New Jersey Officers Shoot And Kill Unarmed Man Who Disobeyed Commands And Exited Car With Hands In Air

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There is another controversy involving a police shooting. Jermane Reid was shot and killed after the Jaguar in which he was riding was pulled over for running a stop sign by Bridgeton officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley in a Dec. 30 traffic stop. When one officer reported seeing a handgun in the glove compartment, things got tense and ultimately led to the fatal shooting of the unarmed Reid. [Warning: the video and text includes foul language]

Driver, Leroy Tutt, is seen showing his hands throughout the encounter.

The officers are heard screaming over and over “Don’t you fucking move!” and “Show me your hands!” at the driver and passenger. Days repeatedly warns Reid not to move, screaming “I’m going to shoot you . . . You’re going to be … dead. If you reach for something, you’re going to be … dead.” However, Reid is heard saying “I ain’t got no reason to reach for nothing, bro, I ain’t got no reason to reach for nothing.” He then says, “I’m getting out and getting on the ground.” Days tells him not to move, but decides to step out of the Jaguar with his hands raised to shoulder height. He is then shot.

Clearly he should have obeyed the officer but his hands appear to be in clear view and Reid made clear that he was going to get out. Both officers appear to have fired at least six times. It is not clear if it was Reid or Days who opened the door. Under Tennessee v. Garner, there would be no justification for the use of lethal force in such a circumstance.

Reid, 36, had a record, including 13 years in prison for shooting at New Jersey State Police troopers when he was a teenager. He was also arrested last year on charges including drug possession and obstruction. Notably, Days was one of the arresting officers in the later arrests. That record however does not factor into the shooting if his hands were visible and there was no threatening behavior. Disobeying an order to remain in the car is obviously not sufficient cause for the use of lethal force under the controlling standard.

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  1. Only the rich owned slaves. Nothing has changed. People are now slaves to the big corporations they work for and to the governments by which they are taxed. Big corporations and governments are owned by the rich.

    If you liked “Lawrence of Arabia,” you probably will enjoy the movie “Day of the Siege”. It’s available on, which summarizes it as “In Vienna in 1683, a small contingent of cavalry stand fortified against 300,000 Ottoman soldiers. When the walls are finally breached, an epic battle of blood, steel, and gunfire is unleashed to decide the fate of the west.” It’s a film with fantastic sets and magnificent costumes on a grand scale. It says a lot about the philosophy of both the Muslim and Christian religions of that era and the leaders behind them.

    It was an impressive story, and entertaining even if you don’t believe all the details. After reading more about this battle, it seemed to represent both sides fairly accurately. The King of Poland and his army, underestimated by both of the antagonists, proves to save the day in heroic fashion. Well worth the two hours to watch it, free on Hulu.

  2. Paul, I was surprised after watching Lawrence how open the film was. I was much younger the first time and probably didn’t notice. He was quite a figure during the war. Have you read “The Seven Pillars …”?

    I do know everyone didn’t own slaves. Given that, why did so many give their lives to protect that? I don’t think they knew. My comments are intended to recognize what this country has been through and overcome. History is hard to take sometimes. I think studying it so see the progress we’ve made is important. I do get tired of the criticism on this site. That’s why I don’t turn up often.

    1. Sandi – that is why the Civil War was not fought over slavery. Remember at the beginning when the Union army would capture slaves, they would return them to their masters. The Civil War was fought over States’ Rights.

      1. Paul C., the technical reason was state rights. Slavery was a right of the state. Are you surprised soldiers didn’t know what they were fighting about? As to returning slaves, I’ll assume you are correct, i wasn’t there.

        1. Sandi – okay, let’s work our way through this. South Carolina secedes and attacks Fort Sumter. Northern troops are going to be sent to retake South Carolina. However, other states are in the path of the Northern troops and are not happy about them tramping through their state. They decide to secede rather than have Northern troops in their state. Hence, the War of Northern Aggression.
          For example, a black volunteer militia from NY offered to join the US Army to fight for the North and was refused. They were told, “It’s a white mans’ war and will be fought by white men.”

  3. Happy, aware of what? I think Lawrence realized he misunderstood
    everything. He did experience tribal living, which I don’t believe had been written about before. He was used by King Faisal, just as most people are
    used by people with power. At the end of WWI lines were drawn on maps with no understanding of the history of the region. Peace was not achieved. Will there ever be any peace in the Middle East? Not until everyone is killed and they start over? Who knows?

