Popular Rapper and YouTuber Films His Trashing A Chicago 7-11 . . . But Remains At Large To Make Additional “Prank” Videos

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 7.28.06 AMThe video below is one of many by a Chicago man who videotaped himself and a friend ransacking a 7-Eleven on the Gold Coast on New Year’s Day and then stealing a coffee pot. It appears part of a series of such “pranks” by rapper who goes by the name VonMar. What is astonishing is that the Chicago police has not gotten around to arrest this guy who is identified, has sites on YouTube, Vine, and Facebook despite videos like this where he and his friend act like complete thugs and torment the store owner and customers.

Ironically, I have been to this 7-Eleven in the past which is not far from Northwestern University Law School.

I am not sure what people find this kind of conduct funny but it shows just how far we have declined as a society. Over 2.2 million people have viewed his latest attack and many love “his work.” His other views also show gleeful destruction including a brawl in a department store. He loves to use his tagline “Put’em in a coffin.”

In this video, VonMar shows his friend jumping on a snack rack and then VonMar taunting the owner by saying “He fell, bro.” He then does the same thing. He then goes behind the register and tries to use it and steals a coffee dispenser on his way out.

The rapper has been identified as Lamar Irving as a self-professed a model, a student at Columbia College, and an alumnus of Kenwood Academy.

On Facebook, he wrote that he is just doing what those people on Jackass are doing: “They were doin the Same EXACT THINGS im doin UNTIL THEY GOT FOUND n Started GETTIN $$$$. Guess WHAT?? im on my WAY.”

Police confirmed officers responded to a call of destruction of property between 6 and 7 a.m. Thursday, but only said that VonMar might be arrested if found. Come again? You have the identity of both men. Certainly you can locate young Irving. Yet, they have not been arrested? This is precisely why we see copycat crimes when the police allow these type of antics to go unpunished and the culprits bask themselves in glory. Other videos show VonMar assaulting people. Yet, these reports end with police saying that he “could” be arrested.

If it is true that Irving is a student at Columbia College, there is also the question of what the school should do with a video showing a student vandalizing a local business. That would seem a legitimate reason to tell Irving to find education elsewhere — preferably after a stint in jail.

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  1. Lonea, anyone committing these crimes should be charged and have a trial. Quit pushing racial division.

  2. It’s just a young black guy trying to have If this was a white kid you guys would say “he’s been raised the wrong way” or other things like that but since he’s black he should just automatically be sent to jail?

  3. Sorry, another question–and I’m not watching that video again. Was he armed? What would have happened if one of the workers confronted him. I know it hypothetical, but that could have been a real possibility, especially if there was an actual store owner involved. I think this is worth asking.

  4. Time for Chicago Police to get this young man’s mind right.

    “You got your mind right Luke?” Cool Hand Luke

  5. Black kids are watching these and making him a hero. They will copy cat, and it will end badly. The kids should be shown what living in jail is like.

  6. Oh, right, he sounds brilliant, videotaping himself committing a crime, and then uploading it, complete with identifying himself.

    WHY hasn’t he been arrested yet?

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