Jihadi John Unmasked

jihadi-john-split-without-credit-1-762x428Jihadi_JohnWe finally have a face to go with the name of the infamous Islamic State murderer known as “Jihadi John.” He is Mohammed Emwazi and is shown here in a Pittsburgh Pirates hat from his time at the University of Westminster. He turns out to another militant from a well-off family and someone who seemed successful in society as we have seen in other cases. This will make it easier for the United States which, according to Attorney General Eric Holder, has made capturing or killing Jihadi John a priority.

The 26-year-old now beheads people for not believing in his extreme view of Islam.

When this picture was taken he was completing his Information Systems with Business Management degree at the London’s Cavendish campus.

Cases like Emwazi tend to undermine the image of IS militants as coming from people left without jobs or a future in the West.

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  1. Inga (Annie) Which tv show did you find the images of your ‘family’ on?

  2. Sandi, I never “compare” my family with other commenters who speak of their family. I have NO IDEA where you get such ideas. Other commenters here feel free to mention their families, YOU included. Why do you think you should be afforded respect when speaking of your family and I shouldn’t be? I will speak of my family when I darn well please. You do the same or don’t, it makes no difference to me. Sandi I’ve read some things that you’ve written gnat I’ve had to just shake my head over, but this one tops them all. If you do not want people to be rude to you, I suggest you don’t be rude first, “just a suggestion”.

  3. Po, I suspect you’ve never listened to Rush. Probably watch a short video, without knowing the subject, and are told what it was about. And if you disagree with me, fine, but stop questioning my knowledge and abilities.

    When I first started listening to Rush, it was because I heard him agreeing with my thoughts. And he makes people laugh, which is a rare talent. Most people decrying Rush have never listened to him. In fact, refuse to. How can anyone make a decision without listening? It’s the behavior of lemmings.

    I’m not sure what reality you mean. I am concerned with Obama’s unconstitutional actions. Professor Turley has spoken about them several times at committee metings. I’m sure you can google them. He has also spoken of Madison’s Federalist about impeachment and the duty of Congress to stop any President with their powers before impeachment. Unfortunately, this President ignores the necessity that Congress change a law and just changes it himself. Multiple times on ACA. ACA is functioning unlawfully, but who cares? Then we have the power of the purse. Obama ignores that and moves money around without Congressional approval. So HHS is spending money not approved by Congress. And money has been promised to other countries without Congressional approval. But who cares?

    What part of the Constitution is dear to you? When Obama chooses to ignore that, will you be upset?

    Inga, just a suggestion, but if you didn’t bring up your family, no one else would. If someone says something about their family, you jump in with a comparison to yours. Then every other comment is an attack on your family, that no one has intended.

    Let’s leave families out of these discussions. If no one mentions family, or jumps to defend an unintended remark, no one will be offended. Our families are special, and even if they’re wrong, we always defend them.

    If someone has something to share about family they think is special. Read it or don’t read it. But keep negative thoughts to yourself, please.

  4. A busines management degree? What ? De-capitalism as a major?

  5. DBQ, please. The entire thread turned into trying to prove my father had something to hide in his war experience. You come up with this little story…. For what purpose? To make a point. Give your busybody self a rest.

  6. DBQ, that’s nice. Now what does it have to do with me? Again people take huge leaps. I think what’s important to recognize here is that there are people who would like to take liberties with other people’s family histories for more nefarious reasons than getting at the “real” story. Your little story has absolutely nothing to do with my family history. I could make up some story of your dad being a bank robber and then going into some elaborate scenario of how he deceived his family for years. But then I would be a busybody with an ax to grind, some peculiar person who invests way too much time obsessed with other people’s families.

  7. Here is a real WWII story. My aunt by marriage is German. During the war her father was a Brown Shirt or something official in the Nazi Party. She was very very young then and doesn’t remember much about the actual war. Sometime towards the end of the war, he disappeared and never turned up again. Likely killed in the war or murdered.

    After the war, during the occupation, she and her mother lived in Frankfurt. The were alone and very poor and struggling to just keep alive. The only thing of any value that they had was a bicycle that the could ride to the store and get a few groceries. Because the bike was valuable and precious, my aunt would go with her mother so that she could be chained to the bike while her mother shopped. People would steal the bike….NO one wanted a kid. She does remember that and the shame of being worth less than a bike.

    Later when she was 16 (or so) my uncle met her in Germany and they got married. Our family is in the printing trade and he was in the Army working at the Stars and Stripes at the time. He also was very young and didn’t participate in WWII. I think he was 19 yrs old at the time. They returned to the states in the mid 50’s.

    My mother wanted to greet her in real American style and made her special fried chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob southern dinner. My aunt was in tears because in Germany corn was only fed to the hogs. She thought she was being insulted until my uncle explained it was a treat and not an insult. A whole lot of confusion and drama. I think I was about 7 at the time.

    So her father was a Nazi. Who the H#ll cares?

    1. DBQ

      You have a pure heart. Thank you for sharing that. What this has to do with everything is everyone was put through the most heinous things that was a good and true person. And they were connected to the enemy in one way or another.

      Just like now with the Muslims. It is the same thing. They have these God Awful Terrorists who use their religion to commit atrocities and everyone expects them to be able as people to fix the dilemma personally and lays the blame at their doorstep as personal shame.

      All of us as people of the Book should learn to get past ourselves and try to heal these breaches so we can finally evolve as a society



  9. I haven’t read all the comments, so I don’t know if anyone has wondered this:
    I just don’t get why all these Muslims who-constantly tell us that they’re appalled at the Islamic State aren’t over there fighting to destroy them. They’re desecrating your religion. If you’re devout, this should piss you off enough to want to go kill them for yourselves. Shouldn’t it? Am I the only one who thinks this way?

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