Strauss-Kahn: I Was Unaware Of The “Prostitutional Character” Of The Women In Orgies

225px-Strauss-Kahn,_Dominique_(official_portrait_2008)-1Former International Monetary Fund boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn told a French court that he was unaware of the “prostitutional character” of women involved in orgies at luxury hotels in Paris and Washington D.C. were prostitutes. The much ridiculed defense is only the latest development in a bizarre criminal prosecution in France, where prostitution is legal but not soliciting or running a prostitution business – a curious line to draw for criminal cases.

The 65-year-old economist appears not to have been especially interested in the economic reasons for their participation and must have just assumed that these younger women were simply drawn to him and 13 co-defendants in orgies that centered on the Hotel Carlton in Lille, France.

The case highlights the strange approach to prostitution in France. Many in this country question the criminalization of prostitution between consenting adults when adults are allowed in have sex on film for money and can obviously have sex with as many partners as they like for free. Moreover, there is often a blurred line when such relationship involve ample gifts like the controversial relationship between Donald Sterling and his much younger girlfriend. Yet there remains a strong opposition to prostitution on moral grounds as well as the view that the practice is harmful and discriminatory to women.

Many countries have legalized prostitution but France has this curious differentiation. The no solicitation law appears to be directed at street walkers and is found in other countries. A person can charge for sex but cannot engage in racolage (soliciting), including racolage passif or passive soliciting. That is fairly standard since one of the benefits of legalization is viewed as regulating the practice and forcing it indoors. However, there is also a prohibition on advertising which is in conflict with the notion of a legal practice (though we have restricted product advertising like alcohol and tobacco). The more curious distinction is the criminalization of proxénétisme (procuring) which includes “helping or protecting someone to prostitute themselves profiting from the prostitution of another or receiving funds from someone who prostitutes themselves habitually hiring or training someone to prostitute themselves or pressuring someone to prostitute themselves.” That would seem to criminalize the management of such businesses. Indeed, there is a move in France to add penalties for “johns.” The result is a somewhat conflicted approach in France, which is now one of the more hostile nations toward prostitution while still allowing prostitution on some level. What is missing is a clear and coherent approach as revealed in this case.

Prostitutes in the case have said that Strauss-Kahn organized orgies between 2009 and 2011 at luxury hotels in Paris, at a restaurant in the French capital and also in Washington. That would obviously undermine the notion of a lack of knowledge of their “prostitutional character” even if the orgies themselves did not create some suspicions. Moreover, one prostitute accused Strauss-Kahn of committing brutal sex acts with her. Again, Strauss-Kahn seems to be arguing that he thought that this much younger woman simply wanted to be brutalized and have sex with him and his friends.

In his defense, Strauss-Kahn insisted that there were only 12 orgies in 3 years. That I believe was intended to help his case.

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    Shocking new details have emerged about BILL CLINTON’s travels with pedophile JEFFREY EPSTEIN on the billionaire’s “orgy jet” – as Bill’s wife Hillary wonders how many more sexual secrets are waiting to torpedo her 2016 bid for the White House!

    The former prez flew with Epstein to the Islamic state of Brunei to dine with a notorious Sultan accused of duping women into “white slavery,” The National ENQUIRER has learned.

    It’s yet another humiliation for Hillary – and right after The ENQUIRER revealed her hubby’s connection to a pedophile sex slave scandal in a world-rocking scoop!

    Bill flew into Brunei in Epstein’s private 727 – equipped with an alleged “orgy bed” – on May 25, 2002. Their entourage included Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen – both alleged “madames” for Epstein’s kiddie sex ring.

    Bill flew to visit Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah – who’d relied on Clinton-era diplomatic immunity to beat charges of holding an American beauty queen against her will.

    That didn’t stop the nonprofit Clinton Foundation from accepting the state of Brunei’s 2002 donation to the Clinton Presidential Library – for a sum between $1 million and $5 million!

    News of the meeting emerged after Virginia Roberts’ sworn testimony. In it, she accused Epstein of using her as an underage “sex slave” to service powerful figures, including Prince Andrew and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

    Flight logs reveal Bill being picked up by Epstein from a Japanese naval airport on May 22, 2002, with a destination to dine with Sultan Bolkiah. He was accused of having women “transported to Brunei as human chattel” in a lawsuit filed by former Miss USA Shannon Marketic.

    The Sultan has denied the charges – just as Prince Andrew, Dershowitz and Maxwell have denied Virginia’s charges.

