Driving Miss Daisy: Russia Bans Transsexual, Transgender, and Other People With “Disorders” From Driving

thRussia has imposed a bizarre new law that bars transsexual and transgender people from obtaining driving licenses. The Russian now also ban people found to have proclivities toward fetishism, exhibitionism, pathological gambling, compulsive stealing, and voyeurism as “mental disorders” incompatible with driving.

The Putin government has been widely denounced for its crackdown on homosexual rights as well as an array of other rights, including free speech.

There remains civil libertarians, lawyers, and doctors who actively right for civil liberties and these groups have denounced this latest abuse.

Russian Flag220px-Driving_to_top_of_Mt_Washington_1899However, Alexander Kotov, head of the Professional Drivers Union, stood squarely in favor of arbitrary discrimination, insisting that “We have too many deaths on the road, and I believe toughening medical requirements for applicants is fully justified.” No one has explained why a transsexual would be more inclined to commit accidents than these drivers who presumably have the requisite gender clarity:

Source: BBC

28 thoughts on “Driving Miss Daisy: Russia Bans Transsexual, Transgender, and Other People With “Disorders” From Driving”

  1. Inga, posting sources for a paster, one pastor; and a small right group is unfair to the others. Is the pastor a Republican? Is a right-wing weirdo Republican? Not necessarily. And certainly not with the millions of actual party members. He won’t speak at our convention (Fluke?). I doubt anybody completely right weirdo will either (Warren?).

    Branding all Republicans with these fringe folk will not change a true Republican’s views.

    1. Sandy – I looked at Inga’s links and I simply don’t know where she is coming from. I kept clicking and clicking and everything is hearsay The third click was on Mother Jones. These people just badger people for fun and games – Yet in July, after the United States and the European Union leveled economic sanctions against Russia in response to its incursions into Ukraine, WCF canceled its Moscow confab, citing “uncertainties” due to the new rules and the “possible liability arising therefrom.” These were legitimate concerns: Two of the WCF’s key Russian allies had been placed on a list of individuals sanctioned by the Treasury Department, making conference planning complicated, and possibly forbidden.

  2. It’s so nice, for a change, to see that women are being blamed for the driving accidents!

  3. I drove myself around the Soviet Union back in 1984. I had thought that the Turks were the worst drivers and had the worst roads in the world, but I found out that the Soviets were FAR worse. Some people had told me it was illegal to drive there after dark, but I found that was a lie. It was true that sane people found it better to stay off the roads after dark since in the daytime only 50% of the drivers were drunk. After dark, it soared to 100% were drunk. Rules of the road were optional. It is good to see nothing much has changed there and some traditions never die, just more people. Randy

  4. Just a reminder that it’s 1984+, Winston. Driving while gay is badthink.

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