25 thoughts on “Now This Is Snow Removal . . . Canadian Style”

  1. DL…you are correct, except for those trains that are fully electric and rely upon a third (hot) rail…if that is interfered with , the trains stop. Over head hot wires may be the exception. Boston just experienced that phenomena IIRC. Only locomotives steam or diesel can withstand the snow & ice mess generally. We in Detroit have been blessed with light snowfall so far….but if it comes down the road we can handle it. Slowly. We’ve dug our cars out of the mess more than once. City plows make that harder to do, thanks to their heaping snow up on the sides of a road, but not impossible. So far I am delighted the worst has been in the NE and Boston….selfish I know 🙂

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    From Institute of Mediocre Management Rail Committee: Memo to Network rail and Train Operators after next blizzard [definition blizzard (uk only). noun, a fall of snow greater than 1cm but less than 3cm]. You do not have to cancel train services, they actually can run in the white stuff. And tip to help with overcrowding, note length of this train.

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