Irish Muslim Leader Warns Any Newspaper From Publishing Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Or Face Blasphemy Charges

FlagbigAli Selim of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland has declared publicly that he will bring legal action against any Irish newspaper or publication that runs the Charlie Hebdo or other similar cartoons featuring Muhammad. As discussed in my Sunday Washington Post column, these laws in Western countries like France have served to emboldened those like Selim in demanding that others confirm to their religious sensibilities. Despite his effort to deter others from speaking in this fashion, Selim insists without any appearance of embarrassment that he is “a great advocate of freedom of expression” . . . so long of course that it is his expression or an expression that does not offend him.

We have previously discussed Ireland’s ignoble status as a Western nation that has dabbled in blasphemy prosecutions. In 1999, the country’s blasphemy law was found to be incompatible with the Constitution’s guarantee of religious equality. Belated but true. However, a new offense was crafted for the “publication or utterance of blasphemous matter.”

The Muslim scholar insisted that he is not threatening the lives of journalists but that he will sue anyone who offends him or other Muslims and that such speech “doesn’t help for peaceful coexistence.” He insisted that he is only using the laws that exist and he may be right. The fault stands with Ireland — just as I criticized France in the column.

Selim noted the parameters for acceptable speech: “You can say love is stronger than hate but you can’t portray the Prophet Mohammed. If the law gives you the right to do it, do it, if the law does not give you the right to do it, then don’t do it.”

Selim likely will anger many in Ireland in such comments but it is the Irish who have to answer for these laws. Selim clearly does not truly believe in the freedom of expression, but it is Ireland that has enabled his ability to silence others. Selim insisted “Definitely if there is a legal action, I will take it. If you want to blame, blame the law.” Once again he is right. Ireland has allied itself with those who would deny the speech of others and this is the result.

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  1. The demonstrations in Paris with so many world leaders out marching against these maniacs, but we didn’t send anyone. Kerry could have been there easily from India. Where’s Joe? Anyway, our President thought the Ambassador was enough. Thousands of Jews are leaving France and going to Israel to feel safe. Meanwhile, Hamas is sending hundreds of missiles at Israel and we say nothing. When will the world say enough? Read the history of the Middle East. All religions lived there peacefully for decades. What’s happening now won’t change until every single person demands it of the people you elect. Demand
    it in the US. Call your President, Senators, Congressman, and demand they work with every country that has seen so much carnage to stop this hideous disgrace to a once peaceful religion. The destruction of so much human history should offend everybody. We do not want to see another child beheaded! A generation or two of children are growing up in madness. Seeing people blown apart, buildings falling on top of you, and losing your entire family. Yes, we have problems here, but they won’t matter if we are all killed by neighbors. They are in every country and they want to kill you and everybody you love. Obama is diminishing our military. It has to stop!

  2. I could never be a terrorist.

    I have my passport, but where to go?

    How many places are enhancing security? I’d hire vets who understand what’s happening.

    The only thing that stopped more people being killed in Paris was guns.

    Why is Obama taking 500 officers out of service? They are probably the most important.

  3. Thank you for the clarifications. Your notes prove that we are truly different than those people in many respects. We should butt out of their world altogether, and remove them from ours if they try to dictate political authority.

  4. Happypappies

    Sorry. The “two failures in a row” meant current and immediately preceding. I’m not even close to linking I and II. The II was always a deer in the headlight to me. The current one? Well….. at least II pretty much kept his course.

    1. Canon for Veterans Ministry – sorry to have misunderstood you. Although I feel Obama is Narcissistic and of Weak Character and I think Bush did a good thing for the Homeless for his legacy, His too big to fail bail out put him in with the Wilsonian Liberals imo. I will never think it’s right to keep these troops overseas for our hegemony’s such as the pipeline to be built in Afghanstan.

      As far as the Muslims go – parts of the Koran are not “Nice” and other parts are Nice. It has a storybook quality. We have them at Church now and again for Study and it’s kind of interesting. I did not know they believed in Jesus and the Virgin Birth. I also did not know that they did not believe in original sin and thought they had to live a good and pure life to remain sinless. I also have 66 friends on Facebook from Pakistan.

      I certainly am no expert on the Koran and would never pretend to be but I was told these things and followed up and they proved to be true on research so for the sake of discussion I thought I would bring this up.

        1. Canon for Veterans Ministry – Wow

          You didn’t read my other comments on the other thread yet I don’t think. You had asked someone to read the Koran and I had already done so. Just then strangely enough. I was trying to find an equivalent to Jeremiah 31-34 and I read the Suras- 31-34 Wow

          I am a forthright person and I say what I think or feel to try to cut to the heart of matters. I had somewhat of a relationship with Po and he was on that thread soooo I said Po no disrespect to you – but I just read these suras 31-34 and I have to agree with the Canon insofar as the mystical drifting tone of your Prophet and I will even go further to say that it sounds like something you might hear on the Tales of Ali Baba or the ramblings of a deluded psycopath. Then I cut and pasted several verses that were choice about what Allah was going to do to you if you did not follow his wishes. I said I did not understand this as we were promised 2700 ago as a people that God Almighty would forgive us our iniquities and remember our sins no more. I said that is carved on my heart and although I respect your right to worship in any way you wish, your religion is not a religion of peace.

