Study: One Out Of Four Sports Fans Believe God Chooses Winners In Sporting Events

350px-God2-Sistine_ChapelThere is an interesting phenomenon that occurred after the Patriots pulled ahead of the Colts in their championship game: the price of Superbowl tickets reportedly fell significantly. People it appears are just not excited about seeing the Patriots play in another Superbowl. However, many people see more than a dominant team or deflated footballs are the reason for who plays in the Superbowl. A recent study found that one out of four Americans believe that God helps choose who wins sporting events. I personally find this hard to accept since the Chicago Bears remains God’s chosen team and yet they remain again out of the Superbowl. However, over twenty-five percent of people believe that they are watching the hand of God in the outcome of sporting events.

The student by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute also found that 53 percent of Americans and 56 percent of self-described sports fans believe that athletes with faith in God are rewarded with good health and success. That does not quite explain Tim Tebow’s career unless Saturday Night Live explained the limits of God’s grace:

Some 26 percent of Americans (27 percent of sports fans) agree with SNL that God puts a thumb on the scale at games to favor those in his favor. That is a pretty frightening thought when Kurt Busch comes to mind.

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  1. Isaac – scientists now theorize that the entire universe has formed, been destroyed, and reformed, many times, making time itself infinite.

    Since God has not beginning and no end, the “in the beginning” refers to the start of our world. I think if ancient man tried to write about the nature of God, they would just have a nervous breakdown and give up.


    And, on to other news, the CBO has come out with a report showing how hideously expensive Obamacare is for taxpayers. So it’s not only unaffordable for those who are mandated to buy it, without subsidies. (Even Gruber admitted that it is problematic to mandate the ACA because it is unaffordable unsubsidized.)

  3. Something’s been bugging me. If god was infinite then it would have had no beginning vis a vis the earth, mankind, moses, etc. There would have been no ‘In the beginning…’ Therefore god is not infinite simply holier than us and able to perform miracles. Those that refer to god typically refer to all this or all that which infers a finite entity.

    So, given that the entity has work to do and has a finite capability, regardless of how large, if these f*^@ing a*#ho#es would stop praying for this sports team or that piece of a*^ then perhaps it could get the job done and bring locusts down where appropriate and reward those others who are trying to do the right thing. Logic dictates that it is these very idiots like Tim Tebow who drops to his knees in thanks when he takes a righteous dump, that are wasting all the attention and therefore interfering with the potential for the entity to make change for the better, i.e. life and death matters.

    So, back the truck up, you screaming thumpers and leave the games to the players. Nothing is more ludicrous that a football player dropping to his knees to pray for a score or to thank god for six points.

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