  2. On a related note

    The twisted tycoon who paid teenage slaves to have illicit sex with some of the world’s highest profile men may have secretly filmed some lurid encounters and hatched an alleged “blackmail” scheme!

    In a dramatic twist to the explosive scandal that has ensnared Prince Andrew and former President Bill Clinton, The National ENQUIRER has learned the FBI has seized at least four tapes from a home of billionaire pervert Jeffrey Epstein.

    The spy videos contain over four hours of footage that could be potentially incriminating to Andrew, who allegedly had relations with teenage sex slave Virginia Roberts at least three times.

    Now a 31-year-old married mother of three, Virginia has claimed that she was employed as the “top girl” in Epstein’s illegal harem for four years.

    During that time, she has alleged that he ordered her to have sex with Andrew, fifth in line to the British throne and “many other powerful men, including politicians and powerful business executives.”

    She’s also accused Andrew of participating in a sordid “orgy” with her, Epstein and a group of young Russian models on the financier’s private Caribbean island.

    Now, The ENQUIRER has learned, potentially damaging evidence was obtained after law enforcement raided Epstein’s Florida-based sex den!

    According to 93 pages of police reports leaked to The ENQUIRER, two hidden cameras were discovered in clocks at Epstein’s Palm Beach estate where Virginia has claimed she was paid to work as a sex slave, beginning at the age of 15.

    “Several images of Epstein working at his office were seen,” the documents stated. “There was other footage of females seen.”

    What’s more, Virginia learned there were also clandestine surveillance cameras at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse where she was ordered, she said, to have a romp with 54-year-old Andrew in a dungeon-like “massage room.”

  3. “one prostitute accused Strauss-Kahn of committing brutal sex acts with her”

    The Wrath of Strauss-Kahn

  4. For an economist, I am disappointed in him. He denies prostitution and claims he was engaged in Free Riding and Horizontal Integration.

  5. I can’t even imagine how you would thread that needle in coming up with a definition of legal prostitution.

  6. I think it is an insult to women to think that they are not sexually liberated enough to participate in an orgy without being paid for it. I happen to know two women who would have gladly joined in if their identities were protected.

  7. This is the same guy who was arrested in 2011 for allegedly sexually assaulting a maid at the Sofitel New York Hotel.

  8. In France they call sex with a single girl “banging on the door”. If there is more than one in the melee it is “banging on the floor”. My Dogalogue Machine will not print out the French language version of this. I cant bark in Frog. Some women in Amsterdam will engage in orgies for free. Usually its when they are jealous because their husband is off to the cathouse and they are at the bar in the hotel brooding. An opportunistic male might round up three of these irritated and drunk wives and have an orgie on the floor in his room on the 5th Floor. But, that is Amsterdam– land of opportunity. Is this Strauss Kahn guy Swiss or Frog or what?

  9. Next thing you hear will be the news that he was guilty of cigar abuse. Like Bill Clinton. Straus Khan or Genghis Khan looks old. Too old to be porking. Whether he pays for it or not.

  10. I feel sorry for the cleaning crew in those hotels.

    I’m conflicted about prostitution. Two consenting adults should be able to abuse themselves however they please. And what’s the line between prostitution, courtesan, and someone who sleeps with a man she doesn’t like because he pays her rent while they’re together? We have our own blurred lines.

    And yet, prostitution is inescapably linked with sex trafficking and STDs, which harm society. And it was so annoying, years ago, to go to Vegas and have those men on the strip hand your man an ad for a brothel, WHILE HE’S HOLDING YOUR HAND. I’ve seen them do that to fathers on vacation with their wives and kids. Although it used to be a spectator sport of mine, watching men make a display of hurling away the ads once they realized what they were to keep their wives from murdering them on the spot. Several times I’d told those handing out the flyers to knock it off, and they just ignored me and tried to put one in my man’s pocket.

    If legalizing prostitution means that every street can be like the Strip, where a man can’t walk down it without having strangers stuff his pockets full of brother fliers, then that would be a problem.

  11. Basically, it seems like France wants to outlaw pimping but not prostitution. That seems like a reasonable distinction to make.

  12. Mr. Strauss-Kahn must be smart and well connected – witness the great career (and bright prospects) that he had.

    What is amazing is the depth of his public stupidity.

    Perhaps it was just arrogance.

    In any case, his career has been flushed.

    What does his wife have to say now (another example of an otherwise smart woman “standing by her man”)? Does Hillary have any advice for the wife?

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