Video: Seattle Officer Pepper Sprays Man Brandishing . . . A Cellphone

Jess-Hagopian-YouTube-800x430High school teacher Jesse Hagopian is reportedly planning to sue the city of Seattle after a police officer sprayed him with chemical irritant as he left a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He was simply walking away while speaking on a cellphone, as the video below captures.

Hagopian had spoken at the event about how black lives matter on the Jan. 19th. Officers set up a barricade with their bicycles to prevent protesters from marching. A female officer yells “Stand back, stand back” and then inexplicably released the pepper spray.

The video is quite shocking and it is hard to imagine a context where this force was justified since no one seemed threatening or even attempting at that point to cross the line.

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  1. I’ve got to run out for dog food now, I will read this later and answer your question.

    Trust me on one thing, I am a Lockean, which may or may not be a modern Libertarian.

    1. Aridog – I need to do that too so that’s a kick in the ass. That is a Classical Liberal That is probably what I am. It’s just I hate it when they criticize Ron Paul. I like a lot of people and what they say I change my mind a lot But I do stay conservative fiscally. Like Adam Smith

  2. Gary T … for what it is worth, you are not that far off from my own positions(s). I feel confident that you do know the difference between the Pollyannas and the actual historic liberals of the John Locke kind. “Left” and “Right” have always been a contentious issues…even among “Libertarians.” The idiots of the 70’s who advocated outright (& illegal) obstruction held no attraction to me…not the least because a neighbor did 6 years (federal) for the foolish effort.

  3. Gary T …we’ve diluted our language. Today’s “liberals” & “progressives” are untutored about who were the original liberals, such as John Locke. So, in that sense, alone, is your contention that Libertarians are more like Liberals, the original ones, not today’s Pollyanna types.

    And today’s Libertarians are very unlike the nut cases in the 70’s who thought going to jail for not paying taxes (citing 99 dependents on their W-4’s & subsequently their 1040’s) …. like a neighbor I had back in those days who organized the effort within the UAW. Loser.

  4. Sandi Hemming sez:
    “Republicans and Libertarians differ on drugs. That’s about it. ”

    Well Sandi, you obviously know little about libertarians.
    I can usually identify more things that libertarians oppose Republicans than they do with (true) liberals.

    Gay marriage, abortion, drug legalization, gambling, prostitution, overseas wars and occupation, taxation of churches, and the corollary list goes on.

    Libertarians have far more in common with liberals on these issues than Republicans.

    You should really know what you are talking about before you actually say it.

      1. HappyPappies:

        I scored a 90, which says:
        51-90 points: You are a medium-core libertarian, probably self-consciously so. Your friends probably encourage you to quit talking about your views so much.

        But honestly there were a number of questions there that were worded in the singular when they were talking generally, that I would have answered differently. I more likely would have had a score of about 100, if it weren’t for those imprecise questions.

        I am a little bit maverick in libertarian circles, because I believe that instead of doing away with government services, that there just should be no govt monopoly on the given service, with public being given a choice to take the private service provider or the government service provider.

        1. Gary T


          You are sensible anyway then. There are so many that are in the Tin Foil area out there. I tease people on here and they take me seriously. Personally, I think it makes the most sense to be Liberal Socially and Conservative Fiscally if you know what I mean.

          You probably are a Liberal Libertarian. I thought that anyway after looking at your postings. Who cares what anyone thinks but you anyway. lol

          1. Well yeah I probably am. But the emphasis is still more on libertarian than liberal.
            I admit that that it is where I originally came from politically, liberal; at times I even grew up on a commune :-), and was well drenched in liberal theory and wishful thinking about how the government should treat and support society.
            Being the rigorous person that I am, my political theories at that early stage even bordered on extreme statist liberal, with forced controls etc. But I was young and not well versed (or trusting) in the viability of peoples’ choices for themselves.

