North Carolina Woman Charged In Road Rage Incident Caught On Tape

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.33.19 PMNorth Carolina driver Kristen Leigh Phillips, 40, is facing misdemeanor charges after she was caught on videotape in a bizarre road road incident that left a small child screaming and a mother driver in shock. The video of the victim is below.

The incident began when Phillips allegedly passed another car on a two-lane road in a reckless fashion and the victim, Sherri Hastings, called 911 to report the incident. What followed is scary as Phillips made repeated abrupt stops and then got out and charged at the second car.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.33.18 PM

Phillips is shown reaching into the window and taking a swing at Hastings, who was trying to close her window as her young granddaughter was screaming in terror. Phillips then went back to her truck but turned and yelled “Fuck you” as she held up both of her middle fingers.

Phillips has been charged with assault and battery, communicating threats, and injury to personal property. There is really no defense that I can see with such a videotape and Phillips will presumably seek a plea agreement to drop the assault or threat charge, which is the most damaging for her record. Since they are all misdemeanors however a prosecutor may be reluctant to yield given the publicity and the strength of the evidence — as well as the presence of the child.

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  1. There should be one more charge brought up against this woman……child abuse! Every time, I see this on the news, I wish I were there to beat the crap out of this Kristen Leigh Phillips for scaring that poor child! OMG! Her cries in fear, just, tears me to pieces!

  2. mespo – one of the challenges with sarcasm on blogs is that it doesn’t pop right up as sarcasm. I will say that if what you intended to write was sarcasm, I certainly missed it as such. You are going to have to start marking them with the /s so we know you have finished being sarcastic.

    And again you add the ad hominem attack on me.

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      Why don’t you try engaging peoples intellect you consder yourself to be superior to around here – or anywhere – just some free advise.

      Definition of AD HOMINEM
      : appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect
      : marked by or being an attack on an opponent’s character rather than by an answer to the contentions made

  3. Happy’s right! I’m the master puppeteer and you should follow his sage advice and put your hands firmly over your eyes and type “I can’t see you” whenever anyone rationally disagrees with you. Call them pos’s too. It makes you look positively Aristotilean in happy’ rather dim eyes.

    1. mespo – I have read three comments by you and each included an ad hominem attack.

    2. Chapter One
      The World of the Borderline
      “Everything looked and sounded unreal. Nothing was what it is. That’s what I wantedto be alone with myself in another world where truth is untrue and life can hide from itself.”

      hmmmm I wonder who this sounds like.

  4. coulda ,woulda ,shoulda, If I had it to do again I dont think i would have done anything differently. being a OTR driver for 17 years I’ve seen alot and careless and aggressive driving is nothing new. you learn patience I only had a couple miles to go trying to give her all the room she wanted . dont even know why i taped it. but im glad i did after finding out she has a lot of history doing this around this community. I never feared for myself or grandbaby until she stopped and ran towards car and in the process i could not back up there were a dozen cars behind me as i never got over 35 mph trying to keep distance in a 55 mph zone. and the electric windows well in the situation wish i could have gotton them to work faster. wish i would have had the old fashioned crank handles. the only thing i regret is my grandbaby witnessed that behavior. This never would have made news If Sheriffs would have returned any of my call in the 5 days after reporting still heard nothing. and yes she still on the road..

    1. sheri – what is it that you did that annoyed her enough to behave like that?

    2. Sheri

      I have noticed a lot of aggressive behavior lately so maybe it’s in the air or something. I would never second guess anything I did to keep my baby or grand baby safe.

      Don’t listen to these pos on here. They know how irritating someone could be on the road

  5. ” you are a real Christian and an example to us all ”

    So are the voices in your head telling you that you’re a Christian again today?

    Maybe you can help me with a question. I’m wondering how hard I should be on you. Since you’re insane, I feel I should show you some compassion, even though you’re annoying. However, what if the fact that you’re annoying has nothing to do with your insanity?

    Is there a possibility that I could get you to post your diagnosis? A note from your psychiatrist would work as well. I just want to know if you’re one of those obsessive lunatics that will eventually require a restraining order.

  6. Karen-

    “Anarchist – You must live in a very safe area to feel there is no need for self defense.”

    I didn’t say “no” need. I would respond to this specific point further, but I won’t. I’m going to see if conditioning will get you to quit exaggerating to make your point.

    “the Megan’s Law map of my surrounding area looks like a shotgun blast, because pedophiles seem to congregate in rural areas.”

    Not by choice. State and County governments tend to ship pedo’s off to rural or impoverished areas where they feel they’ll get the fewest complaints about them.

    ” my father stopped a night time break-in of our own home simply by chambering a round on the other side of the door”

    Not a very determined burglar. No work ethic at all.

    “Why not just pour BBQ sauce all over yourself? ”

    Get your mind out of the gutter woman. I’m trying to have an adult conversation.

