Snowed: Oklahoma Senator Mocks Global Warming Theories By Tossing Snowball On The Senate Floor

Despite the fact that the Senate recently voted 98-1 that climate change is real and not a hoax, Sen. Jim Inhofe, who chairs the Environment and Public Works Committee, was back on the floor mocking the notion of climate change this week. Inhofe voted for the earlier resolution but insists that man is not responsible for the changes. Those pushing for measures to combat climate change bring the overwhelming majority of scientists around the world to such debates as well as dozens of studies. Inhofe brought a snowball.

Inhofe tossed a snowball in the Senate chambers to mock the notion of climate change. He also showed pictures of an igloo his daughter’s family built during the snowstorm five years ago and noted that was the same tie that all “the hysteria on global warming” began. Addressing Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, Inhofe said “Do you know what this is? It’s a snowball. It’s just from outside here, so it’s very, very cold out, … very unseasonable.” He then said “Mr. President, Catch this” and threw the snowball. Wisely not trusting the coordination of his colleagues, he threw it to a page who caught the snowball with the skill of Ernie Banks.

As we have discussed, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said last month that 2014 was the warmest year on record. However, climate change does not mean that you do not get extremely cold weather. Indeed, you can have wild fluctuations in weather patterns. Many scientists have documents not just colder temperatures over all but such intensifying patterns. It certainly does not mean that you will not get snow in Washington, D.C.

Yet, Inhofe insisted “We hear the perpetual headline that 2014 has been the warmest year on record, but now the script has flipped.

Of course, even before the GOP took over the Senate, there was little action on climate change. If history is any measure, any substantive legislation has about the changes of a snowball in . . . the Senate.

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  1. All of the rampant capitalists who belched out the pollutants that caused this climate change, will one day soon be rampant socialists, forcing our children and grandchildren to pay for cleaning it up if it’s even possible.
    Just like they do every time there’s a financial crisis.

    If you think I’m kidding, let’s make a bet about who pays for all the sea walls that will be built in the next fifty years. Anyone? Anyone?

  2. Chutzpah: a boy guilty of murdering his parents pleads for the Court’s mercy because he is now an orphan.

    Chutzpah: a government arguing for climate change legislation because it has developed tools to change the climate. (and this is just the publicly disseminated information).

  3. Climate change is a sure thing. It is cold in North Carolina and will be warmer in March. Global warming is a contradiction in terms. When it is warm in the northern hemisphere it is cold in the southern hemisphere. So those who preach global warming are spherical. The Church of Scientology has all this figured out. Ask one of those actors like John Revolta about global warming. He has an opinion. In the end we are all cold dead. If in a grave we cannot roll over in our graves no matter what happens up on level ground. If we were cremated then we are beyond the heat of the night. Do not worry about the next few generation of earthlings. They will adapt. Snowshoes if it gets cold and web feet if it warms up considerably.

  4. Wade, I saw that Breitbart link, but declined to say anything lest I be called a meanie. And Paul critiquing a science paper, well…..what was the temperature in which hypothermia sets in again?

    1. Inga – I am aware of the scientific method. When it is not used properly, I am well aware of it. I subscribe to ScienceDaily and see about 10 science papers a day. So, I do keep up. I did major in science in high school, but the math was my big problem, so I did not go on with it.

      And I have never been able to make the conversion between the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

    Sorry. I just read that Paul is now critiquing science papers. And Karen is submitting articles from that well respected rag, Breitbart. Have we heard from James O’Keefe yet – another well respected source from the right. Nick is not offering too much. Too busy perusing his priceless collection of 1950 pin-ups. Now THOSE are good looking women and worth all of his attention – unlike those hags with advanced degrees.

  6. Wade, while I’m sorry the Oath Keeper anti Obamacare sheriff had a heart attack and his wife fell ill, it’s poetic justice that he now is begging for money to pay his medical bills. Fate, it’s b!tch.

  7. Maybe God will intercede and clear the Senator’s mind – just as he for Sheriff Mack..:

    Remember the guy at the Cliven Bundy standoff who announced the strategy to put women at the front of a firing line? Here’s a refresher:

    He also ardently opposes Obamacare so naturally he has no health insurance. Guess what happened next?

    I expect some will doubt the veracity of the reports. The links provide links to the Sheriff’s web site and gofundme site.

  8. One could say that living under a glacier has more romantic connotations than say, living under a rock does…

  9. If you grew up anywhere in North America and especially the midwest these areas were under not just a glacier but a huge miles thick sheet of ice. Called the Laurentide Ice Sheet. The last ice age…..which, by the way, we are still emerging from. It isn’t over.

    The last glacial period is sometimes colloquially referred to as the “last ice age”, though this use is incorrect because an ice age is a longer period of cold temperature in which ice sheets cover large parts of the Earth, such as Antarctica. Glacials, on the other hand, refer to colder phases within an ice age that separate interglacials. Thus, the end of the last glacial period is not the end of the last ice age. The end of the last glacial period was about 10,500 BCE, while the end of the last ice age has not yet come: little evidence points to a stop of the glacial-interglacial cycle of the last million years.

    And….yes. Humans were alive at this time. Although I’m pretty sure their “carbon footprint” consisting of huddling in caves and wigwams, wearing animal skins while trying to kill Mammoths and Bison with the stabby end of some sticks wasn’t really significant.

    When the glaciation event started, Homo sapiens was confined to Africa and used tools comparable to those used by Neanderthals in Europe and the Levant and by Homo erectus in Asia. Near the end of the event, Homo sapiens spread into Europe, Asia, and Australia. The retreat of the glaciers allowed groups of Asians to migrate to the Americas and populate them.

    Note:The end of the last ice age as not yet come. SO maybe this Global Warming is just a natural effect of the end of the last ice age? Hmmmmm.

    Given the choice between freezing under miles of ice and not being able to grow crops or being warmer and having the agricultural habitat band expand…….I’m sure most people would choose warm.

  10. “What’s your point?”
    = = =
    That’s supposed to explain this “agenda” bit you mentioned and blamed on so called “socialists”… ?

    All potatoes and no meat?

    1. Max-1 – nothing wrong with potatoes. The Irish were forced to subsist on them for years. Even beer qualifies as a food. They don’t call it a beer belly for nothing. 😉

  11. Ed
    Were humans alive when your place was covered by that glacier?
    What name was this glacier?

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