            More recently, I was always puzzled and intrigued by the idea of left leaning libertarians and right leaning libertarians. To me, libertarian is libertarian, and I didn’t think there was much room in the political theory for any significant differences.

            However, I have gone to libertarian meets, the bigger ones of 300 and more, and I had found libertarians there shouting at each other, red faced and passionate about some public policy topic or another, and when I delved deeper into the conversations, I saw that the points of issue were exactly down lines of interpretations of laws that were left leaning or right leaning.
            It felt very much like rabbis arguing over some minor Talmudic interpretation, but to them it was like night and day, and the other’s view was just unacceptable. They would hurl epithets at each other that bordered on invectives, but even then they would rarely go so far as to call the other non-libertarian.
            The most damning epithet used was “Statist”, which was like calling a woman “Btch” in other venues. But it was usually reserved for the other’s topic interpretation, not the person.

            But what struck me was that there was a real passionate divide among them, and yet they were all ideological libertarians nonetheless. I would interview them later, and see what their touchstone stances were on fundamental libertarian views, and yes they all definitely were still libertarians even with their passionate policy differences.

  5. happypappies – uhm, no – there are plenty of GOP members who actually want to ban abortion completely, or at a certain point. It has nothing to do with funding.

    And I am not a libertarian. Or a liberal. And if I were a liberal, then it still wouldn’t mean I’m for the drug war. In fact, I don’t know anybody that defines themselves as a liberal that is for the drug war. Democrats? Sure. Lliberals? Nope. I’ve never know a person who calls themselves “a liberal” who is for the drug war. Sorry.

    And whether or not the gay marriage is a red herring or not means nothing. The fact is, they try to ban people from doing something that harms nobody else, which means they are also for big government… When it’s convenient for them, of course. That’s what the two parties both do. When you get that, come see me.

    1. Jude

      I don’t have to come see you for anything. The red herring works fine to get the Republicans to vote against abortion and also to keep the government from funding Planned Parenthood.

      The Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans about everything else including the Industrial War Complex but on top of that they are stupid about taxes and then you get people like the Clinton’s in there who start messing with the regulations on the banks and then you get your dark liquidity pools going and then you can come and see me

  6. When did this country get so focused on suing one another? Was he hurt? If so, yes to cover all his expenses. He was leaving an MLK event. Do you think MLK would be happy?

  7. Peaceniks one day “no justice, no peace” the next. We later learned a lot of the violence was caused by outsiders bussed or flown in. I looked at the video again. I hope the man refuses a law suit.

    1. Sandi – sounds like Ferguson. Soros paid 33 million to support protesters in Ferguson, wonder what he is paying for protesters in Seattle. Heard the teacher is filing suit against the city.

  8. Paul C., I remember when an organization had a large conference in Seattle. The dimwits who knew nothing were ramped up by signs and yells that meant nothing. Pretty soon Seattle businesses were on fire. Seattle police were in life-or-death situations round the clock.

    A fear of that happening again could be why this level of hysteria. No excuses, but I wish we had a picture from behind the police line.

    1. Sandi – but Seattle has all those peaceniks. What could possibly go wrong?

  9. Discography, you need to do some dictionary work. Maybe even read a book on the subject.

    Republicans and Libertarians differ on drugs. That’s about it. Libertarians want legalization of drugs. Having one time eaten two marijuana brownies and could hardly walk. No way could, or should, I have driven a car. So drugs are different. It would take a lot of alcohol to get in that condition.

    We need a license to drive. I’d suggest licensing use of drugs, except doctors hand them out with no instruction about what type, the amount, how to use.

    Other than that they are nearly the same.

    I was never frightened while we had a Republican president, but I’m terrified by Obama. Everyone said he can’t do too many bad things because of our laws. Well, he sure taught us didn’t he?

  10. LOL @ Karen S, who really thinks there is a party platform for “less government” for the GOP.

    A party that wants to prohibit gay marriage and abortion, continue the drug war, continue the militarization of police… Yep! Totally small government!

