Rabbi Reportedly Accused Of Filming Over 150 Jewish Women In Ritual Bath

Freundel-e1413317892667We have been following the bizarre case of the once leading national Orthodox rabbi and powerful local figure, Barry Freundel. Freundel (shown above from a YouTube clip), is now criminally charged with using a secret camera to film Jewish women engaged in the ritual bath known as a Mikva. There is now new details in the case and they are shocking even in this notorious case. Freundel is now accused of photographing more than 150 women in the ritual bath.

He is viewed as one of the leading experts on Jewish law and ethics and “an intellectual giant” in the Jewish intellectual circles. Freundel headed the conversion committee of the Rabbinical Council of America and is vice president of the region’s Vaad, overseeing kosher dietary laws at Jewish institutions. He has a law degree and a doctorate and is affiliated with several area universities, including Georgetown University’s law school, the University of Maryland and Towson University, north of the Baltimore. He was part of a power couple within the Jewish community with his wife Sharon Freundel is the leader of Kesher’s monthly women’s study and prayer group as well as the director of Hebrew and Judaic studies at the Jewish Primary Day School. Sharon Freundel was in the courtroom with one of their three children for his arraignment but has since filed for divorce. Some members of the Kesher Israel synagogue called Freundel intimidating and dismissive as a Rabbi.

2349077637The prosecutors proceeded on the basis of six women but indicated that they believed that there were more alleged victims. It appears that there might be a lot more. The question is whether the Kesher Israel synagogue might be liable to such a large number of women given the complaints about Freundel in the past though those complaints appear to be more about his treatment of people at Kesher generally. If there were an action against the synagogue, it could be devastating in terms of damages and restitution claims. Torts claims could be based not only as respondent superior (which would be challenged on the basis that this is a crime, concealed from the congregation, and outside the scope of his duties) but also on the failure to supervise their employee and secure the area for the ritual bathing.

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  3. Davidm2575

    I don’t find it the least bit hard to believe – they are all in it together – it’s an AIPAC thing apparently

    Freundel, whose congregation includes Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and ex-Sen. Joseph Lieberman, was led out of his Georgetown home in handcuffs on Tuesday morning, neighbors told the Washingtonian magazine.
    Kesher Israel
    Kesher Israel

    A police report, obtained by local D.C. news channel Fox 5, alleges that Freundel was seen installing a camera hidden in a clock radio above a shower at the mikvah. Freundel allegedly told the person who caught him that he was fixing the shower ventilation. The TV station reported that he would be held overnight.

    A reporter with the Fox station reported on Twitter that Freundel was arrested for “electronic voyeurism” and “had cameras in ladies rooms.”

    Read more: http://forward.com/articles/207342/rabbi-barry-freundel-arrested-suspected-of-peepi/#ixzz3RhF8o3iT

    I wonder if he sold the tapes to the “New Adam” yes that is whom Lieberman was referred to by Hagee. I know that’s not nice but these people turn my stomach. I still remember the Moral Majority

  4. The pedophile priest who reformed and got married had two kids, not two “kinds”. I barked wrong and the Dogalogue Machine miswrote. Sorry. He got reformed in a cathouse in Paris. No longer a pedophile. Life is good. There is hope for this Rabbi too. Maybe a part time job at a cathouse cleaning rooms and getting paid in trade. No photos allowed though.

  5. Isaac-My favorite nun story is when, after Vatican II, a traditional Cardinal came back from Rome despondent about the reforms. He said to a nun, “What about the souls in purgatory that are suffering because they ate meat on a Friday?!” The nun responded, “What makes you think God was listening to you?”

    1. Edward – my personal favorite was a caption from Cracked magazine. It was prior to sending anyone into space. There was a picture of a toothless guy in his 80s wearing a leather aviator’s helmet with the caption “While I was up there I saw God. First of all, She’s black.” 🙂

  6. Pogo, Make sure you bathe in the protection of your own home, not some Russian bath house!

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