reported it and been upfront. Weasels who accept “gifts” that aren’t reported get outed by the press or other investigative agencies. I sense you are one of the many who are crying in your chardonnay that Bridgegate was a huge bust. Maybe this one will get the fat boy.

  9. I agree that Christie will never be president. He comes across as a Rob Ford-type buffoon. He might as well enjoy all the perks while he can, because they are going to dry up.

    Christie is essential at all the Dallas Cowboys games, as every game he has attended while wearing that red/orange sweater, the Cowboys have won. You can bet Jerry will make sure his good luck charm is there, wearing that sweater, when they play Green Bay. Cuddling up to someone who can help out with multi-million dollar deals just sweetens the pot, but Jerry has to have him there in that sweater to ensure a win — that is, unless Christie’s luck is about to run out and he causes the Cowboys to lose.

  10. How does the gift taking (not the first time, right?) differ from Virginia & the former governor and his wife & their “personal” friend? Was this the first time ever CC attended a Cowboys game courtesy of Mr. Jones? Does CC, for other Cowboys games, buy his own cheap(er) seats? Is the NJ Ethic Code so different from Virginia’s was bef the McDonnells’ actions forced a change in the code? And how often do besties CC & JJ socialize otherwise?

  11. The way to Christie’s heart is a box of doughnuts. With Obama, it’s a box of golf balls.

  12. I guess it’s not a free country anymore, He didn’t spend millions of tax payer dollars to spend the holidays in Hawaii.

  13. A fat guy from Jersey, especially one who speaks turdy turd and a turd, as does Christie, has no chance of national election. That being said, you mentioned Hillary declaring herself a Yankees Fan. I thought she was from Chicago originally. That makes her a traitor to either the Cubs or the White Sox. Particularly the White Sox since they are in the American League with the friggin Yankees.
    And is she is not for da Bears then she can stay in Hell in her handbasket and my half blind guy is not voting for her at the voting booth where I pull the lever.

  14. I do not see a conflict of interest. He has flown his flag for a long time and he flies it high. I am sure if they lost he would be crying, so what is the problem?

  15. Justice, you are living in bizarro world. The media does not destroy Democrats. I’ll insert my own list here: Clinton(s), Kennedy(s), Obama, Holder, Reid, Byrd, Berger, Feinstein, Pelosi, Sharpton, … did I mention Obama?

  16. Like Howard Dean’s yell…. I doubt it. CC is a Republican. Howard Dean’s yell was exuberance over success not excitement over a football game in a luxurious box with a wealthy “friend”. Howard Desn’s yell was acceptable but used by his enemies to paint him I in a strange and unfair light. Howard Dean is a DEMOCRAT, a real one. As a result, the media had to destroy him. Did I mention CC is a Republican. They get away with…….insert your own list here.

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