    1. Jude

      Those are gay marriage is a red herrings to keep the Liberals busy with the Civil Liberties Union it has nothing to do with the size of the government.

      As far as Abortion goes, that only would have something to do with the size of the government if we were to continue as taxpayers, to fund planned parenthood.

      Are you a Libertarian or a Liberal Jude because Liberals are for the Drug war

  11. Ari – so glad Judi was OK. What a scare that must have been. The woman who cut her hair in ICU sounds like a great person. And, it’s true, there are women out there who have the physical and mental gifts to be police officers. Rather than lower the bar, just let women compete with the rest of the field.

  12. Karen S ..Judi and I are close friends with an ICE officer (main job is escorting illegal alien criminals back to their homelands) …and SHE is a relatively small woman, but one of considerable strength. I’d think twice about crossing her … nor her Deputy Sheriff husband who runs a ICE detention facility here in western Michigan. The woman who cuts my hair in another one…her day job is as a physical trainer who runs USMC style “boot camp” and “spinner classes…she now only cuts the hair of a few feds: Army, Secret Service, FBI, BATF, etc….those whom she liked “liked” who I got to know when she ran a barber shop neat the federal building ( also had a night job vis a vis her physical training profession in the main. Now she cuts hair only one day in every too weeks)…and none of us would change that arrangement…never mind she is a stunning beauty, inside and out. I do mean tongue drooling pretty, perfectly matched to her demeanor, which is both ethical and stunning as well.

    If you have biceps similar to hers, you’ve done something…yet her feminine side is predominant. She is good friend, one who will do anything for you if it is worthwhile, to include just packing up some gear and going with me to the Hospital ICU to cut Judi’s hair,(only partial shaved where the aneurysm surgery took place) … with the ICU permission. Judi came out of it all unimpaired from serious brain trauma, thanks to skilled surgeons and a fantastic positive attitude by Judi. For a good while Judi looked like USMC boot with a burr cut. I actually found that image kind of pleasing…burr head lady with a effervescent smile. Had to love her, hair or no hair. That she was formally prayed for in Synagogues, by Israeli friends turned me from secular to religious, even though I am not overly familiar with the rituals. I choose Catholicism, due to Judi’s faith, and her mothers’ who just may be one of the few real Christians I knew, however I was equally inclined to convert to Judaism…which would be awkward where I live. Prayer is prayer. Doubt it at your peril. I never knew how to pray until I was 69 years old. My loss for many years. I am still more Jew than Catholic, even if I am of Irish decent for over 200 years in the USA, may yet one day convert to it. For now, I am still struggling to grasp it all, and barely aware of Catholic ritual.

  13. Ari they are doing it in the Army and Marines. I understand they changed the physical standards for Marines because women couldn’t hack it. My question is: Why?

    You know why. Affirmative action.

  14. That’s exactly the point. The reason why this cop sprayed was because she was scared out of her panties. She is a midget. Imagine if she had to arrest Michael Brown. Or Eric Garner. Or anyone bigger than 4 feet tall. She would have to go to the pepper spray. The taser. The club. The gun.

    That’s all she’s got. She should never have been on the police force.

    Affirmative action is set up to give a job to people who are not qualified. Midget cops are a big problem. Midget women cops are even worse. That is what you see in this video. The culmination of progressive affirmative action in progress.

  15. I have to go with Trooper York’s, and Karen s’ take on this episode. We’ve removed several less than lethal tools from the police officers’ kit…and added the hiring of emotionally and physically unqualified officers to meet some quota I presume. The female officer’s body language implies she was in a state panic in what appears to be a low level circumstance. I’d be in favor of more “Muldoons” and less pipsqueaks….however qualified otherwise. Good intentions are not enough for the small in stature, in a job that require strength to avoid egregious spraying or tasing, let alone lethal force by gun. It is no insult to not be qualified for particular work for the simplest of reasons….if you are sincere and not on some fantasy fetish fulfillment trip…there are always positions for you to fill, even in police work. As a, somewhat “notorious” airborne grunt I know, a guy who did a long tour on US Army LRRP teams (reconnaissance plus force protection)) would say it…everyone needs to be some where…just go there and do the best job you can.