    I don’t question your love of your country. You are asking questions.
    Absolutely the right thing too do. Keep doing it. Looking back at history is sometimes difficult. You find flaws everywhere. I have no concept of owning another human being, so the South prior to the Civil War is hard to accept.
    But that was their way of life and it’s over. Now we create “slaves” to the government by providing so much. I believe in the goal of everyone having a purpose. I’m a lot happier with the life I lived than I would be dependent on the government.

    1. Sandi – the South prior to the Civil War was an interesting place. Only a small portion of the population owned slaves, but some of those owned hundreds, some owned one. The great majority owned NONE.

    2. Sandy

      Don’t you ask questions anymore about the people that run businesses? It is a terrible mistake about history to say it’s over and done with and bury it because it always repeats itself over and over and over again. btw – what did you do for a living. I was in business in the middle of the golden age of the 70s 80s and 90s so I am kind of curious.

    3. Sandi

      Aware of this
      Now I read more prisoners are to be burned alive by ISIS. And jihadists are being told to attack malls, as they did in Kenya. Here the Mall of America, specifically. I’m keeping my comments on one thing at a time.

  4. Happy, why would saying Black upset you? It isn’t a criticism. It’s a fact. But people are afraid of offending Blacks. It wasn’t like that in 2007. Every immigrant group (irish, Italian) has had difficulties merging with a society that doesn’t want them. In CA we’ve always had Mexicans. My town had every color. The problems of integration weren’t local. We all went to school together. We can’t change history. I don’t think we gloss over it, I think we’ve learned from it. At this point I wish everyone would relax and live their own lives.

    I wasn’t surprised when violence started. It actually took longer than I expected.
    There has been so much attacking people because of skin color. That’s back. Why? So many were hoping this man would work toward peace.

    I know there were Americans who supported the Germans, but not our government. We recalled the Ambassador to Britain due to his attitude toward Germany (John Kennedy’s father). Giuliani did not say Obama hated America. He said he didn’t think he loved the country. And gave his thoughts about why. Raised in Hawaii, is love of country a part of your life? You live in Islands, never seeing the rest. I’m sure TV has changed that. One of his classmates said they didn’t really think of themselves as anything in a way. It just wasn’t a big deal. And we say the pledge every morning. Sing the anthem at football games. Completely different surroundings. So, yes, I don’t see the intensity of a Reagan or a Bush. Their pride in America was like mine. It’s just a different personal history.

    Iran/Contra didn’t bother me very much. They were shipping so many drugs here. We needed to do something and everyone couldn’t get on the same page. A lot like today.

    Fudging money around in government has been going on for a long time. Funding for spies is hidden, for good reason. I don’t think there’s a country that says how much they spend on spies. And most have them.

    I have nothing to say about Obama that you don’t already know. The complete lie of health care. Over and over. The lack of urgency about all the killing in the Middle East bothers me. Why aren’t we arming the Kurds? We send weapons to Iraq to distribute, but they don’t send any to the Kurds. So why don’t we take them to the Kurds? The air strikes? We aren’t told much about them. They don’t seem to be doing much good. Watching people forced out of their homes with no help from anyone. That’s not how my country used to be.

    Am I explaining myself any better? Rehashing history to learn from it, but it is what it was. Could things have been done in a better way? Sure. And maybe we don’t make as many mistakes now. There are people who want to kill anyone who isn’t their religion. We just watch without thinking it will happen here.

    We watched Lawrence of Arabia recently. If you want to get an idea of why the middle east is so screwed up, watch it. They aren’t countries. They are tribes. They’ve lived that way since the 8th century. It was the perfect movie to watch.

    But, I firmly believe this country will keep what we were given by the people who fought for it. The freedoms we have. It may take a while, but we are still the sleeping giant fighting back at Japan. We don’t give up.

    1. Sandy

      Laurence of Arabia is what is wrong with the world. If you can’t see it and you are romanced by that film, I don’t know what to say. If you think Obama is BAD and Reagan was Good and could not help those drug wars????? what???? He shipped cocaine with the CIA over the Border. And that’s okay that he sold Arms to Iran but you want to Impeach Obama.

      What are you talking about with religion. Please don’t tell me that this is about Islam. Do you realize we brought this on ourselves? Come on girl Taliban School Sound familiar Taught by the CIA to Osama Bin Ladin to bring down the Soviet Union? Then when he is cut loose he does a 9/11? Right? Classic Blowback. Then Bush can’t get Maliki to keep our 34,000 troops and that’s already in the works before he leaves office and you totally blame Obama about the Kurds. That is all his fault. Something is wrong with the logic here.

      I can’t Stand Obamacare. It needs to go. The Mandate was a typo lol. The Democrat Senators are asking for an extension again this year (big surprise) I think Obama is a fool. I think he thinks he can make peace around the world which is not gonna happen and when he can’t he does this drone crap. I also know we have no ground forces anymore.