    Other than that, I’m not a gun control activist. I have no problem with gun ownership. Personally, I hate handguns because they are so dangerous, but there’s nothing wrong with having an AK next to the bed. However, you have to live in a particularly dangerous area for the benefit of carrying a gun to outweigh the risks.

    “Anarchist – OK, if you’re a collectivist, which is a form of communism”

    Collectivism isn’t a form of communism. Collectivism has played a role in human society ever since human society has existed. It didn’t magically pop into existence when Marx wrote Capital. Every society, even the most liberal, is collectivist at its core, and that is a result of biological necessity- the human species lives in groups.

    “you must be very proud of the human rights and environmental record of communist countries such as China. ”

    China is authoritarian Capitalist- what we are becoming.

    “Since you’re a collectivist, then. . .”

    I’ll cut you off there because you lapse into nonsensical right wing paranoia.

    “I recall my friend telling me about growing up in the former USSR in Maldova.”

    The Soviet Union was totalitarian. The textbook descriptions of political theories rarely materialize in the real world aside from their role to provide a veil of legitimacy for the government in question. Aside from that, I’m not acommunist, so I don’t feel any need to defend it.

    ” Capitalism and owning your own business was forbidden”

    Your examples are dated. We now have China, which has a managed economy, and it’s been showing unprecedented growth. Hitler, with his managed economy, managed to be the only Western Nation to make it out of the great depression before ww2. While we were starving, he was experiencing a labor shortage. So, whether managed economies are good or bad would depend upon the situation. But I’m not an economist, so I can’t really comment too much on that.

  7. Anarchist – OK, if you’re a collectivist, which is a form of communism, you must be very proud of the human rights and environmental record of communist countries such as China.

    Since you’re a collectivist, then anything you “have” is not really “yours.” It’s ours. So if you have something I want, give it to me. If you have a job I want, give it to me. And your car.

    Don’t get attached to any of your stuff. If you get what you want, it’s all ours.

    I recall my friend telling me about growing up in the former USSR in Maldova. Socialist. Capitalism and owning your own business was forbidden, and people were encouraged to turn in their neighbors. Her father had a black market business to help feed his family, because that stale government bread tastes awful. Sure, it’s free, and everyone is equal, equally miserable, that is. So her family ate better than their neighbors, and had warmer clothes, so they didn’t suffer as much. But they lived in fear of being found out . . . for owning their own small business. And the healthcare was free, but it was awful. Her mother died of cancer, and she was so disappointed in how that free healthcare took care of her.

    1. Karen

      Don’t bother

      He is a congenital narcissist

      Notice how he reels you in and then smashes you as if you are worthless because you are a woman, a right winger, or whatever. Disgraceful He is an anarchist. He is NOT a Liberal The two are mutually exclusive. Liberals are creative and he is destructive.

      You tell me how much sense this makes

      Anarchist 2.0

      “Anyway, there are plenty of anarchists that are actually liberals, but they use the term “anarchist” to describe themselves because they are kids that like to dress in black and toss bricks through windows.”

  8. Anarchist – You must live in a very safe area to feel there is no need for self defense.

    I have been robbed while I was home, in a similar, “safe” neighborhood, had a psycho stalker, my father stopped a night time break-in of our own home simply by chambering a round on the other side of the door, we routinely shoot huge rattlers out here, and the Megan’s Law map of my surrounding area looks like a shotgun blast, because pedophiles seem to congregate in rural areas. And there are places in the US, such as Alaska, where it is foolish to venture if you are not armed, as some areas have the highest concentration of grizzly bears per square mile on Earth. And I would NOT go for a walk in the Serengeti unarmed. Why not just pour BBQ sauce all over yourself?

    Do you know who bought me my first firearm, that I personally owned? My ex-boyfriend, who was a cop. He said he had never, in the history of his career in law enforcement, arrived in time to stop a violent crime from happening. Not once. He said it takes too long to find a phone, call the police, give your information, state what’s happening, and then wait for officers to drive to your location, assess the situation, and gain entry. Someone’s going to do what he came there to do. The police are usually there to solve the crime if they can’t prevent it.

    And speaking of paranoia, you know what I’m afraid of? Not a darn thing, at home, because we’re all packing out in this neighborhood. I see armed people riding their horses, having a lovely trail ride, all the time. And amazingly, it’s not the OK Corral. Because you have to combine a gun with a criminal to get a gun crime. The highest risk for gun crimes is in gang neighborhoods.

    You know what we do not get out here? Break ins while the family is home. It’s unheard of.

  9. Nick-

    “someone is stating on another thread you cannot be liberal and an anarchist”

    The term anarchist doesn’t describe one distinct set of ideas. However, communists and anarchists historically aren’t liberal, in the traditional sense of the world. They are collectivist, which opposes the historical use of the word “liberal” in a political context (Summed up by Adam Smith in Wealth of Nations- A man does best for his country when he does best for himself). Definitions have been lost and now the term liberal is just a pejorative term used by conservatives to insult people of opposing views, but capitalism is actually a thoroughly liberal ideology. . .at least it was.