    When I enlisted enlisted in 1968, and found that several pathways to positions I may have wanted were barred to me due to a 2 in my other wise picket fence profile…e.g. due to thousand upon thousand of rounds fired with hand gun and shot gun, and working skilled trades in steel mills, foundries, and forges, sans ear protection, before enlisting, I had “boiler makers” ear in my left ear…about half deaf there. It is the same today. Now “did I like” walking on narrow steel girders 150+ feet over the floor, with huge electric arcs popping around you, like at the GMC Nodular Iron plant in Saginaw area…uh, heck no, scared the be-jabberers out if me every time…but you just do it because you can, so long as you can control the fear. Control it you can, properly trained, but to say you feel no fear, is a lie. In dangerous situations, whether in Iron working or various military units, anyone says they do not feel fear…stay away from them, they either nuts or a hazard to your health…they are the ones who go berserk always at the wrong time.

  16. Trooper – they should never lower standards to make some quota. I’ve seen that happen so often. I’ve known firemen who were upset because they lowered the physical qualifications to get women in, who then were unable to carry unconscious adults down ladders. I’ve known people who wanted to be cops, and scored very high on the exam, but didn’t get in right away because someone with a far lower score, and little interest in the job, got in because they were the “right color.” I have known women who were born to be cops, who somehow managed to make suspects meek as lambs by the time they arrived at jail. And I’ve seen a woman who was utterly useless to her partner each and every time things went bad on the job. She should have never been a cop, and should have never been able to keep the job. But Affirmative Action quotas inevitably lower standards.

    I don’t want quotas. I just want everyone to have a fair and equal chance, not special treatment. If not as many African Americans want to be cops in bad neighborhoods, then I would assume the force would reflect that.

    If a woman can do a job, she should get the job. But I would be dismayed if I was overcome with smoke inhalation, hanging out a 4th floor window, and the fireman who climbs up to carry me out is a diminutive woman, like this police officer, unable to help me.

  17. Discography:

    “We could barely wait to destroy some folks hanging out in a park in NYC.”

    They were breaking the law by living in the park and occupying private property, harming local businesses because customers felt unsafe going there, defecating on the street, raping, destroying property, and there were serious diseases like TB sweeping through because of the unsanitary conditions.

    How would you feel if a bunch of people surrounded your job and prevented you from going to work, until your employer went out of business and you lost your job? People are allowed to demonstrate and have a First Amendment right to Free Speech, but they are not allowed to “interfere with the public’s access to private or public property.”

    Here are the guidelines for peaceful, lawful protest in NYC from the General Assembly:

    What I didn’t get about the “Occupy Wall St” debacle is why they were allowed to break the law for so long. I felt bad for all the small business owners affected in the area. We are all supposed to be subject to the law. But they were above the law because their cause was Liberal, apparently.

  18. Discography – you are incorrect. Libertarians and Republicans share a party platform of less government. RINOs and LINOs behave like Democrats and want more government. Many Republicans have moved away from the party principles, and also now spend like Democrats. I think taxpayer money must be addictive. Libertarians tend to want far less military intervention globally, while Republicans want a strong military to defend our interests and intervene in global crisis.

    And many politicians appear to be for sale.

    But you can’t defend Democrat Big Government Facism by pointing out that RINOs also go for it. Who keeps saying that if you don’t believe the party line, you should lose your job? If you’re against gay marriage, it’s OK to blackmail you to force your support? An Imperial Presidency is OK as long as it’s Democratic? Turning the IRS on citizens because they adhere to a different political party than the one in power? Using the NSA for political reasons? Blocking any attempt to combat voter fraud because a huge voting block includes illegal aliens, who have been demonstrated to vote? The government is beginning to be quite hostile to those of any other party.

