Popular Rapper and YouTuber Films His Trashing A Chicago 7-11 . . . But Remains At Large To Make Additional “Prank” Videos

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 7.28.06 AMThe video below is one of many by a Chicago man who videotaped himself and a friend ransacking a 7-Eleven on the Gold Coast on New Year’s Day and then stealing a coffee pot. It appears part of a series of such “pranks” by rapper who goes by the name VonMar. What is astonishing is that the Chicago police has not gotten around to arrest this guy who is identified, has sites on YouTube, Vine, and Facebook despite videos like this where he and his friend act like complete thugs and torment the store owner and customers.

Ironically, I have been to this 7-Eleven in the past which is not far from Northwestern University Law School.

I am not sure what people find this kind of conduct funny but it shows just how far we have declined as a society. Over 2.2 million people have viewed his latest attack and many love “his work.” His other views also show gleeful destruction including a brawl in a department store. He loves to use his tagline “Put’em in a coffin.”

In this video, VonMar shows his friend jumping on a snack rack and then VonMar taunting the owner by saying “He fell, bro.” He then does the same thing. He then goes behind the register and tries to use it and steals a coffee dispenser on his way out.

The rapper has been identified as Lamar Irving as a self-professed a model, a student at Columbia College, and an alumnus of Kenwood Academy.

On Facebook, he wrote that he is just doing what those people on Jackass are doing: “They were doin the Same EXACT THINGS im doin UNTIL THEY GOT FOUND n Started GETTIN $$$$. Guess WHAT?? im on my WAY.”

Police confirmed officers responded to a call of destruction of property between 6 and 7 a.m. Thursday, but only said that VonMar might be arrested if found. Come again? You have the identity of both men. Certainly you can locate young Irving. Yet, they have not been arrested? This is precisely why we see copycat crimes when the police allow these type of antics to go unpunished and the culprits bask themselves in glory. Other videos show VonMar assaulting people. Yet, these reports end with police saying that he “could” be arrested.

If it is true that Irving is a student at Columbia College, there is also the question of what the school should do with a video showing a student vandalizing a local business. That would seem a legitimate reason to tell Irving to find education elsewhere — preferably after a stint in jail.

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  1. Which political party has been slandered ever since the 1950s for being too “law-n-order’?
    A. Republicans
    B. Democrats (ha ha ha)
    C. Bull Moose
    D. Whigs

  2. Statistics prove, (compiled from the American Association of Statistical Supplements), that vandals are equally distributed among Democrats and Republicans. Another telling statistic illustrates that those politically aligned with vandals almost always disassociate themselves with those very vandals when their activities surface in the media. No data is available regarding reintegration of accused vandals into their original political arena when and if they were proven innocent.

    Other statistics show that the activities of unrelated crimes and disgusting activities are often used as a vehicle to slander entire political parties, up to and including their leaders. This has been attributed to the feelings of diminished credibility of those that slander, typically due to past indiscretions and/or feelings of inadequacy, as explained by leading psychologists and political analysts.

  3. Popular rapper!! where, Never heard of this fool. I guess as of now no one was shot and killed over this. Here you have a guy who obviously raised himself with a Ghetto mentality, steal what you want the hell with working and paying for it. However, this guy dosen’t deserve to get shot down in the streets by cops because he is stupid their job is simply to arrest him and let the courts determine his punishment.

  4. Having lived in the GC for awhile, I, too have also been to that 7-11. Ten years ago, I’m not sure if “trashing it” would have even been possible. Maybe an improvement at times…

  5. “VonMar might be arrested if found.”? As of January 7th, 6 people have been murdered in Chicago, including the cities first double homicide of the year. Maybe CPD is waiting for a store clerk to do their job for them.

  6. Does Obama have a visit coming up? Maybe they are too busy getting ready for that.

  7. It’s just performance art :|. So when someone shoots him [them], they will just have joined in and become a part of the performance…..right?

    He was performing the part of a depraved street thug and the shop owner or concerned citizen was performing the part of a frightened victim protecting himself.