      One thing that does upset me you will not agree with I am sure is I hate the fact they can’t seem to get an immigration package together. They can take our taxpayer dollars and backstop 303 trillion dollars worth of worthless derivatives all the way back from the S&L crisis we are still paying off – that 30 billion dollars from the 90s we are doing for Reagan and Greenspan, Not that I am remembering or anything.

      Girl – Do you want me to go on – cause I have all night – we can go all the way up to Greenspan’s waiting out 11 congresses to removing Glass Steagall so he could get his Interstate Banking kicked in and we could have more Medicare Fraud and Shadow Banking where the smaller investors are getting lost as well as the larger ones that thought they knew everything and when down the drain but got away with it because they were too big to fail according to your buddy GWB. Now, that shocked me. Seriously.

      Do you want me to go on. Naaahhh. I will give it a rest for now. looololololol

      Are we having fun yet? 😉 😉

      1. I assume you mean how the British messed up after the war when they drew new boundaries. Lawrence was there and tried to make them understand tribal differences. He lost. There was no romance in the film. But watching it now I began to understand their tribal history. The idea of countries and borders foreign to them. The tribes are still there. Jordan has a tribal leader in the government (his son was the pilot burned). He said it’s not Jordan’s war. Jordan has over a million refugees on their border with Iraq. They may spend a lifetime there. Now I read more prisoners are to be burned alive by ISIS. And jihadists are being told to attack malls, as they did in Kenya. Here the Mall of America, specifically. I’m keeping my comments on one thing at a time.

        1. Sandy

          It was too Romantic because he was not doing the actual writing of the subversive laws the English and the French were doing, Yes, That is Romance. Just like the Noble lies we did with the Native Americans. Joseph Strauss’ School in Chicago that taught Political Science that first defined this.

          I sat after I talked with you and answered a question about flying an American Flag over territories we take over in the ME in YA from another argumentative friend of mine that is not as nice as you. I went to look on Kuwait for Operation Earnest Will where they flew the American Flag and got blown up and saw pictures in Iraq of the unknown soldier burned to death trying to get out of his tank. As I am looking at this, The 3rd verse of America the Beutiful is going through my Head. .O beautiful for heroes proved
          In liberating strife.
          Who more than self their country loved
          And mercy more than life!
          America! America!
          May God thy gold refine
          Till all success be nobleness
          And every gain divine!

          And I am thinking of my friends who think I don’t love my country and how confused I am. What do you think Lawrence felt like or any of these people?

        2. Sandi – even though I am a big fan of the film Lawrence of Arabia, the reason there is no romance is because Lawrence was a gay masochist, both of which are delicately touched on in the film.

  5. He was not out of the car. He was bent over as is necessary to get out of a car and could have had a concealed weapon. Why didn’t he stay in the car as told? Seeing a gun in the glove compartment made it a very tense situation. Were there other guns in the car? In someone’s hands? Do as you are told and keep your hands on the wheel or dashboard!

      1. Thank you, happy, this blog can eat up time like no other. Not being a lawyer, my comments are what common sense tells me. Also, I like solutions. I like ideas for a better way.

        Right now I think there is nothing more important in this country than what is going on at the White House. A religious summit? What happened to separation of church and state? Everyone thought they knew what transforming the country meant. You were wrong.

        Videos of beheadings and burning someone alive are a sample of barbaric behavior. It must be stopped! While our military is being weakened, our need for them is greater. We elected Republicans in 2014 for a reason. They are still thinking about IRS, Benghazi, etc., and they are important.

        But most important is a President ignoring our Constitution! He is going to ignore the recent ruling against his Executive Order, which was unconstitutional, and use something they’ve come up with, an Emergency Executive Order. Ever heard of that? Can you tell me where in our laws there is an Emergency Executive Order? If it’s there, I’ll apologize. But a hell of a lot of constitutionalists say there is no such thing.

        As lawyers, my God, you of all people should be up in arms. You would if Bush was President. You would if the President was white. But this man is your liberal messiah! And he’s Black! Actually mixed race, but nobody cares. He has not one African drop of blood in his body, yet he’s African-American. And I have never heard his words describing America. Not the America I grew up in.

        And his attitude scares me to death! He’s untroubled by mass beheadings and blasé about burning a prisoner to death.

        He’s busy taking selfies all over the place. He’s behaving like a teenager and he’s President? Read Madison’s Federalist about Impeachment and explain how Congress is doing what the Founders intended. In six years he has chipped around the edges. Now he’s in full-speed mode transforming a country that doesn’t resemble what it was.