    Prairie Rose – I love that story.

    We do need to scrutinize and respond to any police officer who breaks the public trust. But we must be careful not to become prejudiced against all cops, or to believe that they are all bad.

    When some maniac is holding his estranged wife at gunpoint, it’s SWAT who go in and rescue her, risking their own lives. When a man grabbed a tiny little girl out of a shopping cart, and held a knife to her throat, it was a cop who saved her. Cops have to see accident and murder scenes, and are crushed sometimes by what they see.

    I suspect that anyone who posts comments to the effect that all cops are bad would be quick to dial 911 if he or she was in danger.

    It is important to remove the bad apples so they do not tarnish the deserved, honorable reputation of the police force.

  19. Sandi,

    You’re confusing libertarians with Republicans. Most Republicans have a pretty authoritarian bent and are enamored with state use of force. In fact, they grovel at it. It is to them the only functioning part of government despite all evidence to the contrary. Feel free to look at all the commentors that rail against government ineptitude in every thread on this site except when Saint LEO comes into play.


    The fact that is the only point/line of argument/comparison you can come up with as a knee-jerk reaction shows your own bias and mental handicaps. It’s clear you aren’t interested in a sincere discussion. I’ll refrain from engaging you any further.

    Justice Holmes,

    Don’t forget China let HK protestors block off a major road for months. We could barely wait to destroy some folks hanging out in a park in NYC. Now NYPD commish compares peaceful protesters with attacks that have killed up to 200 people. Are we really all that different? Just a matter of degrees and it isn’t that many degrees.


    It’s not politically correct, but its not really correct either. A-holes come in all sizes. Every day. Every where. This woman didn’t do what she did because she was short, she did it because like most cops they screen out higher IQ folks leaving the pliable scraps, giving them a little bit of power they wouldn’t have anywhere else in life where they’d be unqualified for anything but a McJob and that sense of resentment builds inside after awhile. Like most cops 1-2yrs out of the academy she just looks embarrassingly out of shape where being in shape should be a prerequisite for the job. These guys want to pretend to be real military, they should at least adopt some military standards instead of just a more grown up, lethal version of cops and robbers. Meanwhile, real military thinks these folks are jokes and can’t handle the basic equipment they’ve been given.

    1. Discography – I beg to differ with your personal attack on my mental acuity
      on 1, January 30, 2015 at 6:40 pm happypappies

      Trigger Happy little buggers

      on 1, January 30, 2015 at 8:56 pm discography


      The thugs on the Seattle PD were recently under DOJ investigation for federal civil rights abuses and were forced to sign an agreement to improve training and community relations.

      Prof. Turley,

      Sure have a lot of fascists reading your blog.



      What makes you say that? Everyone agrees about the pepper spray regarding the Cell Phone user. You think it’s okay to get a hatchet in the head? You think all police are evil from birth? Brilliant deductions Watson

      The fact that is the only point/line of argument/comparison you can come up with as a knee-jerk reaction shows your own bias and mental handicaps. It’s clear you aren’t interested in a sincere discussion. I’ll refrain from engaging you any further.

      Discography this is clearly a passive aggressive attack on my character. That’s okay. I am the most sincere person on here and anyone can tell you that. I have been raped by a policeman who professed to be a Christian when I was 25 and yet I don’t hate all police. And I don’t hide behind a wall of shame and say I have “mental handicaps” because I am outspoken and cut through the crap right away.

      I gave you three points of argument above.-1- I said everyone agreed about the pepper spray. -2-I asked you if you felt it was okay for people to run rampant in the streets and murder with no consequences -3-and I asked you if you felt that the police who are in authority have people gravitate that way because they are evil from birth.

      Can you answer those questions? Or do you think I am mentally handicapped for asking them. You may not know this but we have a courtesy policy on the blog and you just stepped over the line.

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