    Don’t you love Kabuki Theater?

  8. It is my opinion that these men could be charged with burglary in addition to the theft, disorderly conduct, and vandalism they are alleged to have committed.

    At the beginning of the video, they are standing outside and declare their intent to cause the illegal ruckus in the 7-11. Once in there they begin their unlawful conduct. The employees revoke these men’s permission to remain in the building. Thereafter, they continue to commit crimes before leaving.

    According to my interpretation of Illinois law, which requires entering with intent to commit a crime, these men appear to have done so from a probable cause standard. The beginning of the video in my opinion satisfies this element. Their permission to remain was revoked and they remained and committed other crimes. Those elements are met.

    This goes beyond just the theft of the coffee pot. I hope the prosecutor there recognizes this.

  9. Well Jim22, I was thinking the same thing. We pretty much know it would have escalated and gotten ugly. The question is, who would the media vilify? Is that enough to qualify as a felony?

  10. ” the extrajudicial conviction and execution on a suburban street

    A thug tries to kill a cop and dies, and they call it ” the extrajudicial conviction and execution.”

    Quit policing.
    Let the barbarians make all their towns into Detroit hell holes.

  11. Ken, do you feel that these should also be capital crimes? The biggest issue in the Michael Brown case isn’t whether he broke the law. It was the extrajudicial conviction and execution on a suburban street. Not sure why you went there, unless you’re just a troll, in which case I simply pity you

  12. The problem is wires are crossed. Wires of legitimate social problems with wires of some individual wanna be lacking in any skills whatsoever other than thuggery. It will take a judge with some balls to put this guy in the slammer for at least five years, terrorism, theft, destruction of private property, etc. Even if there are riots the punk should grow up living a life lesson as someone else’s victim. Maybe ten years with no chance of parole before five. ‘famous as hell’

  13. Advice to cops:
    If They Don’t Want to be Policed, Don’t Police Them

    “If you are of liberal leanings, you can think in terms of cost and benefit. Is an $80 GPS worth a man’s life? Should a rapist die because of ten minutes of bad sex? Ferguson burn over a handful of stolen cigars?

    In black neighborhoods, you should do nothing at all in response to anything. This just shows a decent respect for the desires of the population, who do not like white cops, or any cops. (Chanting “What do we want? Dead cops”, would seem indicative.) Find a good bar or doughnut shop. Stay in it.

    In mixed regions, arrest only middle-class whites over forty-five to avoid profiling. As for the neighborhoods of rich white liberals, they do not need police because they live in gated communities, so you probably will never be assigned there.

    It is simple democracy. In regions that are almost entirely diverse, people do not want to be policed. It is unmistakable. Why force outside cops on them? It leads to chaos, arson, and armored shoe-stores. Should they not be allowed to police themselves as they choose, to the extent they choose, as towns once did? Live and let live. It is the American way.”

  14. A copycat crime similar to what Mike Brown did on video. What next, a copycat crime like the massacre in Paris, France?

  15. I wonder how far this would escalate had a worker or customer stepped up and tried to stop this imbecile.

  16. “there is also the question of what the school should do with a video showing a student vandalizing a local business.”

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Unless or until he is arrested and found guilty. Schools have zero responsibility to do the criminal justice system’s job for it. Unless he’s making threats our damaging school property, let the police and courts figure it our first. It’s exactly how do many schools are choosing equal protection and due process laws with sexual assault accusations.

    Never trusted those Columbia students. The smokers standing out on Michigan avenue always look shifty when I jog past them.

  17. No different than what Obama does with the Constitution.

    They see the President ignores the laws and lives large.
    Why not them?
    They got a cell phone and a pen, too.
    Try and stop Obama, or them.

    I have a conference scheduled for June in Chicago.
    Because of Chicago’s increasingly barbarian outlook, my wife has decided to stay home, and I am leaving as sooner than I would have 10 years ago.
    That’s my last Chicago meeting, unless they can rein the violence in.

  18. Social rewards for hoodlums at the expense of hard working citizens – DISGUSTING.

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