    Anyway, there are plenty of anarchists that are actually liberals, but they use the term “anarchist” to describe themselves because they are kids that like to dress in black and toss bricks through windows.

  10. Anarchist 2.0 …I should add that along with the pistol on my hip, fully concealed is not all that carry in my truck.I also carry a full first aid kit, including compression bandages, other first aid supplies, and a shovel with gloves to handle it in heavy snow, plus warm up clothing, and a blanket, for those who might need it. My focus is on being what I want others to be, not to bluff them by being armed…but just to extend a hand here and there when appropriate. A smile goes further to defuse potential hostility, and I’ve found that true in several places around the world.

    In one incident among that 80% still extant I stopped a car jacking in progress, not with my side arm, but with my well trained, and titled, dog, for tracking, obedience, and “protection” in accord with USCA and SV protocols. Now YOUmight find some one with a dog so trained is a danger no matter what, when the opposite is true…a dog trained in protection is taught when to bite, and more importantly when not to bite … that good dog took the lead perpetrator, who was reaching for his belt line under his sweatshirt, to the ground and held him there until (that female GSD was heavily muscled, especially in the shoulders,neck a solid 22 inches) and jaws…one of the best deep biters I have worked with, with amazing strength….and who always went “high” for the shoulder. I gave the command to “Aus” (“out”) …where upon the smitten guy ran off, following his buddies in flight. No real surprise he filed no complaint. I never filed a complaint either…the crime was stopped and thus no harm no foul. The young men involved were not black, but white semitics too young to not still be idiots.

    Main point for this anecdotal comment is to show how even under the duress of walking in to a car jacking I never reached for my pistol, never even thought about it in fact. Yep, I am a danger to society. They guy who was saved from being jacked seemed to not think so.

    1. Aridog

      If you haven’t figured this out yet – anything with a 2 number in it is a Mespo Sock account. Finney was a horrible moralist that didn’t understand anything about God’s love and furthermore he could not understand he was supposed to be in God’s will therefore, he became one of the first, if not the first “worship me” types of evangelists.

      Mostly they are self appointed congenital narcissists like the anointed one we have in office right now. They do not know the difference between radical leftist movements like Greenpeace and Classical Liberalism if you catch my Drift.

      And — The reason I was even going to write this was to say — you are precious — you are a real Christian and an example to us all 😉

  11. Anarchist 2.0 said …

    I gave a reasonable opposing opinion, so of course you view that as trolling.

    Please there was nothing “reasonable” about your initial post, and you persistent use of “you people” or similar bits reveals your bias while not even trying to understand that whole real world is not the land of Pollyanna you imagine it to be.

    Some of you people are highly intolerant of opposing opinions, no matter how rational they are- like my view on this matter, for instance. Of course, you’re most likely a little bitter at my reaction to your revelation that you are armed 24/7 for no real reason, but oh well.

    On the contrary, I am not offended, just telling you what I get from your words. If anyone is “paranoid” it you.

    If you regularly engage in reckless and foolish behavior like carrying a gun when there is no real need, you should learn to tolerate criticism. Violent crime has been dropping steadily for over 20 years, so your fear of the world around you, your perception that your society is your enemy, is based upon unfounded paranoia. With that gun on your hip and that bullet in your pocket, you present more danger to the world around you than that world presents to you

    It is not fear, but simple awareness of the surroundings. A 20% drop still leaves 80% still active. And if you’d read any of my prior posts you would know that I am the last person who would ever threaten any one, a person who is an advocate for concealed carry, but not open carry…which I consider to be unnecessarily provocative….and stupid because it exposes you to having you pistol taken from you in a confrontation…it is hardly a less than fearful means to carry. A false shield at best. I don’t think you understand fear, or when it is and is not a motivation. I am leery of those claim they have no fear…we all feel it, just not the way you perceive it. Your “fear” of guys like me is rather a positive indicator of irrational fear.

    You ought to pardon us who do not find your post riveting logical statements. And maybe try to make reasonable policy opinions ,not a declarative ones that paint “you people” with too wide of a brush.

    BTW…you did NOT answer my question vis a vis citing where you thinkI said I fear to venture in to parts of the inner city. You merely reiterated your own opinions. If you ask however if I venture past Warren Ave& 23 Street, the answer was daily when I worked in the federal building, and now only weekly to cross town to visit my daughter and her friends who live in the city core. In snow mess ups like we have now, I even stop for other motorists who live there along that route, as well as in places like the “Warrendale” area, and need help getting unstuck….even picking up strangers standing on a wind blown blizzard bus stop to see if I can help them get to where they are going. See the thing is I walk the walk, while you sound like mostly a talker.

  12. Maybe I should go whining like a little baaabeee to JT or to my friends or something cause my feeelings are hurt. lol

    I know I will tweet him and cry about it. 😉

  13. Inga –

    it never cease to amaze me how a Liberal never practices what he or she preaches

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