        1. Sandi Hemming

          I don’t exactly know where you are coming from you are all over the map. But I am listening. I don’t have a messiah. that was a term coined in
          Chicago during the 2008 election. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I leave all of these things open. I am receptive to new ideas. I always have been. What am I wrong about?

          I didn’t vote for him in 2012. I think he is a fool. But I am not going to say he is a Jihadist. I could care less what color the president is. That really came out of left field. Good thing I am all calmed down now. lol. I had a nasty stalker on here I just got rid of. One thing that has concerned me about our Country since it’s inception is the way we overlook the rights of others. We gloss over history and ignore the most God awful things. I know I just really upset Karen. But I can’t help it. The US was complicit with Germany Gm and Ford with the Holocaust. I sent her the stuff from the Clinton Library. Newspapers. How do they get away with that? Pogo was the one who brought it up. Then I started digging. Why doesn’t anyone care? You have Guliani saying Obama hates America. Mr. Pizza Connection himself. from the Nicaragua Contra from Reagan. and that’s all okay with you? Why is that okay? Why is that American? Why do you shut your eyes to the man behind the curtain? Please look at all of it. And I promise I will look at what you have to tell me about Obama okay???

    1. You pukes that make excuses for murders make me sick…… One thing is sure — the cops had guns. and they pointed them as someone that was not physically threatening them… What would have happened if you acted the exact same way these cops acted? (since cops can not have any more rights than you and I do)

      For starters you would have committed the crime of brandishing a weapon…. then shooting someone that was not a threat – would have been second degree murder…. YOu are a god damn idiot Sandi for defending the criminal actions of this cop….

  6. The public execution of killer cops should be aired on national TV as a warning to the rest of criminals in blue. Nothing so far seem to slow down their crime spree. We would a be MUCH safer country without them.

  7. In response to Svoogle: No one gives two shits if Ms Nick Spinelli is a racist. On the other hand, if ————is the CYBER criminal that tapped my phone, spies on webcam in my home, installed a r.a.t. on my pc to monitor my media activites, then I have a BIG ASS problem. Otherwise, carry on with your bs comments you refer to as freedom of speech. “Wade William” You are correct. “He had a feeling” is not the same as knowing.However, evidence is the key. EVIDENCE is the truth. I have more than enough!

  8. Paul Schulte – “Cabaret did not open on Broadway until 1966…”

    Relax, Paul, it’s not like I insulted Judy Garland or anything…

    1. zedalis – you can insult whomever you want. Not knowing even the basics about Cabaret is just insulting. The musical is an original American art form, our gift to the art world, along with jazz. It really does not start until the first production of “Show Boat” in 1927.

    2. Zedalis any more insults about the United States or would you prefer to move to the peaceful Islamic State so many insist has not been at war for 200 years and that Iraq forced into combat because the US supposedly gave them weapons
      Here is the peaceful Islamic state taking care of it’s citizens in it’s non police state

  9. Still more asinine rationalizations for an out of control police state murdering it’s own citizens. It’s like raising a curtain and stepping into a rather tatty local production of ‘Cabaret’ that’s been running since the 1930’s.

    1. zedalis – Cabaret did not open on Broadway until 1966. It is based on the play I Am a Camera which opened in 1951 which is based on the novel Goodbye to Berlin (1939). Just to get you up-to-date. Tatty local productions are not allowed until the road (touring companies) shows and regional theatres have completed their runs which are not allowed until the Broadway production closes (usually).

  10. George Steele….how about a unrevealed pistol in a paper bag on the seat beside a suspect? If that bag is a potential threat, is that also not worthy of aggressive action? IN my town a smaller paper bag with a heavy object in it is a favored “holster” for a pistol. Tell me a cop should ignore it. If so, please tell those I knew who were killed by just such a contrivance….like the Federal Police Officer shot dead in the federal building here on 21 Sep 2001. Otherwise, just consider a Nick a guy with opinions. Like them or not, you should skip the aspersions….you do have a scroll wheel I gather? We all have different background that inform our attitudes. The moment this place becomes and echo chamber, I will be gone. Nick is the guy who invited me here, even though he knows full well we don’t always agree. Go figure.

    1. George Steele –

      Are you aware of your mental illness? Then you are responsible for it. You should be talking medicine for it. I take medicine for my problems and I don’t consider anyone responsible for my problems. The state is not responsible for people on the street with mental illness unless they are in lockdown – sorry – 😉

      1. happypappies – I have not been on Jeopardy, but I am doing well at Trivia Crack, which I just started. I do suck at sports questions though.

        1. You are a veritable font of information. But I could brain you at times – no pun intended or was there 😉

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