          Some of what I read was coherent, Sura 33 about the wives was totally incoherent to me. I said so. It was not well received but it ended everything on that thread.

          First time I actually read it. …..

  5. When I’ve challenged Koran defending people who reference the Bible and its violence, I’ll point out that they are missing a not so subtle fact. The New Testament is the New Covenant (am not debating the Process Theology here) it’s the movement past the old Abrahamic Covenant and ancillary ones.

    The New Testament makes a radical statement in regards to a believer’s relationship with God. It also is very inclusive and inviting of non-believers.

    The Kora, written centuries later, does refer to the Book but does not include the New Testament as part of the Book. We keep hearing of Christianity, Judaism and Islam as being of the Abrahamic line….so can’t we just get along?

    How many in this and similar threads have actually read the Koran? If you haven’t, read it. Lots of places can be scanned over (like the OT begats and listings of kings) but in particular read about the treatment of the recalcitrants. There is a big difference between dusting our feet and the Koranic directed slaughter of the unbeliever who rejects conversion.

    The Koran is not a “nice” document.
    The OT is very difficult in its history of the slaughters.
    The NT. Is VERY different….it has grace

    The out-workings of Christianity has many abhorrent histories. Every enterprise does. But go back to the undergirding documents. Koran calls for blood, a NT “someone” gave his blood and body to stop the blood shedding.

    Islamic radicals are not truly radical in the faith. Timothy McVeigh was in his vision of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

  6. Sorry to be back late to the conversation. And I apologize for my poorly worded post at the top. I actually see these situations as being more complicated, with layers upon layers. France made it easy to load up their country with wackos. It is an incompatible cultural mashup. Could be coming here as we clash with Hispanic values–and don’t marginalize that, all we have to do is to look at history to see how nasty things can get between denominations of Christianity. In the Appalachians, if you make any “perceived sacreligous against Christ, you very well may find yourself a victim of violence. A friend of mine moved to north of Frederick, MD–possibly 45 mi north of our nations capitol–and had her windows broken out for what she could only recon was the “atheist” bumper sticker she had.

    Be clear, I am not defending these people. Jill hits it on the head, these people are “weak” in their religion, and it just serves as name to be the vehicle of their hatred. Plus, a horribly misguided foreign policy assures this type of thing will continue. I guess my point is (since I am more for the willful individualist), if you make inflammatory statements for the heck of it, be fast on the draw. I think this is compatible with an independent, possibly Libertarian ideology. I certainly don’t think there is room in advanced society for “blasphemy laws.” The Irish guy: put it with it or leave. Do something violent and get your butt shot off. And the Irish better deal with that now before they are hip-deep in them like France. This struggle will now have to run a long and bloody course with no near term in site.

    What actually troubles me more is the attack on free speech by our Pres. That is something that we should be really attacking. He alone should not be allowed to control the narrative like he and his cronies have done. We can shoot the wackos, but we are stuck with what we have for a government. We can vote, but for what?

    Anyway, just read what Jill said at 11:57. Makes more sense–and it protects everyone by favoring no one. And I know where you are coming from Gary, but I’ll share a personal challenge–Christ made it clear not to sin in anger, and I am trying hard through much anger directed at these “self-proclaimed defenders of the faith” to be rational about all this right now. It isn’t easy

    I won’t have anymore coffee today.

  7. Karen….the problem with Catholic priest jokes is the same as racial, ethnic, gender, BLONDE, etc jokes, I swore off Polish jokes after seeing several places of horror in the midst of great honor.. I am realizing that even the Paddy or Mic jokes carry much more than a wee bit o humor. It degrades because of a few and taints all with the brush THEN called “its only humor for God’s sake.” Ask the nuns how they feel about the broad stroke brush painting them as the concubines of the rector of bishop. Indeed ask my wife about the effect of the few randy WAVES upon the honorable service of the female officers.

    Keep the tellin o the priest jokes and soon we who wear similar collars are being given the eye. Hugs get suspect, need another womán to iaccompany -not my wife-in order to make the emergent night call at a home.

    Part of the Old Navy poem addressing…intentions honorable, circumstance not so good

    “….tis well thou be acquitted, twouldst have been better hadst thou never been tried.”

    I have a great need to see a good new chief executive after two failures in a row. However, the degrading attributes and abominable ad hominems only serve to put the focus upon the individual who either cannot. or refuses to rise above fray. Bachman and Palin tongues are fodder for the progressives and Sharpton and JJ Jr, just keep truckin along.

