Video: Seattle Officer Pepper Sprays Man Brandishing . . . A Cellphone

Jess-Hagopian-YouTube-800x430High school teacher Jesse Hagopian is reportedly planning to sue the city of Seattle after a police officer sprayed him with chemical irritant as he left a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He was simply walking away while speaking on a cellphone, as the video below captures.

Hagopian had spoken at the event about how black lives matter on the Jan. 19th. Officers set up a barricade with their bicycles to prevent protesters from marching. A female officer yells “Stand back, stand back” and then inexplicably released the pepper spray.

The video is quite shocking and it is hard to imagine a context where this force was justified since no one seemed threatening or even attempting at that point to cross the line.

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  1. Thank you Inga…(don’t faint)…you have just proved my point. Pick a trade today, everyone of them requires knowledge no longer taught in high schools (no more trade/vocation aimed classes), other than those with an advanced science and math curriculum. When I managed a Journeyman’s card, it was by training within the apprentice program, for those without the STEM high school teaching, which took longer. Todays community colleges are better equipped to supplement the apprenticeships. It is as it should be.

    1. Personally, I think Inga is thoughtful nowdays before she comments.
      People have been for the most part, more considerate of each other I think on the blog 😉 And that isn’t saying I am any angel lol <<:)

  2. My son is a Millwright Journeyman. He went to classes a couple times a week at our county’s community college. The apprentiship was four years with plenty of criteria he needed to pass and tests to take in order to qualify for Journeyman.

  3. As for Obama’s hubris affliction, his obstinateness (so far) on the Keystone Pipeline is classic. If Congress is smart, they’ll confirm Lynch as AG, and if Obama is smart he’ll approve the pipeline. Virtually anyone for AG will be better than Holder…and whoever it is will only be there for just shy of 2 years. Fail to confirm, Holder remains the AG. The pipeline isn’t that big a deal, it simply links in to an huge existing system of pipelines….there is no new ground to plow on that issue…just political. Always a bad economic choice.

    For Obama to say the pipeline will only create 35 net jobs down the road indicates a man who has never dirtied his hands working on industrial equipment….it will take far more than 35 to sustain. Heck, I could even support Obama’s community college ideas if he limited it to those pursuing a skilled trades certificate and journeyman-ship. Anyone who thinks community college level education doesn’t apply to skilled trades has likely never worked in it, nor aware of the requirements today to earn a Journeyman’s card. Modern apprenticeships require some community college level education…of the STEM variety.

    1. Aridog

      Re: Pipeline

      Sensible Observations

      I know about the existing – what cracks me up is the Liberal journalists getting a hold of the owners of the land who knew that land would probably be bought up as railroad or oil land before they bought it. Just like land by Lambert Airport and got a sob sister story out of them and have all of these ignorant young people thinking that the government is going around robbing everyone of their land. I found one flood in Arkansas that did not go in a lake and they cleaned up from that pipeline. It gave people jobs. On top of everything else, the crap about the Koch brothers owing everything is crap.
      Enbridge, which is one of the companies with the tar sands oil has this as a breakdown

      Canadian Institutional 43%
      Canadian Retail 12%
      US Institutional 29%
      US Retail 2%
      Foreign Institutional 13%
      ENB Mngmt 1%

      You know how they say it’s all going to China lol

      All the jobs this is going to create industrially at 29% in offices and out. Think of it. 😉

  4. happyPappies….I read Mr Robert Wenzel’s article that you cited. I think he over-states his position (bloviating?) and over estimates Rand Paul. Which is the same as under-estimating. I have never thought of Paul the younger to be Libertarian. In my mind, the jury is still out on Rand Paul…I’d like a lot more clarity on his international positions. He serves well being a foil for the “establishment,” which is what I like about him…but he’s not yet got my vote. No modern “Libertarian” will have it if they are isolationist … a folly we’ve tried before with poor outcomes. That said, no man or woman runs for and wins the Presidency without compromise. What counts is what compromises. If he were to become the POTUS he will grow in to the job as most predecessors have done, and I suspect by being a good President…the current POTUS perhaps the exception. I will never understand Obama’s positions on just about everything, they all reek of hubris and resistance to actually working cooperatively with anyone. I think Rand Paul would at the minimum be capable of that concept.

    1. Aridog

      I will never understand Obama’s positions on just about everything, they all reek of hubris and resistance to actually working cooperatively with anyone. I think Rand Paul would at the minimum be capable of that concept.

      I am in the mood today to not be generous with Obama. I think he is a Congenital Narcissist and throws fits regarding Netanyahu whom I took another look at on your observations of his character.

      I think in retrospect, he is telling it straight out like it is when he tells the USA that they better watch out for Iran stockpiling enriched uranium.

      Seriously, how stupid and arrogant can the President be to think that the President and the Prime Minister of Iran will honor his deal? I think he is a total dimwit who eats crack pie as he joked with his wife last fall so ill advisedly.

      As far as Rand Paul goes, I don’t think he would be an isolationist in office. I don’t think his father would have been either. To have an ideology is one thing. To be in a position where push comes to shove is another. The thing about Ron Paul that was archaic is he was not in the right century when it came to the economy. There is nothing you can do about the gold standard anymore. We are just past that. We are into dark liquidity and algorithms thanks to Clinton and his over the counter derivatives.

      I voted for Ron Paul and then I voted for Gary Johnson and my state was 60 percent Mitt Romney so it really didn’t matter who I voted for. In retrospect, I wish Romney would have won. I think he is honest the Democrats are dishonest.

      After listening to this blog this weekend about pride and prejudice I have come to the conclusion that modern Liberals, with a few exceptions on this blog and elsewhere are hypocrites when it comes to helping out the downtrodden and they want to keep them where they are at by feeling “sorry” for them and making sure they are stirred up with Francis Fox Piven techniques now taken over by the Alexander woman and her book about the new Jim Crow.

      Listening to a certain Lawyer on here and his sock puppets that I know he employs with stone heads on here referring to me as – codey code words with my White Hood falling in my face – is too funny. I know each one because when I address them, they do not answer me.

      So, the modern Liberal is nothing but a Totalitarian in disguise and they are madly in love with Karl Marx whom they would defend because of his ideologies with reference to economics. They are sneaky that way. 😉

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