American Posts Criticism Of His Company In United Arab Emirates On Facebook . . . Company Brings Criminal Charges And Has Him Arrested Upon His Return To The UAE

AR-150309877We have previously discussed the common criminalization of speech found in Muslim countries (and the increasing criminalization seen in the West). The most recent victim is Ryan Pate, a civilian helicopter mechanic who was arrested for a derogatory comments made on Facebook in the United States toward his employer in the United Arab Emirates, Global Aerospace Logistics. After he returned to the United Arab Emirates, he was promptly arrested at the request of the company. This again is one of our closest allies that denies the basic protections of free speech not only to its citizens but even to Americans speaking in the United States.

The conflict with the company occurred in December 2012, when Pate was working as a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter mechanic for Global Aerospace Logistics. He wanted to leave the company due to his back pain but Global Aerospace wanted a second opinion from a local physician. That promptly the angry Facebook response.

gal_site_logo200px-Facebook.svgThe Facebook statement is not clear but is reportedly rash and offensive. But that does not matter. It is speech. Bad speech to be sure, but still speech. It certainly could be the basis for termination depending on its content. However, Global Aerospace Logistics has reportedly sought to jail an American for speaking on Facebook. It is not clear if the company receives U.S. military grants or funding but this should be an issue that weighs heavily against such work — or contracts with private U.S. businesses. It website proclaims that “Global Aerospace Logistics is making a big impression” this year. That is certainly true. Just not a good impression.

Abu Dhabi police would not tell Pate, 30, why he had to come into the police station, but then arrested him under the Emerati cybercrimes law for slandering his employer. While free on bail, he is scheduled to stand trial March 17 and could face up to five years in prison and a $50,000 fine. Five years in prison for writing something nasty about his employer while in the United States on Facebook.

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  1. on 1, March 3, 2015 at 9:50 am Lloyd Blankfien – bankster

    Olly, you may have already forgotten the GWB warrantless wiretaps, the shielding of crony communications companies that worked with govt and delivered whatever information demanded. You may have forgotten that GOP pushed through the Iraq war over false pretenses, the Patriot Act and all its spying on all Americans provisions and the rapid growth of an uncontrolled NSA. While Obama is guilty of using the Espionage Act more than any other period in history, jailing whistleblowers and attacking truth

    What does this mean Lloyd? Seriously As if there wasn’t enough cronism in every war and that was some anomality. Grow up – In fact – all of you liberals screaming about Corporate Fascism – take a look at FDR who got our country through a war with horrible “corporate fascism” and kept us free until now and now we have our backs to the wall. Who is going to protect us. Canada? Mexico? I know, our good friends Communist China

  2. Here we have corporate fascism enabled by religious fascism. Hostage taking!

  3. For American citizens or people who live in America …. repeat this to yourself every day when getting out of bed. ……………….. ” I am in America/Iran/Pakistan/the UK/….etc. I could be arrested and held without charges for years. I could be gunned down by the police for not being obeisant enough. I could have my property seized because an agent of the government has a use for it. I could be fined for hurting someone’s feelings. ( especially in Canada ) When I travel I may have pass through the hands of government agents ( borderThugs ) who find it amusing to taunt me and make me the butt of their jokes after I have been traveling from 0100 thru 1822 hrs. If I am an American, I can count on the U.S. IRS demanding a cut of every dollar I earn.”

  4. Why looky there, Clem.

    All those people who hate government regulation screaming for government regulation.

    ‘Mericans sure are funny.

  5. Says someone who hasn’t the sense to find her way out of a paper bag. Lol!!!!

    1. Inga – your ad hominem attacks are becoming third-rate at best. I have seen better stuff from third graders.

  6. Max 1

    Some, like you, will continue to refuse to connect the dots and notice a pattern of behavior. Everything is chalked up to coincidence, even if the perpetrators have a common religion and a common ideology. Islam is inconsistent with a sane and civil society. The above story further proves that statement. Name one, just ONE, predominantly Muslim country where freedom of speech exists. Of course, you will conveniently skip that question.

    If the news reported daily atrocities, such as beheadings, kidnappings, murders and rapes, committed by little old ladies who happened to be Catholic, we would all be fearful of them as well. Since that is not the case, your example is as ridiculous as you are. I have no agenda. I’m surprised that you could even spell that word.

  7. booger,
    Some of us understand the inherent differences between a religion, a person, and a State. You conflate the above because THAT fits your agenda. Tell us booger, how is a practicing Muslim American responsible for what another nation does on the other side of the globe? Yet, you hold Muslims in contempt…

    I hope you give equal animus to the little old Catholic lady living next door to you. After all, her religion of compassion and peace rapes children all around the world. Staple her to your cross next time.

  8. This article, once again, garners the typical silence from the defenders of the religion of peace on this site. If they do choose to comment, this arrest will just be explained away as actions of fundamentalists and extremists, which do not exemplify the true meaning of Islam. We will then be bombarded of examples of the Crusades. I can hardly wait.

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