    I firmly disagree with the absolute: speech should be met with speech. Burn the bitch down…..firehoses and teargas. It meets the yelling “Fire” in a theater standard of the USSC.

    Of course, take freedom of expression and speech to the other freerer end. Stop blurring carnage pictures. Show the blood, brain clots, lone tendrelled eyeball from the girls half extruded bone shattered face. Let the clothes lay open and expose the guts oozing through the gashes above the pubic genital area and the lone separated tendrelled lower leg still draining blood.

    If this last scene isn’t a speech unto itself, not sure what is. But I am also one who believes that aborted babies should not be off limits to display.

    Im afraid that I’m going to sound akin to the scene in “A Few Good Men”” and handling the truth. No nation can really handle its own truth.

    1. @Canon for Veterans Ministry

      You sound great to me. I am sick to death of people covering up the truth and I find it refreshing that someone refers to Bush and Bush lite in the same category. 😉

  8. In the 50s we made our first move to the west Bay Area from Montana. Kept running into a prevelant strong resentment against Oakies…Grapes of Wrath stuff….invasion from the Dust Bowl…white trash, drawl,.overpopulation of schools etc.. Even though everybody in school was European white. In addition being a Morrissey brought an anti-Irish thing until I said I was an Episcopalian… That stopped the challenge….none of us could spell it. Just good I wasn’t “a Catholic.” Still….., though being Irish had a taint.

    Oh we weren’t the only ones …. just relating a bit of being a non-immigrant but still an immigrant. As a blonde blue eyed lanky male, I could blend even though we were very poor and later snagged an NROTC scholorship.

    My point, before anybody points….imagine being there. I escaped but remember riding past an Indian school in Montana as the wInd blew, 10 below, a broken window, Franklin stove and kids in parkas at their desks. Rage grows in such places…not juse in the desert. I always tried to remember that school and vowed I was not going to end up in that condition .Anything above that level was at least tolerable.

    But if we start really degrading Irish Christians based on Irish terrorist actions, things could easily change.

    When a society starts losing its glu5e, destruction rapidly ensues.Could any of us have imagined next door neighbors killing each other in Yugoslavia?

    Given the “right” circumstances any of us can become terrorists.

    1. Canon for Veterans Ministry – you have to be Irish Catholic to feel the totality of abuse, although I will say that I personally never felt any. My Irish Catholic relatives (older) were constantly telling me stories of abuse both from the Old Country and New Country.

  9. Karen,
    I can’t help but see a similarity with the rise of the administrative state. They also ramp up (nudge); the people do not push back and then score a major action (Patriot Act, ACA) which cements their gains.

  10. Gary T – there are many digs at Christianity that I may not care for, by satirists, comedians, and the rank and file. But I strenuously support their right to free speech. I no more want people banned from making (deserved) Catholic priest jokes than drawing Mohammed or making jokes about the Religion of Peace.

    Free Speech is one of our most treasured, hard won rights. We shouldn’t give an inch at undermining it, and the rest of the West are fools to do so, because it will still not make them beloved to extremists.

    As Professor Turley often says, the response to “bad” speech should be more speech. If anyone crosses a line and offends Muslims, this should encourage dialogue and more speech, or protests, or any other aspect of Free Speech. Not violence. Or threats of violence.

  11. “As discussed in my Sunday Washington Post column, these laws in Western countries like France have served to emboldened those like Selim in demanding that others confirm to their religious sensibilities.”

    If you look at the most recent history of terrorism and extremism, there is one thing in common. They push, push, push, and if you don’t react firmly, or give concessions, then they immediately push, push, push. There is a ramping up effect until they are either stopped, in which case they just begin again, or they succeed in a major action.

    In this case we see a continuous push at international blasphemy laws, in which extremist Muslims have managed to get the entire world to follow a tenet of Islam, in which depicting the Prophet is not allowed.

  12. I recall that there were people in Ireland who protested the showing of the American movie entitled Blazing Saddles. There is a scene in the movie where the Mayor or Sheriff of this town out in the Wild West is considering allowing a bunch of Freedmen to become members of the community and it is on the eve of an attack by a bunch of outlaws. He finally relents to let the Freedmen come live there and then he has an afterthought: But Not The Irish!.

    The Irish need some lessons in civil rights if we can not say in print or in a cartoon that the Prophet Mohamed was a pedophile. Same with many of the Cat O Lic priests.

  13. The 800lb. gorilla in the room is this example of PC is not as bad as on US campuses on a daily basis

  14. For ever loser like him, there are hundreds out there who are condemning it….I will note this in response to this loser:

    57Nihad Awad نهاد عوض @NihadAwad · 19h 19 hours ago
    If your #Faith is shaken by a cartoon, then you have no faith.

    ..and when the ignorants address them they say: Peace. (Quran 25:63)

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