Police Accuse Mother Of Attempting To “Sell” Daughter’s Virginity

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

250px-Hinged_Handcuffs_Rear_Back_To_BackIn a bizarre and depraved case of alleged child abuse, police in Carnation, Washington accuse Mary Miles of bringing her fourteen year old daughter to a truck stop in North Bend for the purpose of selling her daughter’s virginity to Miles’ boyfriend Bryan Murphy.

The two agreed on a child exploitation scheme where Miles is alleged to have entered Murphy’s truck with her daughter. Miles and he then engaged in a sex. When Murphy then grabbed the daughter’s leg she became extremely distressed and escaped the truck. She walked several miles to a middle school where she met with her seventeen year old sister who then called police.

Police the next day interviewed Murphy who consented to a search of her cell phone. She admitted to police that Murphy wanted to have sex with both the daughters but preferred the fourteen year old because she was a virgin.

During the cell phone search police describe a depraved exchange was found between Miles and Murphy where Miles offered to arrange for a sexual encounter with the fourteen year old girl in exchange for half a month’s rent. Murphy agreed with a rather stunning response.

Miles sent a message back saying, “Ok you can have (the 14-year old).” Murphy also sent Miles a message saying he bought a wedding ring and would marry her “the day after I pop (the 14-year-old girl’s) cherry,” according to prosecutors.

Miles claimed that the girl agreed to have sex with Murphy in exchange for four hundred dollars but admitted that she arranged the sexual encounter. Consent of the minor is irrelevant per Washington State Law. She also is alleged to have originally tried to protect Murphy by refusing to fully cooperate with police as to his identity.

Law Enforcement Officers arrested Murphy in Oklahoma. Miles is charged with Commercial Sex Abuse of a Minor.

By Darren Smith


Revised Code of Washington 9.68A.100

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  1. this man was on a dating site,I have seen his picture myself and he is already married!!! they both need put down

  2. I never said Friedman was a neocon. The cult of Neoconservatism has embraced his free-market precepts with all the fanatical fervor of a condemned prisoner seeking pardon.

    Whatever about Strauss and his theories on democracy and foreign policy, today’s Neocons are actively seeking to reduce and/or eliminate voter participation and create a world where people are not citizens so much as they are consumers who receive all the respect and concern that corporations are willing to provide, which is not much.

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    1. Fascinating RTC – I think that what the Neocons did was pervert Classic Liberalism into the Armed Prophets such as Bill Clinton and George W Bush. I have actually made a study of them so don’t think I am uneducated. I only brought up Strauss because I thought his “Noble Lie” was so perfect in describing Bush in his jingoistic worship at ball games and “God Bless America” in the seventh inning stretch ad nauseaum. 😉

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