No Groundhog For You: De Blasio Barred From Holding Zoo Animal After Prior Lethal Drop

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.22.08 AMIt is bad enough that police officers now routinely turn their backs when New York Mayor Bill de Blasio approaches. Now the Staten Island Zoo has declared that neither he (nor any future mayor) will be allowed to hold Staten Island Chuck after he killed the last groundhog.

As the video show below, De Blasio was trying to hold on to Chuck when the groundhog wiggled free. The fall was later the attributed cause of Chuck’s death from internal injuries.

Now the zoo is saying enough. Prior to the De Blasio fumble, the groundhog bit former Mayor Mike Bloomberg (a common response of many to the former mayor). Clearly, groundhogs do not like New York mayors.

Now, no one will be holding Chuck and the groundhog will be allowed to prognosticate on the weather without human intervention.

For De Blasio my prediction is six more weeks of cold shoulders and freezing political winds.

Source: Fox

21 thoughts on “No Groundhog For You: De Blasio Barred From Holding Zoo Animal After Prior Lethal Drop”

  1. How is Barkindog not violating the civility rule, or is the rule only selectively enforced? Or is open lying and racism the norm now on Professor Turley’s blog?

  2. wrx, how you got to denigrating Fox from this story is beyond me. This story is everywhere. If you don’t like Fox, don’t watch it.

  3. Keep that de Blasio guy out of any children’s clinic too. The kids will turn their backs on him.
    Lets try the zoo. Have him walk in front of the chimp cage with a herd of chimps in one cage or stage and see if they turn their backs on him. Then we can decide if the turn the back thing is a chimp thing or a cop thing. Or both.
    Look up his papers from Ellis Island and see where his family migrated from in Italy. If it was Palermo, then I know the family and they are ok. But if he is a Northerner from Milano, and there are de Blasio family there, then be careful and certainly don’t let him handle a groundhog, baby, dog, cat, or police call.

  4. I thought they announced at the time that the groundhog was alright. He should stay away from any public appearance. He’s going to be booed for four years.

  5. You know that now every ground hog father will have to sit his son down and tell him to fear contact with the socialist mayor of NYC.

    Paws Up!

    Rodent lives matter!

  6. You want a prediction about the weather, you’re asking the wrong Phil. I’ll give you a winter prediction: It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.

    Welcome to De Blasio’s NY City.

  7. I don’t think this Mayor will be marching in any Columbus Day parades either. He looks like a one termer. Even the Obama Administration is shunning him.

  8. There is some fruit in the photo with a Brit guard outfit on. Is this some Zoo attire in NYC? The Mayor should be barred from funerals, ground hog day, July 4th and Cannabis Day. He is a known pot smoker. NYC should not have any public zoo. The whole territory is a zoo. Move the UN to Strasbourg or Den Haag. There are too many turban heads and tent heads in NYC and they mostly work at the UN. Nuff said.

  9. Oh my gosh, he killed the groundhog? It’s hard to hold onto a squirming animal with bite-broof gloves. He should have been sitting down, or just left him alone.

  10. NYC union cops have another axe to grind. De Blasio kills innocent Chucky. Cops will turn their backs on this guy in the future.
    Slow down in tickets, arrests, calling in sick, sorry can’t help you, you’re on your own 911 calls.

  11. Am I the least bit surprised that the source for this one sided attack piece on groundhogs is Fox, a longtime traditional enemy of groundhogs everywhere.

    1. SafeLibraries – if the groundhog turns its back on him, his career is over. 😉

  12. Well someone has to pay for the lives of those two police officers. The killer is dead, besides why waste a perfectly good, ready made to measure, locally available yet applicable nation wide, whipping boy.

  13. De Blasio is in for four more years of freezing political winds. Even the animals shudder and try to flee his touch.

    they can sense evil.

  14. Animals are smarter than people. Just goes to show you since a well respected animal gave his life trying to flee the horror he was subjected to.

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