Total Cat-itude

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.47.16 PMMy kids showed me this video. I am the parent who does not want a cat (I am a dog lover) and this video was somehow meant to sell me on the feline pet option.

As Miss Kitty said in “American Tale”: “I don’t want a tomcat, tough cat, or even a tough tabby, I just want – how do I say this? I just want a cat… who’s more like a dog.”

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  1. Cats can be a lot like dogs. This is a recent video that shows the family cat attacking a dog that’s attacking a child and it’s a classic:
    We’ve always had hunting dogs (Springers) but acquired a couple of rescue kittens a few years ago. One of them, a small female cat, did something similar to what happened in the video only it involved a raccoon that came at me after I tried to shoo it off a deck attached to the house. The cat stopped the coon in its tracks when it came flying at it out of the darkness. Raccoon promptly turned around and headed back to the woods.

  2. A moment to say something positive about a great former weekend blogger, Nal. He has a recurring series of “Find the Kitteh” photos. Cats being chameleon like, blending into the shot. Nal was a gentleman and he is sorely missed. If you’re a cat lover, peruse the archives and look for those posts.

  3. @ Ari

    I would love to have a dog again. I’ve only had hunting dogs in the past. Our Chesapeake Bay Retriever was probably the smartest (and most stubborn) dog ever. Easy to train…..when he agreed with what you wanted him to do 😀

    But, I’m not sure I have the energy and the will to be a good responsible owner. A dog requires more work and attention than a cat. You need to exercise and walk your dog. I wouldn’t just let my dog roam, especially where we live. You are asking to have your dog either shot or eaten by predators. As you can see our property is not able to be “fenced in”. Too big and geographically impossible. Other than having an enclosed dog run, the options are limited for unsupervised outdoor time. So walking is a good thing for the dog AND for me. EXCEPT in the winter when it is -5 degrees I’m not so keen on that option. Nope.

    You also need to be a good disciplinarian to your dog. Be in charge and train your dog to be part of the pack, obedient and happy. Cat’s don’t care and don’t recognize that you are in charge. Meh.

    Taking off for weekend trips on a whim is easy when you have a cat(s). Leave ’em inside with a bowl of food, litter box, access to water and some toys. They just sleep eat and play. Then they give you an attitude when you get home for about an hour to make sure you are severely reprimanded. You can’t just lock up your dog in the house and leave him/her alone. That would be cruel. You need a babysitter or a doggy day care/kennel and have to plan ahead.

    I’m too old and lazy now, I think, to own a dog. However….if I did. Welsh Corgi would be my choice.

  4. Kittens are cute, but the grow up to be cats. Like Beagle puppies, adorable, but they grow up to be, well, Beagles. BTW…I love Beagles and our next dog may just be a Beagle (not sure I still have either the strength or energy to train another German Shepherd from puppy-hood)… and he or she will be a true and final test of my ability to train a dog. No dog on earth, other than a Beagle, can look you straight in the eye, if aggravated by something you did, and take a dump on the kitchen floor just for spite….then walk away as if to say, take that, chump! You have to love them….or at least try.

  5. I cat sat for my daughter while she was in Afghanistan for a year. If people think cats aren’t loyal they are mistaken. When my daughter got home and her cat Bella saw her again, you never saw a happier cat. Her tail quivered, I’ve never seen a cat’s tail do this before and it indicates extreme happiness, so I’m told. She wouldn’t leave her alone for a minute and followed her from room to room, it was very touching.

  6. Great comment and photos, DBQ. The aforementioned block cat in San Diego is owned by 3 surfer dudes on my block. It is primarily an outdoor cat. There are days @ a time he’s roaming the neighborhood and doesn’t come home. But, they never sweat it. Surfer dudes never sweat anything. He just returns and hangs for awhile. I often grill fish outside. That brings the big boy around most every time. He particularly likes swordfish. Good taste.

    Tyger, I agree w/ you about big cats. This surfer dude cat is big. Not fat, big. Just big.

  7. Our outdoor cat, Oscar, is very much dog like. He knows the sounds of our trucks and runs to greet us when we come in. Likewise wants to be near us in the yard whenever possible. When I am working on our accounting and billing in the shop office, he lays on a piece of carpet that I attached to the corner of the desk. He sits and stares out at the river whenever we are lounging on the deck. Pondering something we suppose. Great hunter. Weighs in at about 18 to 20 pounds. Comes when you call him and in general is a super cat. We can’t let him in the house because…1. he will spray and 2. our little old lady cat hates his guts. He gets to live in the workshop building which is a two story 1300 sq ft building with a nice comfy futon upstairs in the office and several lush chairs to lay upon. It is a tough life 🙂

    Here are some photos. (I hope this link works). It really isn’t that yellow where we live. I had to change the lighting on the photo to make it visible.

  8. Cats are really great. Especially a BIG cat. Get a really big cat and you can replace your watchdog. The ones with stripes always look so attractive, too.

  9. I have had cats and dogs. I’m primarily a dog lover, but also appreciate cats. Much of my personality regarding these either/or contrivances is based on growing up in Ct., where you were supposed to be either/or a Yankee or Red Sox fan. Well, my old mans family were Yankee, my mom’s were Red Sox. I did not buy into having to love one and hate the other. I was primarily a Yankee fan but I took immense joy in 1967, the greatest pennant race in my lifetime. The Red Sox were 100-1 to win the pennant. They had a 5 team race w/ the Twins, White Sox, Tigers and Angels. The Angels faded around Labor Day, but the other teams fought until the final day[s’], I remember Yankee fans rooting against the Red Sox. It just didn’t compute w/ me. Yaz won the Triple Crown that year and as much as any player I’ve seen, carried that team on his back. Yeah, I love dogs. I’ve had many. But, I have also had cats. Where I live in San Diego there are a couple of block cats. I pet them, give them treats, just like I do dogs.

    For sport fans. I am reading a book written by Bob Ryan, the Boston Globe columnist, titled Scribe. It is well written and if you love sports, particularly Boston sports, it’s a must read.

  10. We had a cat once, named “TC” aka “Red Kitty” aka “Garfield The Cat” (hence the “TC”) who was more like a dog than any cat. Obeyed commands, walked on a leash, would stay on the porch when told to do so, and sit by you as you read a book in the yard or on the porch. He “raised” three German Shepherds from puppy-hood, and adored them all. I doubt we’ll ever see another “TC”…but I can hope.

  11. Pogo, LOL! You are on fire this morning. Crazy old cat ladies used to just bother their neighbors. Now they can bother everyone in the world!

  12. Paul is absolutely correct. Cats will run your life.

    However….>Maine Coon Cat. Most like a dog…..with a lot of hair.

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